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October 1913

1–3 October 1913 • Wednesday–Friday

Wednesday Oct. 1. I have been very busy our Conference opens tomorrow, and I am in hopes it will be a spiritual feast and thaat all will feel refreshed. I am confident that the sisters will help to make it a delightful occasion, every detail is completed, Miss McLellnd [Sarah McLelland] will come to go over with me–

I ought to have written that I was invited to unvail the nonumt [monument] erected in the Tabenale [Tabernacle] yar[d] in m[e]mory of the time whn the gulls came from the Lake in [p. 5] {p. 7} in great numbers and ate up the crickets that were destroying the new crop of wheat that was to feed the Saints’ It was a great honor to have been selected to unveil the beautiful carved memorial monumnt– the worknanship of a grandson of Brigham Young–1 I w[o]re my best silk dress and I stood with head uncovered holding the long streners that held the vail in place whiel I spoke the few words that were very significant of the event sixty-five years ago–2 [p. 6] {p. 8} I cann[o]t describe the snsations that thrilld my soul as I stood in the midst of those vast muletitude ass[e]mbled in that nemorable occasi[o]n, one that helps to mak history And– so in my later life much that seemd impossibl has come to pass and the gift of foretelling events has ben verified in what has rally transpired in these later yearss. Whn a ve[r]y litt[l]e girl the village people semd to undestand hw I was to be a child of destiny and I wa[l]kd in the wo[o]ds & belived in fairies and in [p. 7] {p. 9} and in wood-nymphs. aftewards I went for an auto ride with Mrs. P. P. Jennngs [Priscilla Paul Jennings], a terrific storm came up but we reached home in safety– and found I w[a]s expected to weclome the Maorie’s [Māoris] frm New Zaland [Zealand] who have come to see Salt Lake to go into the Tmple etc. etc. I had to dress hurriedly and go into the assenbly almost before I could get my breath and certainly without prepration but as often anxious [p. 8] {p. 10} I succeeded better than any one anticipated– and the guests were deligh[t]ed wi[t]h my testimony of the Prophet Joseph [Smith] They are of the High Class & really show their de[s]cent and are indeed intellgent and especially musical and gifted in many ways.

The first of Oct. was the anniversary of Mell [Melvina Whitney Woods]’s first marraage and that day was one of my busy active days also, preparing for the Relief Society Conference on the morrow, and meeting people who were early arrivals, also busy [p. 9] {p. 11} about temple clothing, In the morning of Oct. 2. 1913, went over in good time Confernce began with an unusual f[l]ow of the Spirit of the Lord; feelt by many who testified thereto At the noon hour a Commttee from the R.S.3 Gen. Boa[r]d served Dough muts and butermilk to visitors sveral hundred people from Stakes of Zion In the evening there was an entertainmnt that many visito[r]s atended.

2nd day of R.S. Conference was well atended. Noring [morning] [p. 10] {p. 12} sessin Oct. 2. Prsident Jos. F. Smith & Senator Reed Smoot occupid the time almost entirely.

4–6 October 1913 • Saturday–Monday

Satu[r]day Morn[i]ng Octobr 4. Pres. Smith opened the Gneral Semi-Annual Conferne [Conference] of the Church 83rd S[e]mi Annual Confernce. His rmarrks were very timely and significant, I atended every session of the Confernce of the Church as well as of the R.S. Sunday was an overflwing day by but Monday Oct. 6. was important day on which all bu[si]ness was tansated [transacted] and officers sustaned. Oct. 6. is always an intersting & eventful <day> [p. 11] {p. 13}

7 October 1913 • Tuesday

Oct. 7, Tusday a Genral officers meeting was held in the Auditorium of the Bishop’s Building and much business <was transacted> and a fine spirit manifest– and the ressult will no doubt be felt in all branches of the orgnizatins That evenng was significant in the meeting of old friends in various places

8 October 1913 • Wednesday

Wednesday Oct. 8. ther were a number of meetings of several clubs and patries [parties]

9 October 1913 • Thursday

Thu[rs]day Oct. 9. R.S. Gen. Boad met and had a fine quiet meetng, trnsacted some important business and discused ma◊◊errs4 [p. 12] {p. 14}

10 October 1913 • Friday

Oct. 10. was my wedding anniversary– 61 years since maried to Daniel H. Wells in the small adobie house behind the stone wall. Brigham Yong [Young] in perfrming the ceremony said impressively to deliver her up in the morming of the resurrection with all her posterity– I really had very many peculiar thoughts on that day I m[e]ntiond the day to several frinds but none semed to think of it significantly. [p. 13] {p. 15}

