July 1920

1 July 1920 • Thursday

The Board meeting was postponed but several of the sisters came to see me among them Aunt Julina [Lambson Smith] and Ida Dusenbury [Smoot Dusenberry]. Katharine came while the nurse went out and she was here for about four hours. We had a good night and every thing was allright.

Miss Battin at night. [p. 183] {p. 54}

2 July 1920 • Friday

Was up nearly all day and had quite a few visitors. Janie [Jennings] Eldredge brought me beautiful roses and Alice [Merrill] Horne brought me some white lilies. Annie came at one then did some errands and came back to stay all night The nurse Miss Battin left about five. I paid her 35. dollars, for the week. Dr Middleton came and said he thought every thing was all right.

Annie at night. [p. 184] {p. 55}

3 July 1920 • Saturday

Awakened about 4 A.M. very uneasy and from then on had a most unpleasant day. Was in great pain & gave up going to farm and sent for another trained nurse. A Miss [Emma S.] Cypher of N.Y. [New York] came about 5. P.M. and after giving instructions & explain things Annie went home. The docter came in the evening and Richard [R. Lyman] & Amy [Brown Lyman] and Louise and Rich [Richard D. Andrew] and Alice & George [H.] Horne. Miss Cypher at night [p. 185] {p. 56}

4 July 1920 • Sunday

Had a fairly good day and a number of visitors. Annie came up to relieve the nurse and Bro. Robt. [Robert S.] Campbell and wife1 came in to administer to me and I felt that I might be better but the night was very long and I, was not at all well. [p. 186] {p. 57}

5 July 1920 • Monday

Not very well this morning and feel the heat terribly. The day was quiet and had very few visitors Annie came up so the nurse could go out for a little rest. Belle cane later. [p. 187] {p. 58}

210 July 1920 • Saturday

1920 Saturday 10. July

I had a quiet morning with the nurse (Miss Cypher but think I shall have to let her go. Annie came about four o’clock and I paid her off and later telephoned to Richard Lyman and he with his wife and Augusta [Winters] Grant came and took me down to the farm. I did not have a very good night. I had a ride this morning with Dr Middleton. He left this afternoon with his wife3 for Rochester, Minn. [Minnesota] [p. 193] {p. 60}

11 July 1920 • Sunday

July Sunday 11. 1920

We had a very fine, quiet day It is cooler down here and the boys have been quite entertaining In the evening Emm & Lyman [R. Martineau] with their children and Louise & Rich came down [p. 192] {p. 59}

12 July 1920 • Monday

Had a rather nice day Annie read a number of things among them the lecture on Paula by Dr. Lord.4 Had disturbing news from Belle She is very ill and must go away to a lower climate. In the evening Bro Richard Lyman brought Amy, Aunt Julina, Emma Empey Jennie Hyde & Sarah Eddington down to see me They were very interesting, and I enjoyed it exceedingly.


Written for mother by A.W.C.5 [p. 194] {p. 61}

13 July 1920 • Tuesday

Not a good night and do not feel any too bright this morning. Louise came down to stay while Annie went up town to do some errands I signed a check to pay the June hotel bill and also an order to draw $30 out of Saving’s bank to meet the checks. Jno Q. <Jack,> and Teddy [Theodore L. Cannon] came home at 1.30 the former had been hurt <not badly> and they had had an automobile accident [p. 195] {p. 62}

14 July 1920 • Wednesday

I am feeling much better than at the hotel though I miss the company. Mrs Bars (chairman of the Woman’s democratic Committee) (National)6 came down to see me She brought a Mrs Graham of Chicago. Harold [G.] Reynolds of the presidents office brought them down Pres. [Heber J.] Grant sent them. We had a nice interview. She is a very bright woman. On her way east from the San Francisco convention [p. 196] {p. 63}

15 July 1920 • Thursday

Gaining a little every day The weather continues very hot and every one seems to think it is much better to be down at the farm than in the hotel. “I enjoy it but should not like it all the time”.

