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July 1897

1 July 1897 • Thursday

This morning had everything to put away and begin to think over the Club discussion and plan for Mrs. I. C. Manchester The town is wild over [William Jennings] Bryan’s visit– he is to speak in the theatre tonight– tickets can scarcely be bought even now for decent seats. Dr. Pratt has gone with a party of ladies to call upon Mr. Bryan at Frank Stephens where he is being entertained. He is being driven about the city with two span of white horses. The corner stone of the Brigham Young monument is being laid to day at 5.30 p.m. President Wilford Woodruff came in his phaeton, he looked very ill indeed, he deposited the metallic box. Apostle F. [Franklin] D. Richards made the prayer, Lorenzo Snow, <Governor> Hebe M. Wells, Mayor [James J.] Glendenning spoke crowds of people, on the streets [p. 214] {p. 105}

2 July 1897 • Friday

Last evening Bryan spoke to a crowded house he was greeted with a perfect ovation, and said many wonderful things to please the working people. This morning he went on to Nevada and will be back here to open the Trans Mississippi Congress. He is the President. I have been all day doing what I could to help the work along and get ready to go to Annie’s early however after all I only arrived in time to have dinner alone when it was cold. Staid and visited all the evening and came home ever so late and Louise with me a terrific shower was so glad Louise was here the lightning was so fierce and frightful– read some in bed but suffered very much with nervousness. [p. 215] {p. 106}

3 July 1897 • Saturday

Louise went home in fairly good time– Julia goes to Manti with the German choir and Annie has no help– too bad but help is scarce and they really do not want work. Dr. Pratt and myself went to the depot and watched the trains as the people poured out of them– none from New England there had been an accedent on the train soon after leaving Chicago several were killed & many wounded and then again at Glen [Glenwood] Springs in Colorado– a bridge washed away. We had a reception by the Utah Woman’s Press Club beginning at 3 p.m. until 6. I staid watching people & only saw one party that I knew Mrs. Flint of Des Moisne [Des Moines] Iowa daughter and niece– they came up town and bought souviners– spoons– etc. [p. 216] {p. 107}

4 July 1897 • Sunday

Belle and all at home she came over to see me I stayed home all day long until towards evening then went up town and mailed some letters one to my brother Manson [J. Woodward] and one to my sister Delia [Cordelia Woodward Holden] went to Annie’s on my way home learned Vi [S. Elvira Free] Kimball was very bad. Went to see Margaret [Judd] Clawson Saturday night and had a talk with her about Birdie. Staid awhile at Annie’s and had a long conversation on generalities about Church affairs etc– then came home saw Evan Stephens on the car Today the Christian Endeavors1 had the Tabernacle and at evening our folks had service. Eliza Goddard Lyons was buried today she died on Wednesday [p. 217] {p. 108}

5 July 1897 • Monday

Today I went to the train for four or five hours hunting women I knew but did not find any Belle and all the family including Miss Segfried from California and Elise went up Cotton Wood on a pic nic– Sister Ann [Carran] Cowley came to keep the house– I went over and had a cup of tea with her and she told my fortune. I write it here to see if it comes to pass–2 I was to have some honor– to be in a great company very soon to have some money and a number of letters some important I was going to have some unpleasantness with a woman and turn my back upon her– also there was to be a death in my family. Elvira Kimball died this afternoon– she has adopted Christian Science. Wrote letters to Mrs. [Mary Lowe] Dickinson <New York> Mrs. [Temperance Ricks] Hinckley Rex burg [Rexburg, Idaho] Zina Card Canada [p. 218] {p. 109}

6 July 1897 • Tuesday

This morning was very late found letter from Daisie saying she would probably come in September. Phebe Beatie & Cathie [Catherine Macwain] Dougall were here at my house yesterday for a little while– Hugo [D. Wells] came down to Belle’s in the evening and then over here a few minutes I went with Annie up to see Hannah and over to Vira’s it seems very sad to see Elvira put away without her robes– Charles [S. Kimball] has come home from Nevada Genie [Eugenia Kimball] seems very composed. Litha [Tilitha Free Smith] is here from Coalville too– Preston [S. Free] too was there when she died– Hannah [Free Wells] feels it very deeply. Jane S. Richards came today to talk about Aunt Zina. A meeting of a Committee to get a program for the Lagoon came to the office this afternoon. I prepared copy this evening came home ten o’clock car. [p. 219] {p. 110}

7 July 1897 • Wednesday

Went over to Belle’s first thing and talked with her a little Geo. Q. & Cavendish [W. Cannon] were there– then went up on car heard about the great Danish actress who is coming soon Elizabeth Riis. Arriving at my office found letter from Verona stating she would be here on Monday July 12. 9.05 in morning. Wrote letters today to Mrs. M. [Melvin] A. and Mrs. M. E. [Martha E. Snyder] Root, Bay City, Michigan Mrs. Harriet Taylor Upton, Warren, Ohio Mrs. Zina D. H. Young, Mrs. M. I. Horne, Mrs. S. M. Kimball, Ria Dougall & Phebe Beatie Mrs. B. W. Smith, Mrs. M. A. Hyde and some others heard President Woodruff was in a critical condition, temperature high, Birdie Wells very bad, morphine administered to keep her quiet. band stand being erected to accommodate Jubilee band near the Pantheon. the statue by [Cyrus] Dallin signifying Peace placed in front of building yesterday. Went to George Reynolds about meeting held in the Council House Thursday July 26. 1877. no record in daily journal [p. 220] {p. 111}

11 July 1897 • Sunday

Today Birdie is to be buried so sad to die when all the world is bright. Funeral in the afternoon, John Q. & Annie Mr. Sears & Belle all attended as well as myself– preaching very consoling– music particularly fine. H. [Heber] S. Goddard sung a solo– I rode to the cemetery with John Q. & Annie, a very long procession– many outsiders at the services and in the cortege– I have made every preparation possible for Verona and children Caroline [A.] Crocheron who came to help me and to wait upon Verona is very sick indeed, has been all day long Lucile and Dot have both been waiting upon her. It is quite alarming, I scarcely know what to do. She seems to be very nervous and sort of hysterical– it is very hard on me as I have no other way of getting help. I do not like to be alone with her. [p. 224] {p. 112}

12 July 1897 • Monday

Have been up all night or awake when I lay down with weariness. Went over to Belle about three, she was too ill to come and so waited until daybreak then went to Br. Crow & Br. Woodbury who came and administered to Caroline. She grew more passive and I went to find one of her friends, but did not succeed in finding the people she told me about. Went to the depot and Louise with me found Verona who went with us to Annie’s & we had breakfast there. Caroline seemed a trifle better at night and I scarcely knew how to account for her hysterics. The boys are well and seem to take to me all right. Verona has my room and the boys are with her– [p. 225] {p. 113}

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