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March 1901

1 March 1901 • Friday

Went at 10. A.M. to Riggs House to Congress of International Press Union‒ Susa came later, we both had an opportunity of speaking‒ Mary S. Lockwood presided‒ saw several of the ladies I knew, and at noon Susa went with me to the Hotel and then to the afternoon session I took Mrs. John Kearns [Nellie Fitzpatrick Kearns] and Miss [Mary] Ivers‒ Mrs. Lockwood was reelected and Mrs. [Hannah B.] Sperry also Mrs. Graham Cor. Sec.1 and I was made Vice President for Utah‒ in the evening we went to the National theatre to see David Garrick a fine audience and all of us were in a Box party Mr. & Mrs. O’Farrell Mrs. Kearns Mrs. John Kearns Miss Ivers and myself had supper in the café after Sparkling Mosella {p. 96}

2 March 1901 • Saturday

<Miss Reid of Boston was with Miss [Clara] Barton a very old friend> Went early to Glen Echo to see Miss Barton the great Red Cross woman‒ Mrs. Foster took the partner[s], there were besides Mrs. Judith Ellen Foster, Mrs. Corporal Tanner [Mero White Tanner], Mrs. Duvall of Delaware Idaho Miss Houghton of Oakland California2 & Miss <H.> teacher of preparatory school Mrs. Bradbury of Boston, they two were Mrs. Foster’s cousins, Mrs. Mrs. Wells & Mrs. Gates‒ Mrs. Co[r]poral Tanner Miss Hughes and one or two more‒ Miss Barton showed us her treasures, medals received in compensation for services from Emperor Wm. of Germany <Iron Cross> and Empress Augusta two also from the Duke & Duchess of Baden and from Johnstown went also to see the Jefferson Bridge {p. 97}

3 March 1901 • Sunday

<Washington Hotels crowded to the utmost limit in all parts> Rose early & breakfasted tho’ it was our Fast day and went to the Pennsylvania depot & waited one hour & 35 minutes before we could get a train then had a parlor car there were six of us only and we came into the Cathedral the ladies all counting their beads by the way. Mrs. Kearns beads had been blest by the Pope, then we heard all the sermon and the ceremonials, responses etc‒ saw the Priest and Cardinal3 partake the wafer, hold up the crucifix, after that called upon the Cardinal at his own house and then he promised to give Mrs. Kearns and myself a book of his‒ then we went home and received people who came for the inauguration of Mrs. Siegel & Horace Mrs. Bamberger & children Mrs. [Harriet Hooper] Young and the Colonel4 Mr. & Mrs. Budd [Horace G. and Marion Beatie] Whitney {p. 98}

4 March 1901 • Monday

<Went to the great Inaugural ball in the Pension Building with Mr. [Will] Lipman> The morning was cloudy and misty went early with Mr. Lipman to the Capitol, had to wait long but at last succeeded in getting good seats in reserved gallery opposite the stand‒ saw the senate expire for the administration. Then the ushering in of all the dignitaries of these numerous officials in their order and the Vice President Theodore Roosevelt sworn in then the new members of the Senate‒ then adjourned to the platform outside in the pouring rain‒ <tens of> thousands of people standing under umbrellas and without them‒ the President sworn in by the Chief Justice and then read his inaugural address and then we went to the Hotel. I changed my apparel and went to the rooms Mr. Kearns had engaged to watch the parade‒ saw Dr. [John E.]. Jones met Sarah F. [Farr] Smith and her niece & all our own crowd from Utah {p. 99}

5 March 1901 • Tuesday

<Went to the Concert in the evening at Pension Building> Have been at home all day receiving calls began at breakfast time arranged for dinner for Mrs. J. Ellen Foster to meet Senator Kearns [George C.] Parkinson & Mrs. Gates‒ at table were the following Mr. & Mrs. Kearns, Mrs. Foster and Mr. Parkinson Mrs. Gates and myself‒ the conversation was strictly on the political situation in Idaho and Utah‒ I had a long talk with Col. Willard Young & Major Grant particularly the Col. Mrs. Bamberger and Mrs. Siegel leave today‒ Mrs. [S.] for Baltimore and Mrs. B. for New York‒ Susa has letter from Major [James B.] Pond asking her to speak in his parlor at New York City, she had decided to accept and has sent word home, I do not know how it will be for me, because she sort of absorbs me, and it is hard for me to endure her ways‒ tho she is very capable {p. 100}

