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May 1881

1 May 1881 • Sunday

Lou is still quite ill I feel despondent. Went to meeting to hear Penrose speak Had a letter from Belle. Rob came down and read to Lou in Daniel Deronda I wrote to Belle Sister Ellen & Zina Y. Williams I am suffering with a pain in my side

2 May 1881 • Monday

Gustave [Gustava]1 is sick Louie went up the caňon maying with Rob in the buggy. She is not well. far from it. Mrs. Shipley went off to Henry E. Phelps. I was terribly tried on account of papers <not> being sent me. Mell came down. I wrote to Mrs. [Jane H.] Spofford and others. Lou is a little better went to bed early. [p. 84] {p. 88}

3 May 1881 • Tuesday

Today was sadly disappointed no paper yet– saw my husband today. Floods in the East are dreadful. Many events transpiring prove the downfall of nations John Q. has received official notice of being appointed on a mission to Great Britain, They are so happy it seems as though they could not be separated Alone in the evening)

4 May 1881 • Wednesday

Paper is out have been busy all day long. May & Emeline both employed– have heard from Belle. Rec’d the Ogden Herald first number.2 Pres. Taylor and party returned from Logan. Louie & Rob– Annie & husband returned went to Dwyers to a party– had a pleasant time Aunt Zina & little Zina [Young Williams] have come up– [p. 85] {p. 89}

5 May 1881 • Thursday

Not a very fine day, no school this morning have had lots of callers Aunt Eliza looked so sick– Was invited to Sister Felt’s birthday party [Thomas W.] Keene is here playing Richelieu & Lou– was gone to the theatre have been busy looking after the poor in the ward and writing French–

6 May 1881 • Friday

A very dull day strangers are in the city. Went to see Hamlet in the evening Keene plays well, but he has a bad cold. Miss Claridge went with me & Lou & Rob were there together I did not feel well, had hard work to sit still. My mind is greatly troubled– so many cares pressing at once [p. 86] {p. 90}

7 May 1881 • Saturday

A dull morning went hunting Bishop [John] Sharp to get a pass for Aunt Eliza and I to go to the country North or South3 Meeting in the 14th. Ward I could not attend. Rained and blew. Several strangers called on me. Matinee of Shylock– Keene could not play Richard III– his cold was so bad. Went up to Sister Anna [Nilsson] Snow’s The Esquire was here

8 May 1881 • Sunday

Went with Sister Eliza to help wash and anoint Maria [Whitney Hall] previous to her confinement, staid to dinner went to meeting, George Q. Cannon preached Br. Woodruff’s followed. Lou went out riding. John Q. and Annie were here to supper baby is so nice– I was very much annoyed and troubled. [p. 87] {p. 91}

9 May 1881 • Monday

A stormy day damp and cold. Dan Weggeland sent my picture he has been drawing. Bishop [Nils C.] Flygare came from Ogden. Rob came to take me home in his new buggy. Lou went riding with him. We had to have a fire in the parlor, it is so cold.

10 May 1881 • Tuesday

Rec’d my brother’s4 picture, it is very natural– rained & hailed all day nearly, Mrs. Richards of Ogden called and staid for hours. On the way home went to Mrs. Beatties [Marion Mumford Beatie] to get my coat fitted Lou went to the Philharmonic– went late to the Drug Store & Post Office [p. 88] {p. 92}

11 May 1881 • Wednesday

Miss Claridge’s birthday– Mrs. Shipley went home Presendia Dr. Pratt, Ferguson and others have been in called on Aunt Eliza with Dr. Pratt. Lou & Rob have gone to see the Opera Olivette–” The house is lonely. Pres. Taylor & Joseph F. Smith and a party are gone to Sanpete– Annie has been to see me today.

12 May 1881 • Thursday

Have been busy all day preparing copy etc. Went to the comic opera with Rob– did not feel well: it was a disgusting affair. Felt annoyed for going and taking Louie. The weather is excessively warm. Br. Lewis is getting the garden dug up nicely. Went for a ride with Mrs. E. S. Taylor [p. 89] {p. 93}

13 May 1881 • Friday

A very lovely day busy O, so busy Annie went to the theatre in company with the strangers who are here with Br. Cannon– Louie & I went. There was a crowded house the opera of Madame Angot– Tomorrow my husband & I are invited to go to Br. Cannon’s to dinner

14 May 1881 • Saturday

An exceedingly warm day, got Mellie’s buggy to go to the farm5 wore brown silk and my new cashmere coat. Mrs. & Mr. G. M. Londers & Mr. & Mrs. L. P. Judd of New Britain [Connecticut], Lovely dinner Annie & John Q. were there. Belle came on the evening train [p. 90] {p. 94}

15 May 1881 • Sunday

Belle & children were here and about 1/2 past eleven Louie was going down stairs with little Emmie [Emma Sears]. she tripped and fell from top to bottom and fell headlong into the dining room struck the side of the door her head shoulder & hip badly bruised– fainted, sobbed etc.

