July 1876

1 July 1876 • Saturday

Sat. July 1. This is Ort. Whitney’s birthday Em. presented him with a morocco pocket-book. There was a very large company went out to meet the president and folks from South. I never felt the heat much more than to-day. In the evening was the entertainment at the Social Hall. Martha Wells was taken sick on the train and it made every thing gloomy.

2 July 1876 • Sunday

Sun. July 2. Belle and Mell and all their children were here; they were mischievous and got into so many scrapes; We began to think they would have to be put into the closet or somewhere to keep them out of mud and water. In the evening we had so many callers.

3 July 1876 • Monday

Mon July 3d. Em. was very much better. Br. [John] Nicholson and [Benjamin] Hampton came and administered to her and she seemed to be better immediately and in the afternoon she went for a ride; she was somewhat fatigued afterwards but slept well.

4 July 1876 • Tuesday

Tues. July 4th. This is the grand centennial fourth, the first centennial of American Independence.1 Annie & Louie went to Calder’s farm early in the morning and spent the day. my husband came down for the first time since his return: he seemed overjoyed to be at home again. told us of some of his adventures. his journey, the [p. 87] country, its appearance its foaming rushing river its red sandstone mountains.

A great number of Emmie’s friends called to day. Mellie came up with her children and went to the matinee in the afternoon. In town every thing was very quiet.

5 July 1876 • Wednesday

July 5th, I went to the office to my regular work this morning. Em. was much better. In the evening we had visitors. Mr. Hendrie spent the evening with us. Annie & Louie went out for a ride. Annie was at the Fair all day.2 I

6 July 1876 • Thursday

July 6th. Emmie is not so well to-day she has been too venturesome perhaps. I asked Mr [Leonard W.] Hardy and Maurice Young to come and administer to her; they came towards evening. She felt much better, There was a thunder storm of considerable violence. Annie was helping <at the Fair> Inez came home from Rush Lake for a day or two.

7 July 1876 • Friday

July 7th. Rulon Wells is twenty two to-day. Em. is much better. It has been sprinkling considerably and at evening set in to rain. The air seemed delightfully cool and refreshing. Br. David [Woolley] Evans was buried to day. [p. 88]

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