6 March 1901 • Wednesday

I stayed in nearly all day writing letters to President McKinley and to Senator Thomas Kearns for Br. Geo. C. Parkinson I felt it was a delicate thing to do and I must be wise[.] also wrote to Vice President Roosevelt asking for an interview with him to shake hands and give him the message John Q. had sent I had a call or two from friends‒ In the evening Mr. Keans [Kearns] came for me to spend a few hours with Perry Heath and R. C. Kearens [Richard C. Kerens] and Mrs. R. C. K. [Frances Jones Kerens] and her daughter Gladys [Kerens], and married daughter Mrs. McKenna [Madeline Kerens Kenna] whose husband5 is in Cuba his father is Chief Justice [Joseph] McKenna of the Supreme Court of the United States‒ Mrs. Kearniss [Kerens] who is something of a politician and knows many of the ins and outs of political life {p. 101}

7 March 1901 • Thursday

<Rachel R. [Ridgeway Ivins] Grants 80th. birthday Went to see Belva A. [Bennett] Lockwood at her house> Went to [Samuel K.] Halls today and had lunch and then took cars for Alexandria Virginia‒ Susa too and dined with Dr. Kate Waller Barrett‒ at her own house and family three sons and three daughters and and daughter in law and Mr. Sherman [Jacob G. Shurman] who was in Manila we visited Christ’s Church where Washington attended in his day & we sat in his pew‒ old building from 1767 and much of it still old chairs etc. old bible– Wm. Penn’s sun dial which is still correct time from Philadelphia, We saw a number of old houses one where La Fayette was entertained in his life time and now owned by the Smoots Mrs. Barretts, girls are Lyla, Rebekah and Kitty boys are [blank]6 John & Charles‒ She has a fine library and reading room on second floor house one hundred & fifty years old‒ came home and found we had missed seeing Ben [Benjamin E.] Rich & Mrs. John Henry Smith [Sarah Farr Smith] Susa felt awfull disappointed‒ {p. 102}

8 March 1901 • Friday

<Letter from Vice President Roosevelt suggesting eleven o’clock tomorrow> This morning rose early and read out of the Book of Psalms and then went to breakfast & out to S. K. Hall’s, from there with Mrs. [Massie Dickson] Hall to the Auburn to see Mrs. Frank [J.] Cannon [Martha Brown Cannon], and Mrs. Duckett [Elise Stellwagen Ducat], saw Mrs. D. then to the Cairo and saw Judge [William H. King] and Mrs. [Louisa Lyman] King who were packed up ready to start for home, and saw Mrs. Cannon & Mrs. [Evelyn Whitehead] DuBois‒, from there took the 11th, street car for Anacostia and to the Insane Asylum to see Blanche Hall‒ who is there as a patient, then back home found a telegram <from Junius> saying Verona [Dunford Hillard] was in New York and answered it‒ then had tea with Mr. Lipman and sent a dispatch then had answer saying I must come to Baltimore Sunday. <Br.> Parkinson came & Susa and the news of the Evan’s bill having passed the Senate‒7 our friends here <are> alarmed and a telegram in cipher has been sent home to the Governor and leading man‒ Kearns cipher {p. 103}

9 March 1901 • Saturday

Went to the Capitol this morning and had an interview with Vice President Roosevelt who spoke highly of Utah and of Lieut Col Cannon and the Governor and of his visit‒ was very genial and seemed delighted to see me, as he would everybody I suppose. Then I went into the Senate Gallery for a little while and looked on Met Belva Lockwood and Mrs Abby Baker and saw Senator Kearns who introduced me to Senator Beveredge [Albert J. Beveridge] the youngest member in the Senate‒ saw Senator [John H.] Mitchell of Oregon confirmed also [William P.] Frye of Maine who has just been re-elected he has been President of the Senate since Vice President [Garret A.] Hobarts death Mrs. Gates and Parkinson stayed late in my rooms I was very much exhausted my feet and limbs had been swelling‒ Mr. Kearns gave me 80 dollars to pay my expenses home {p. 104}