16 May 1881 • Monday

Louie is suffering much Dr. Pratt has been in to see her– no bones are broken, Belle saw Dr. [Joseph M.] Benedict about Lucile– she is suffering with her face. Belle went home at five o’clock Doctors Pratt & Ferguson came and made a formal examination Dr. Ferguson staid all night [p. 91] {p. 95}

17 May 1881 • Tuesday

I could not go to South Cotton Wood as anticipated because of Louie Dr. Ferguson & Aunt Eliza went also Presendia The paper did not get out until 4 o’clock The ladies came home safe and sound– Sister Shipley has agreed to stay until Louie is better–

18 May 1881 • Wednesday

We are mailing Louie is better somewhat went in the afternoon to organize the 21st Ward Primary Association. Sisters Eliza, Horne, Felt Clawson Ferguson [Emma Prosser] Toone Young and others Went to see Sister Sarah [Griffith] Richards, and had tea came home and found all right– [p. 92] {p. 96}

19 May 1881 • Thursday

Have been mailing all day– Saw Br. Taylor about the Lecture for Sister [Elvira Stevens] Barney– Presented the list for permits on the Railroad. Have had some serious conversation this evening– Joe has been here– Rob has also been here– my husband seemed in a very melancholy mood today. Louie is better

20 May 1881 • Friday

We went to the 10th. Ward to Anniversary of Primary Association, I was presented with a vase of wax flowers pure white, lilies morning glories &c. A speech was made by Blanche W. Woods.6 Went with Mellie to the graveyard Park & Winnie were moved saw inside the coffins.7 My husband came and staid with us adminis<tered> <to Louie> [p. 93] {p. 97}

21 May 1881 • Saturday

John W. Young is being tried by the Apostles the trial commenced last night and lasted all day today.8 Louie sat up a little yesterday & today I started to Cottonwood with Sister Eliza, to visit Sister Howard. We had a charming ride, thro’ the green fields and <on> arriving sat down to a delicious repast. Slept with Aunt Eliza

22 May 1881 • Sunday

A fine morning but windy– did not sleep much– nerves throbbing all night long. Went to Sacrament meeting and at 2 o’clock organized the Primaries, On coming out Rob was there with a span of horses and buggy, drove out on purpose for me I did not return with him. We spent a pleasant evening. [p. 94] {p. 98}

23 May 1881 • Monday

Rode over the first thing to see Sister Simper9 a sick woman almost blind anointed her and all three administered to her. Team came from South Cotton Wood Went to South Cotton Wood reorganized Primary & went to Sister [Elizabeth Matthews] Davis10 to supper Sister Ferguson was very sick. came home found Louie very bad indeed with palpitation of the heart

24 May 1881 • Tuesday

Found lots of work and business waiting for me to do: went to see Annie, Louie quite ill– John W. Young’s trial still in progress. Rulon [S. Wells] is going to Arizona– My garden is looking well if only Louie was well I could feel better. Rob came down & brought strawberries– I went out alone into the garden [p. 95] {p. 99}

25 May 1881 • Wednesday

Today has been so disaagreeable I have been so tormented– with callers and people who bored me exceedingly. Aunt Eliza & Bathsheba [W. Smith] went to see Mrs. [Sophia King] Cook. In the evening I tried to write but my head ached Br. [Joseph L.] Barfoot sent me a beautiful specimen of amethyst.11

26 May 1881 • Thursday

Thursday I have been much annoyed again today. People come to tell me their troubles it is very tiresome I had a talk with Seymour Young about Dr. Ferguson– Aunt Eliza gave me ten dollars for a present– Dora Darmoore Editor of the Golden Dawn12 called on me today– She is at present a newspaper <correspondent> [p. 96] {p. 100}

27 May 1881 • Friday

Working all day in the Office went about four o’clock to call on my Sister Adeline [Woodward Earl], Inez [Earl Godbe] was in labor, and at 8 o’clock in the evening she had a little girl13 7 pounds Their house is in a pretty place the view is grand In the evening Mr. [A. J.] & Mrs. [Dora Darmoore] Boyer spent the time with us here. Drs. Ferguson & Pratt, Junius Mrs. King, my husband was here with us. Louie was not able to come down–

28 May 1881 • Saturday

Today have had so many folks in the office. Sister Shipley went away to Br. Cannon’s Maria is here, John Q. & Annie are in Ogden– Rob came down and he was the only one Miss Claridge has gone to Ogden. It is very lonely– and I am so nervous it is hot too and the air is heavy. I have been looking over my French a little. [p. 97] {p. 101}

29 May 1881 • Sunday

A very beautiful day– C. V. [Claudius V.] Spencer sent over a bowl of roses, the city is like a flower garden. I am so anxious about Belle I would like so much to hear from her. Louie went out riding this afternoon she is improving. I had a letter from Pallas saying she had received my picture Sister Howard sent Louie a speckled trout.

30 May 1881 • Monday

A very hot dry dusty day went with Mrs. Dora Y. Boyer to call upon Sister Eliza. Rode home with Br. Cannon and then went down to see Miss [Mary E.] Cook. Louie is better John Q. & Annie came down and brought Lucile. I went over and slept at Annie’s to take care of her. The first time I ever slept there [p. 98] {p. 102}

31 May 1881 • Tuesday

Belle came on the noon train, Lucile is suffering very much. Belle went up to see Mellie. At evening Mr. Sears came down spent the evening here Belle slept with me– Lucile was very good. It is very hot indeed I feel so sorry for poor little Lucile. Louie is improving. Dr. Benedict thinks of operating tomorrow

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