From this date I wrote the journal in first person instead of third that is for my self instead of mother. [p. 197] {p. 64}

16 July 1920 • Friday

Louise came down and brought Betty and Jack [John Q. Andrew] to spend the day. Her mother had to go up town on some errands. [p. 198] {p. 65}

17 July 1920 • Saturday

Little Ruth Clayton came down <over> to wait on mother while I did up the house work. Sister Rebecca Nibley came down this afternoon and brought mother a bottle of wine. She is going away to Portland [Oregon] but said if possible she would come and take mother a ride before she goes. [p. 199] {p. 66}

18 July 1920 • Sunday

We had a very fine day quiet and peaceful. Sister Clarissa Williams and her husband7 made mother a visit and later Aunt Julina and some of her family came down. Aunt Julina wanted her son in law Roy [A. LeRoy] Taylor to hear mother’s testimony of the prophet Joseph which she gave and David [H. Cannon] and Shirley [Cannon] (Q’s little girl) were in the room also Ruby [Derr Cannon] who was here for awhile, getting some family genealogy. [p. 200] {p. 67}

19 July 1920 • Monday

Late in the afternoon Sister Crismon came down She brought a can of pineapple. Had a nice visit with her. Later Sister Amy Lyman came and stayed quite a while. The weather continues very warm and every one thinks that mother is much better off down here than in town at the hotel.

[p. 201] {p. 68}

20 July 1920 • Tuesday

Sister Penrose came and spent an hour with mother She had a Mrs Pierce of Bear River stake with her. It pleased mother very much to have them come. The days are long and warm and she misses the confusion of the hotel. Katharine came home this afternoon for a day or two and mother quite rejoiced to see her. She slept with her grandma tonight [p. 202] {p. 69}

21 July 1920 • Wednesday

This evening Sarah <A.> J. [Jenne] Cannon came over for awhile Mother likes her very much and was glad to see her Mother feels very worried about Belle and talks of her a great deal. It is a great pleasure to have Katharine home. [p. 203] {p. 70}

22 July 1920 • Thursday

We had a nice day and Mother is so much better that she goes out to dinner now and walks around the house and yard and seems to enjoy the place very much. [p. 204] {p. 71}

23 July 1920 • Friday

Belle left this afternoon for Los Angeles. Lyman came down and took mother & me to the depot to see her She certainly looked very sick and mother felt quite badly about her but she did not break down at all when she said good bye. Katharine left to night for the girl’s camp again. Mrs Caroline D. Mills came over and spent the evening. She is very good company. [p. 205] {p. 72}

24 July 1920 • Saturday

Bro Joseph <S.> Horne came and took mother and me over to Liberty Park to the celebration in honor of the Pioneers, Mother seemed rather tired but she sat through it all and enjoyed the ride there and back. In the evening Olive Whitney and her husband Mr [William A.] Daly cane down with a fine auto and took us a long lovely ride around the Park and through the University place and all around town. It was very nice indeed [p. 206] {p. 73}

25 July 1920 • Sunday

We had a rather quiet day but in the evening Richard and Amy Lyman and her sister Mrs [Lydia Brown] Lund came down also Louise, and Rich, and Margaret, and George Q. [Cannon] & his family. Little Ruth was here all day. [p. 207] {p. 74}

26 July 1920 • Monday

In the evening Ida Dusenbury and her daughter Margaret [Smoot Dusenberry] came down and stayed until 10.30 They leave tomorrow for Europe. I had a long visit with Ida. except for this visit the day has been much the same as usual.

Written by A.W.C. [p. 208] {p. 75}

27 July 1920 • Tuesday

Early in the afternoon Kate Wells and Nell [S. Annette Wells] Culmer came and spent a couple of hours. Nett is going to Bear Lake to visit Catharine [Culmer Roberts] and they wanted to come before she left. Her mother8 is pretty well. Margaret and her children were over.

Written by A.W.C. [p. 209] {p. 76}

28 July 1920 • Wednesday

Margaret came so that her mother could go to town to get some presents for the boys– David & Abram. Mother gave them each a white shirt that is very nice. The day has been rather quiet. Shirley is staying here this week. and she has Margarets little girls over to play [p. 210] {p. 77}

29 July 1920 • Thursday

About noon Mrs Webster of Chicago came down to see mother. She brought her a box of candy and she had lunch here with mother and remained until about five o’clock. Em & Lyman and the Children also came down & stayed to dinner. Annie and Jno. Q <& I> went to the theatre and Louise and Rich came and spent the evening with mother She sat up until 12 o’clock The day was rather noisy & exciting and she was very tired [p. 211] {p. 78}

30 July 1920 • Friday

Annie went to town to buy Louise a birthday present. She brought a letter from docter Middleton. The weather is very warm but cooler here than in town. The word from Belle is that she feels better but still very tired.

This journal is written for mother by me sometimes in 1st Person & some times in 3rd9 [p. 212] {p. 79}

31 July 1920 • Saturday

There was more or less confusion during the day and mother was very tired at bed time George Q and his family came over to have Shirley baptized. She was eight on the 22nd of June but it could not be attended to at that time because of the children having the whooping cough. Margaret came in in the evening and David10 and his family came over. Jno Q. baptized and confirmed Shirley dinner was quite late [p. 213] {p. 80}

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