10 March 1901 • Sunday

Left Hotel Shoreham after an early breakfast went to B. & O.8 depot in a carriage and Parkinson with me took 9 o’clock train for Baltimore, carriage to hotel waited for Verona wrote letters in writing room to Daniel whose birthday it was 12 years old wrote to Sister [Mary Isabella Hales] Horne and to Belle also G. E. Snider Chicago afterwards took a room and had lunch sent up‒ Verona came at 5. p.m. and we had dinner soon after, then wrote note to Mrs. Siegel‒ Verona took room for both 3.50 per day, and we went to dinner, and then spent the evening at the room Mr. <Bar> & Mrs. [Mary Ramsey Barry] Fisher came and stayed the whole evening, and talked Baltimore and the Barry’s, then rain poured in torrents, enough to alarm us, terrific railways hindered‒ slept very restlessly after being up late had a lovely fire in the room {p. 105}

11 March 1901 • Monday

We breakfasted up stairs, and then went out to Manicure and then to O’Neill’s V. [Verona] bought me a new bonnet and fans for the girls and several odd things for herself‒ Mrs. Siegel was here when we came and we had lunch with her V. only had tea & crackers and ran off to the Dr. <Thomas> Mrs. S. took a carriage and we went to the florists and then to the Woman’s Exchange and we looked over the town, and she showed me different places & sites, we enjoyed it tho’ the wind was high, we were out a couple of hours, then we came back to hotel and I drest for dinner at Mr. [George] Fisher’s, then we went in a carriage and had dinner seven Mr. & M[r]s. Fisher Helen & Kittie [Catherine] and [R.] Barry the son and V. & I. saw many old pictures and clocks (3) and furniture & silver, came home had fire in room & V. began packing. {p. 106}

12 March 1901 • Tuesday

Rose very late. V. had telegram from boys and return from Barry saying he had gone to New Orleans. We had lunch and V. went to Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Siegel sent her carriage for us to go to dinner, I went alone and then they sent back for Verona while I visited with Mrs. Lameyer and her nurse Miss Lyman‒ up stairs in the sick room, finally V. came and we went over to Mrs. [Rebecca Ulman] Weil’s to dinner an elegant affair, at table Mr. [Julius] & Mrs. Weil and Mrs. Siegel her brother Dr. [Solomon J.] Ulman and V. and myself. We looked over the curio’s after and old pictures and furniture then went home on the cars Mr. Martin with us. V. finished her packing and then mine We had quite a visit and V. sent telegram to her boys and we sat up until about one o’clock V. had letter from Mrs. [Amelia R.] Hillard in San Francisco {p. 107}

13 March 1901 • Wednesday

This morning we left on ten o’clock Penn. train for New York had pleasant time dinner on train and arrived in New York at 15. minutes past 3. June [Junius F. Wells] met us at the depot and we came to the Savoy. and took a suite of rooms. I sent out cards to Mrs. Gaffney Mrs. [Carrie Chapman] Catt, Mrs. [Margherita Arlina] Hamm, Mrs. [Mary Lowe] Dickinson, Mrs. [Camelia D.] Robinson, Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Miss Ada Patterson and Miss Adeline Sterling, [Farley] Granger Clark came and stayed very late‒ Miss [Alice M.] Tully came over from Flushing L.I.9 and stayed to dinner with us. Sent my card to Mrs. [Elizabeth Claridge] McCune, at Waldorf-Astoria‒ We did not feel very well either of us, weary and low-spirited Benjamin Harrison is in an unconscious state and expected to die any moment Mrs. J. [Jacob] E. Bamberger [Bertha Greenewald Bamberger] & Mrs. Pescot came to see us‒ {p. 108}

14 March 1901 • Thursday

This morning Harrison’s death is in the papers, died 5 4.45 last evening at Indianapolis, Indiana, I kept in and I went out to do some shopping, no one came but Miss Tully and Mrs. Dickinson and we went out to Charles H. Clarks to dinner‒ in a carriage pouring rain spent the evening went home on the cars with Charlie, June came up and and stayed very late, 10|at the House 439. Manhattan Ave Herald Building there were Charles & Armetta & baby Josephine and Granger and ourselves, Charles came home with us and we had a little visit June came and stayed later‒ looked over Phillipine curiosities {p. 109}

15 March 1901 • Friday

Early Mrs. Gaffney came and brought the dog Paddy‒ finally went with her and lunched with Mrs. Catt on the top floor of the American Tarct [Tract] Society Building 22nd story‒ her office is 20th, story 2008‒ then Mrs. G. came and took me back to the Savoy Hotel where I found Charlie who took us to dinner in the Hotel, and I saw again the room where Mrs. [Anna Brook] Snow the retiring regent11 gave us a breakfast in April last. Then we packed off to the train and I sent telegram on to Emily [Emma Sears Roberts] at Detroit, we are on the car and going rapidly have a section a garrulous porter, black & very old Verona and myself are enjoying our visit together tho’ always with parting in view {p. 110}

