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December 1911

1 December 1911 • Friday

Friday, Dec. 1, 1911

visitors Dr. Wanship of Boston Ida Dusenburry Sussa Y. Gates Inez Sears & Robert Katherine & Em. Canmon Sisters Farnsworth & [Abbie Hyde] Cowley 2 ladies from 17th. Ward. Mrs. Wickin1 & Miss Zaine Miss Widtsoe and Mr. [John A.] & Mrs. [Leah Dunford] Widtsoe, Mr. & Mrs. Christenson of County schools. & Em. read to me [p. 335] {p. 121}

16 December 1911 • Saturday

Today Mr. Hamans of Appleton & Co. called with Eda Dublin [Edna Dehlin] and I had a long talk with him in the evening Madam [Lydia Mamroeff von Finkelstein] Mountford came & we had a fine time [p. 350] {p. 140}

17 December 1911 • Sunday

at home alone except the young woman who lives with mee waited all day for some of my friends to come looked over books and pictures very lonely indeed [p. 351] {p. 141}

2Sunday, Dec. 17, 1911.

Stayed home all day Br. Draper called and Inez came to see me suffered much in my feelings in fact more than any day before could not read [p. 351] {p. 132}

18 December 1911 • Monday

3Sunday Monday Dec. 18

have been very nervous all day to day– letters from Barry [Hillard] he will be here on Friday visitors Lillie Freeze blessed me in the gift of tongues, Maggie [Margaret Condie] Sharp Eda Dehlin Della [Ardella Woolley] Eardley John Q. Cannon Daniel & Cavendish, Louise. Emmy who stays with me, a poor deaf man Junius Wells [p. 352] {p. 133}

27 December 1911 • Wednesday

Dec. 27– 1911

I Receved check for current expemses

from Treas.


paid Telegram




[p. 361] {p. 142}

28 December 1911 • Thursday

Went to Provo to attend a receeption in honor of Br. [Lafayette Holbrook] and Sister [Emily Hinckley] Holbrook stayed at Sisteer [Martha Fairbanks] Keeler’s came home mext day Alice Horme [Horne] & Sarah [Jenne Cannon] went with mee [p. 362] {p. 142}

30 December 1911 • Saturday

Was in the office all day doing regular duty had a number of callerrs and worried thro’ a lot of editorial work, had several people call to see mee & a number of letters to answer [p. 364] {p. 143}

31 December 1911 • Sunday

Today rose late & went through the library in the parlor and then went over to Cannon house and had dinner & stayed all night had a very pleasant time with the <family> <Barry & David4 went to Ogden> [p. 365] {p. 144}

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