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August 1893

29 August 1893 • Tuesday

This is the anniversary of Pres. [Brigham] Young’s death. Pres. Woodruff and party with the Tabernacle Choir left for Chicago at 3. p.m. in a Pullman train of cars.1 I have written to Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. Barton and Mrs. Richards also Mrs. Van Pelt of Oakland and have been very busy It is the day on which my sweet little grandchild Eleanor Cannon died 2 <one> years ago and Annie and the children have been to the grave yard– with flowers. Aunt Zina Minerva [White] Snow and others have been in. I have been in the office all day and have not taken in anything worth mentioning Lucy B. [Bigelow Young] and Margaret [Whitehead] Young have been in. Belle Lucile & Emma It is a lovely day and I am in the mood for writing if I had the time [p. 261] {p. 134}

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