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February 1906


4 February

During the monthly fast and testimony meeting held in the Salt Lake Temple, EBW noted that apostle Charles W. Penrose was commemorating his seventy-fourth birthday on this date. He “spoke lovely of blessings.”

4 February

EBW wrote “Prof Woolfe dreadful” in her notes in the temple fast and testimony meeting. She referred to Walter M. Wolfe, a former teacher at Brigham Young College in Logan, who testified as a witness at the Reed Smoot hearings in Washington, DC, about plural marriages after the Manifesto.

2 December

According to the notes made by EBW, the temple fast and testimony meeting this day focused on Joseph Smith, first prophet and president of the church.

4 February 1906 • Sunday

prayed Sisters [Priscilla Paul] Jennings Emma [Nield] Goddard in the opening prayer– 2 unknown sisters [John R.] Winder [Anthon H.] Lund [Charles W.] Penrose Br. Penrose spoke his birthday 74– years old today– spoke lovely of blessings {p. 6}

Feb. 4, 1906

In the Temple Glorious things are sung of Zion Enoch’s city seen of old. prayer by Seymour B. Young Duet Swett [Sweet] will of God, Br. Winder– Sister [Emilie Damke] Maeser Susa Y. [Young] Gates Lizzie [Elizabeth Ogden] Decker Meda [C. Armeda] Snow Young Sophia [Taylor] Nuttall Sister Annie T. [Taylor] Hyde L. L. [Louisa Lula] Greene Richards Mid scenes of confusion and creature complaints {p. 7} Sister Buching Br. Bybee1 H. [Henry] W. Naisbit spoke freely of the Temple William W. Woodley his daughter Ellis Shipp repeated part of a Revelation Hear O, God and give ear O. earth Br. Mc Donald [John T. McDonald] Dr. M. C. [Margaret Curtis] Roberts {p. 8}

Feb. 4, 1906

Congartulate Br. Penose [Penrose] by Br. Lund all of us– Prof Woolfe2 dreadful3 Nearer my God to thee The Lord is on our side Br. Winder closing remarks {p. 9}

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