16 March 1901 • Saturday

This morning found wreck ahead of us and we late on that account‒ looked forward to meeting Em in Detroit and saw how embarrassing it would be with so little time in depot. When we did meet it was quite sad as she was so disappointed because I could not stay; and is evidently very homesick, and wants to go home I fear she is not well and I think it wrong to disappoint her so much, I feel it very keenly tonight we shall separate possibly, and then I must go on to my destination. Later a telegram from Emmie came and in reply I said I would stay over in Chicago and wait for her so Verona stayed also and we arrived about half-past nine and went direct to the Great Northern Hotel and took a room telephoned to T. R. Woodward {p. 111}

17 March 1901 • Sunday

This morning had breakfast in the room then took cab and went out, to look up George E. Snyder and found him and his son Corrie [Corydon G. Snyder] 299. LaSalle St. is May [Mary Earl Cross]’s address and we went there George 739 Ohio St. he had not got the new berth from Pullman‒ I was much disappointed in Corrie’s height‒ Scott [L. Snyder] is in Minneapolis‒ May Earle’s husband12 is very peculiar looking wears glasses and is though quite fond of her, very im- interesting she seemed glad to see us. Went back to hotel had dinner in restaurant then packed up sent teleegran to Em. drove to depot with Verona & separated there‒ came on train 6.30 and had supper, wrote letter to Em. {p. 112}

18 March 1901 • Monday

<Car out of Chicago Sheffield dining car> This morning wrote to Verona train travels rapidly‒ also & to Mrs. Clara B. Colby of Woman’s Tribune Washington D.C‒ came through Omaha crossed Mississippi and Missouri rivers both famous in the history of our people[.] wrote editorial and sent to Miss Evans about Washington matters and read a great deal in magazines and tried to fix my mind on helping my girls who are sick Verona & Emily who both need mental & spiritual help‒ if I could help them I should think it a miracle accomplished I worry over having been so long away‒ no body on the car but myself to night {p. 113}

19 March 1901 • Tuesday

This morning changed into the car Clermont and mailed my editorial to Salt Lake glorious morning‒ sun bright if I only knew how all are at home‒ ten years today I returned from Washington & found my husband13 ailing and never had the privilege of visiting with him any more in five days he was dead‒ Sad reached home in good time found Louise at depot‒ she and Margaret had been in the Temple getting baptized for the Hoaglands, started for Annnie’s on the car and saw her on the street so we got off and waited to go home with her‒ found all well at both houses also at Dot’s, had dinner at Bel Annies then went to Belles‒ Margaret came home and stayed all night with me‒ {p. 114}

20 March 1901 • Wednesday

This morning went off to the office and spent the day in talking to my friends and looking over my mail etc‒ gave Emeline fifteen dollars. the day was remarkably fine and made one long to be out of doors. Ellen came and spent the afternoon in the office then came home with me and stayed all night‒ we visited more as I was too nervous to do any serious work and she has not so much more time to stay and Lucy has been so ill and rather clings to her and it seems sad not to gratify her when we can the boys are very good to her‒ have seen the Governor today {p. 115}

21 March 1901 • Thursday

<Emily H. [Hoagland] Cannon was married today to Israel E. Willey of Bountiful> Another delightful day many friends have called and I have heard much of the gossip of the town‒ Abbie Wells [Chapin] & Julina Smith have been to see me and I went over to the Temple & saw Aunt Bathsheba and Sister Stevenson‒ have tried unsuccessfully to get some one of the sisters to go to Nephi but had to send telegram at last that we could not come‒ at evening Sister Minnie J. Snow and Mrs. M. U. [Mary Urquhart] Lee called Margaret A. Caine with them I wrote a long letter to Sister [Katherine Love] Paxman and sent out notices to the sisters for meeting on Saturday of Building Committee {p. 116}

22 March 1901 • Friday

Today I had promised to lunch at June’s with Lena [Helena Fobes Wells] & Abbie [Hannah Wells], and to night to go to the party in the Twelfth Ward. visited a while with Helena; and Abbie had a young man calling Mr. Swaner who stayed and had lunch with us‒ meantime a storm came up and a strong wind blew from the West so we could scarcely get out‒ My sister who had been invited to the 12th. Ward party did not venture out so I had to go alone. Found the Governor & his mother14 both there when I arrived‒ sat by them at dinner‒ and during the evening near the Governor‒ came home on the car with them and reached here‒ half-past eleven alone {p. 117}

