November 1914

1 November 1914 • Sunday

Magaret Cainee stayed here both F[r]iday and Saturday nights, and we went to Fast meting togethr then I went down to Emm’s and John Q. & Annie came and John Q. blest the baby by request of the father she is named Mary, we all had dinner I spent the evening [p. 305] {p. 234}

2 November 1914 • Monday

Tolay [Today] has been confusion and eve[r]ything unpleasant no satisfaction at all betwen any of the callers. Sarah McLelland’s sister is very sick1– Susa has been ailing all day long and finally decided to stay all night and Jennie went home [p. 306] {p. 235}

3 November 1914 • Tuesday

<no election n[e]ws yet> This morning went for a ride to Centerville with Dr. Middleton & Amy Lyman had beautiful roses given to us all– it is election day and I wnt to the polls and voted– Isabel wnt with me Eugene and Eleanor go to the East tomorrow to render a visit to her people in Ohio [p. 307] {p. 236}

4 November 1914 • Wednesday

Today I have been seve[re]ly deprssed and for no good reason Democrats have carrid the County nvertheless Smoot has been elected and also Howells and one othr but not by the County At evening Margaret and and the Press Club met and it was rather interesting [p. 308] {p. 237}

5 November • Thursday

<Lettr from Flo Miller> This mornig felt a little better but thers no good news except that Smoot was electd I went a ride with Sister Jenings yesterday and to see Emm. & baby Julina could not come today Dr. Penrose came Letter from Flo Janison [Jamison] Miller and from S. J. Smith about Relief work [p. 309] {p. 238}

7 November 1914 • Saturday

Mell’s weddng day and she went with Will and dined at Davenports Verona was there and Mr. [Charles W.] Betts & baby2 but both boys were studying law Barry at Gorgetown [Georgetown] Unversity and Bob [Robert C. Hillard] at Seattle Washington, I am glad that Will and Mell live happy together g[r]owing old gracefully– [p. 311] {p. 240}

8 November 1914 • Sunday

Went to see Mrgaret & childrn quite an undertaking for me then to the 18th Ward evening meeting and afterwards to see Joseeph he is not very will [well] Emiln [Emily Harris] Bullock is vissiting in town [p. 312] {p. 241}

9 November 1914 • Monday

Monday came up to the office and began regular duty so much going on almost inpossidle [impossible] to keep one’s mind in order and do right in the evening went out and had supper Albert Wells spent th[e] day with Annie and me we took him [p. 313] {p. 242} dine at Hotel Utah

10 November 1914 • Tuesday

Today it was Teddy’s birthday [p. 314] {p. 243}

12 November 1914 • Thursday

3Thursday, Nov. 12, 1914

General Board Meeting had a very unpleasant experience and felt so unsettled that I sent for Dr. Shipp to stay with me all night4 We read about the Star of Bethlehem that is appealing to m[a]ny people at the present time [p. 316] {p. 118}

13 November 1914 • Friday

Friday, Nov. 13, 1914

Presidnt Smith’s birthday 76 years old, very well and semingly happy. p[r]esented him with a very unique coopy of Tennyson’s In Nenoriam [Memoriam], wrote his name etc. attnded a party in honor of Sister May S. [Mary Shepherd] Horne 77 years old one year older than Pres. Smith5 John Q. & Annie have gone to the Salt Lake Theatrre [p. 317] {p. 119}

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