12 October 1913 • Sunday

Sunday Oct. 12. went to the Tabnacle at afternoon meeting Elder Jos. S. Robinsn [Joseph S. Robinson] Prsident Califrnia missi[o]n preahd [preached]. After meeting went to see Lillie Freze [Lelia Tuckett Freeze] but she was not at home visited with the young womn thn went to Sister Prriscilla Jnnngs [Priscilla Jennings] aftrwrds to Junius F. Wells thn home late to my own residence, spent a long day in trying to good work

13–18 October 1913 • Monday–Saturday

Monday Oct. 13 came up to the R.S. headquarters and did some good work [p. 14] {p. 16} Annie was here and gave me much special advice– [6 lines blank] Tusday there was a meetng & ladies here and mu[c]h interest manifested etc Fedratins [Federations] begun in Brigham City5 and several ladies went up from Salt Lake City In the evening Mrs. Cook a lady from Flint Michigan came a most interestng prsonality [p. 15] {p. 17} Tody has ben a very good one we have hade a great one for we had a very good meeting of the Genral Board6 went up to Bee Hive House to see Temp.

Today has been very busy and much excitement because of election cming tomrrow, there has been a great deal of opposition to Hebe [Heber M. Wells] and Junius was in a temper but he7 [p. 16] {p. 18}

Fiday was a very disagreable day for me and I bcame exceedingly nervous, and the Daughters of the Revolution met here and it was a long and uninteresting meeting and I felt very unpleasant besidees I knew I was expected to answer to a toast fnally all left and I was heere utterly alome and Golda Hyde came and helped me to get my dress on– then Brother & Sister [p. 17] {p. 19} W. N. Williams8 came with the Aut[o] and I went to the party, many flocked around me– the place was very elaborately decorated with Autumn leaves and corn in leaf– representing Autumn The dcorations were very artistic and emblematic Each table represented an organization– Prsident Jos. F. Smith at the head of the first table Sunday School, Relief Society table I was at the head at one [p. 18] {p. 20} table & Lonora Y. Hrrington [Leonora Young Harrington] at the other end of the Table Bishop [Asahel Hart] Woodruff b[r]ought me home, I was very weary and not quite satisfied with my answer to the toast feeling I had not done the best I was capable of doing I spent a wretched night as I have almost every night since Emm. went away and I felt dreadfully lonely. Saturday Isabel came and we went over all letters etc. and Sister Lizzie [Elizabeth Cain] Crismon took me to the matinee in the Salt Lake The[atre] [p. 19] {p. 21} The music was fine and it was a compliete change and then went home fully anticipatng Emm. comng home– no word from her Annie came and read the paper to me and I went home and rumnaged thought [through] drawyers etc.

19 October 1913 • Sunday

Sunday Oct. 19. Went to the Tabnacle, Libery Stake Conference Hugh J. Cannon presiding– Speakers Go. [George] F. Richards and Symur [Seymour] B. Young then went to Isabel’s and had [di]nnr and of went the [illegible] [p. 20] {p. 22}

20 October 1913 • Monday

Mnday Oct. 20, 1913– Belle came and there was a letter for Annie from Sister Ellen [Woodward Fuller] and for me form [from] Em. written at Los Angeles, Gnological [Genealogical] class this aftenoon So much confusion here today I could not compose my mind on any thing scarcely and I became so nervous that it was almost impossible for me to be polite, one thing after another and advise to give and matters to adjust and finally [p. 21] {p. 23} Sisters Leonora Hington [Harrington] from Granite Stake cam and wanted me to go to a ward reoganization and I promised but I hardly know how I can do it. If I can keep my wits I shall be glad I really am thankful that I can do a little and rest my mind and the Board are very gracious about me and want to help me but the things I can do are not what they can do, and so I am left as it were alone in a great measurre [p. 22] {p. 24}

21 October 1913 • Tuesday

Tuday Oct. 221 [21]. 1913.