23 March 1901 • Saturday

<Saturday came to me> This morning went up late rather‒ made ready for the Meeting Lillian Hooper came to help me‒ and she swept the office‒ meeting at 3. p.m. of the Board‒ Mrs. B. W. Smith presiding and Mrs. E. B. Wells Sec. Sister Smith prayed‒ there were also present the following M. I. Horne, S. J. Cannon, Annie T. Hyde, Phebe Y. Beatie Emma S. Woodruff, Julina Smith, Julia P. M. Farnsworth we had some unpleasant discussion about the building matters‒ finally Ria Dougall Mrs. [C. Adella Woolley] Eardley Aggie Campbell Sister Louie [S. Louisa Bouton] Felt and May Anderson arrived and we went into executive session on the Building proposition and kept on until every one was completely exhausted {p. 118}

24 March 1901 • Sunday

I had a bad night and felt I must rest however Lillian wanted to go off early & we had to have breakfast sooner than on week days. I went over to see Belle and Lucile a few minutes Belle and Eugene came over, then Mr. Sears went to Br. Wm. [William] H. Folsom’s funeral in the 14th. Ward and all Belle’s folks went to Dot’s to dinner and later came both Adeline and Ellen and afterwards Margaret‒ I tried in the evening to do a little writing but was so exhausted I could not keep up. My Sister Lucy is very ill it takes Ellen away all the time so she cannot visit any among her friends, and I am worried more or less with it‒ {p. 119}

25 March 1901 • Monday

Today has been unpleasant‒ Sister Della Eardley & May Anderson came to go with me to call upon Bishop [William B.] Preston‒ we had a hard time to find him finally succeeded and had a talk with him A terrific cyclone has swept over Birmingham [Michigan] and the word comes 25 are killed Jack [John G. Roberts] is there and perhaps Em. feel very much depressed my Sister Lucy is very ill Ellen thinks so– We made an appointment with Br. Preston to call on Prest. Snow tomorrow morning I am in doubt as to what is best reported to meeting this afternoon only May & myself present and we could not do much, storms are keeping back trains and mail matter. {p. 120}

26 March 1901 • Tuesday

<Meeting of Building Committee> This morning Louis [E. Granger II] came to speak to me about Lucy and I went with him to find a nurse‒ got Miss Mary Martin who studied with Dr. Pratt– she went immediately Went to see Prest. Snow who was very gracious and talked lovely about the building‒ said we should have deed to the land as soon as we had twenty thousand dollars to begin with‒ and he spoke beautifully to me of my trip to Washington. seemed to feel that I had been of great interest and had done fine work in behalf of our people. We felt very much elated but only May Anderson & myself were present except Bishop Preston‒ reported to meeting in the afternoon‒ Emily and some others made remarks about our admitting new members as we had done {p. 121}

27 March 1901 • Wednesday

Today I am invited to Hannah [Free Wells]’s also my sister Ellen but do not feel like going neither does Ellen but will try to do so if possible Went down to see Adeline Lucy and found her very ill indeed Ellen seems weak and trembling and not fit to wait upon her‒ {p. 122}

28 March 1901 • Thursday

This is Kate [Catherine Wells]’s birthday she is 48 years old but of course would not admit it‒ I am much upset in my feelings and in my affairs as well‒ scarcely know how things will be[.] called at Annie’s this morning to see her a few minutes and to talk over about Prest. Cannon, she has had a strange dream and it makes one feel melancholy but we must abide by the consequences whatever comes none of us know what May be‒ we are all in the hands of the Lord‒ {p. 123}

29 March 1901 • Friday

This morning tried to be calm & collected‒ and rest my mind and body‒ left Ellen looking up on affairs and came uptown and almost immediately heard that Prest. Cannon was worse and had sent for John Q. Hugh [J. Cannon] and (John M. [Cannon] his lawyer) all is dark for me‒ strange that I had the feeling this morning of hope and peace, that came over me‒ cannot account for it. Laura M. [Hyde] Miner and Annie T. Hyde came in to see me‒ saw Annie for a few minutes & went for a ticket to take her to Ogden {p. 124}

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