September 1897

16 September 1897 • Thursday

Today is the coldest of the season and it is the party in the 15th. ward in honor of Sister Sarah M. Kimball who has presided there more than forty years. I think forty last March. She is very ill and though she has made great calculations to have it a success she will not be able to attend. Her cousin Judge [Charles T.] Granger of the Supreme Court of Iowa is here on a visit and she will feel it very much on his account and as I know him better than any of the other ladies of her acquaintance, she wants me to do the honors. I am very sorry for her that she cannot go, it is such a disappointment and the people feel it as well. I had to speak and was put on a Committee to wait on Sister Kimball and carry the Resolution formulated etc. her cousin made a [p. 291] {p. 116} a very good speech in our favor as a people [p. 292] {p. 117}

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