This morning went to the halls and wated for Heber M. Wells, Anold Gaique [Arnold G. Giauque] and Jessiee M. [Jesse F.] Cannon9 and expected Emm. coning home today. Between 3 & 4 P.M. Em came in to see me and was most affectionate & loving. No one can ever know how I have loved that girl nor can I myself understand it, she came into my life when all had gone from my home and with [p. 23] {p. 25} her sweetness and winning ways gave me such happiness as ones new life to come, I realized in her presence almost perfeect joy. My whole soul went out to her in n[e]wness of life and vigor of soul– the possibiliity of such intense affectin at my time of life had departed but was renewed with a vigor that entered into my very soul and wrought a complete change. To night Jenny [Acord] Hyde brought me a fine hot supper, the Gnalogical [Genealogical] Society lecture by Susa Y. [Young] Gates in our reception room, I seem unable to tell anything Emm is going to sleep in her own house tonight [p. 24] {p. 26} I can never tell the sorrow I have experienced in losing the possibility of r[e]ading, it has deprived me of a great pool of knowledge of affairrs as well as of valuable infomation to apply in my contact with people in my daily life The longings of my soul can never be satisfied or gratified whn I cannot apply the knowledge I have to actual experience in life’s labor here, the burning to give out information as well as to use it in one’s own way within the range of daily experiencees is uplifting and strengthening to the soul and to the human intellect [p. 25] {p. 27}

10Oct. 21. 1913

I am here alone in my officee if I could see what I write how happy it would make me– I have many beautiful thoghts and after writing them cannot read or connect them together– Poems are thought out but cannot be made smooth and readable because of my not being able to read what I write. Richad [Richard] R. Lyman came and sat here waiting for his wife11 to come from the Ge[ne]alogical meeting in our Receptin room and read some quaint articles to me.– Sarah Eddington Sarah McLelland and Jennie Hyde are working out some problems in the Gnalogical work [p. 26] {p. 28} The day has been full of new thought and awakings & I cannot feel it has been in vain

12Tuesday Oct. 21 my Darling Emm came bak from her wedding trip to the Pacific coast overjoyed with what she had seen and her beautiful eyes shining with happinss, and although I am glad for her yet I cannot feel the satisfaction in this man that others of our family do I have prayed earnestly over it and cannot yet comprehend why it should have taken placee. [p. 27] {p. 29} Tonight I had supper down town we had the Genalogical class here, Isabel stayed, I slept here aloone

22–23 October 1913 • Wednesday–Thursday

Wednsday 22. I have not been well today and theere seemed so many things pending my nerves are very much unstrung, and it does sem quite impossible for me to do all the things. I be[c]ame almost too nervous but bet[te]r after Isabel had gone home The morning of Oct. 23. after Emm. having stayed all night with mee she went with me to the depot I was really very ill more so than I was willing to admit however I went on the train [p. 28] {p. 30} Sister Saah McLeland [Sarah McLelland] with me saw Bishop [blank] of Coalville and asked him to siit with us when we changed trains at Ogdn, invited him to go with us into the Pullman, so as to have some one holding the Priesthood near in case anything happened to mee– we could have him to exercise faiith for me– however we reached Morgan all right and went into the Conference– spoke in morning meeting– dined at Sister Waldron’s13 the President R.S. went to Afternoon meeting and spoke long and thn went for a long auto ride with Charles Heiner [p. 29] {p. 31} Afterwrd had fine supper with other guests at Pres. Dan. [Daniel] Heiner and talked until about midnight had a fine room adjoining bath slept well– morning came and we had breakfast, train late Sister Pearl Hackwell came to obtain a blessing I had promised her the day before, train late finally– She was a very sweet young woman and I am sorry not to have rmmbered her name, came home found all right no special news except Louuise had a new baby boy14– blak hair weighed 8 lbs. Isabel went out with me to supper at Franklin’s. Gnalogy class taught today by Nephii [Nephi] Anderson [p. 30] {p. 32} I am in a mood for writing but pencils bothr me. I have so many thoughts that I wish to put into articles and poems and yet do not see why I cannot do more affection15 work than I am doing now– I long so for companionship and Emm filled the void in my heart– I am so forlorn without her, how can I get over the loss of her sweet voice and tender love

27 October 1913 • Monday

Oct. 27. was the party for the Birthday Anniversary of Daniel H. Wells and all of us are busy gettin read[y] [p. 31] {p. 33} Oct. 27. I called on Emm. in her own house for the first time since her marriage. Of course every one knows how dreadfully I felt to have marry one so much older than herself– but she might be sorry afterwards but every girl ought to have her own choice and she has made hers and we who love her must submit [p. 32] {p. 34} I did not succeed in doing what I had but the <intended party> was a decided success and next year will be a very great year for us all Tday Willard Young brought a party of educators to call upon me, from Iowa, th[e]y are not as much up to date as we ourselves, Emm. is at her own home, Annie has gone to a dinner party party at Jes. Riverstrom’s [p. 33] {p. 35} Mr. Jennigs [William Jennings] has given Emm a [illegible] I presume it is quite elgant. I have been to see Isabel this evening she is a better and may go to thee Temple tomorow– Electi[o]n is a mst excellnt [illegible]. [p. 34] {p. 36}

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