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August 1914

1 August 1914 • Saturday

This moning was here at the officee in good time and was very bussy du[r]ing the day Isabel came and we sent off several letters repliees to qustions submitted, I did not feel very comfortable here but determined to stay as it would be Fast day tomorrow and meeting in the Tmple [p. 213] {p. 142}

2–3 August 1914 • Sunday–Monday

This morning was up early and went to Temple Fast Meeting President Jos. F. Smth was there and spoke with much power– Apostle [Anthony W.] Ivins spoke of war conditions and President Penrosee spoke equally well– as did President Jos. F. Smith altogethr good went to see Aunt Susan & Kate thn to 18th. Ward Fast meeting thn down to Annie [p. 214] {p. 143} and over to see Margaret 1found Clarissa Amy & Emma Empey here on Commttee work for Blanks, John Wells giving instructions. Hattie Harkr [Harker] came and talked of Euope [Europe] & Rome Jennie Hyde Isabel came & Anniee and others– a sort of uneasy day for mee howevere therre are many matters coming up and wars in foreign lands– much excinement tonight over ext[r]a news by news boys– I have many things to write and am not exactly surre [p. 215] {p. 144}

4 August 1914 • Tuesday

We ought all to pray for peace Rose early and did not feel well. N[e]ws of the war in Europe is quite ala[r]ming. Gemany [Germany] seems to be involved and the Americans over there are in uncertainty or at least their friends are anxious, the outlook is serous and one may almost feel it is the begining of the days of sorrow and at any rate horror– [p. 216] {p. 145}

5 August 1914 • Wednesday

This morning Annie had an interview with the Chairman of the Rep.2 Party and I had so many unpleasant applicationss to reply to for help in case of distresss that it quite upset mee The war is [illegible] the sa[me] in nearly all countriees, the Pres. of U.S. wife dying.3 I am not as well as usual to night– Mny unpleasant things to meet– still I should be content although I am so much alone I am trying to write on the given qustion wrote last night unsatisfactory [p. 217] {p. 146}

6 August 1914 • Thursday

<President [Woodrow] Wilson’s wife dieed today at the White Hou[s]e> must go to Cannon Ward R.S. Meeting today– Annie came up had ben with the little boys4 to see if their eyees were all r[i]ght– Later on I went with Sister Jenning [Jennings] and Sarah J. Cannon to the Annual Meeting in the Cannon Ward at Sister [Mary Ellen Watson] Silver’s home; it used to be Abam [Abram] Cannon’s and brought to mind many recollections– war in Gemany is very terrible, Presidnt Wilson’s wife died today [p. 218] {p. 147}

7 August 1914 • Friday

<Pioneers presented Mrs. [Flora Bean] Horne with a half dozen silver spoons> This morning was up early for on[c]e and there seemed no futher n[e]ws of the war Mrs. Wilson’s death is recognized by the flags being at half mast, the first tine in my rmmbrance it has been done for a woman. I am very glad of the rcognition I wnt to Pioneer meeting at Susan Merrills in an Auto, a fine meeting in honor of Flora Horne [p. 219] {p. 148}

8 August 1914 • Saturday

Today we shall celeb[r]ate Dr. Romania B. Penrose birthday 75 years old Dr. Penrose came about noon and we began makng preparations about cards for the table; later Sister Jennngs [Jennings] & Sister Cannon came and thn one aftr another until we had nearly all, and visiting began and we had quiite a lively timee 17 at dinner at Hotel Utah went home [p. 220] {p. 149}

9 August 1914 • Sunday

Came up early and came to the officce to hunt for lost papers and went over to thee Tabernacle Shrly [Shirley Penrose] Jones just from Washington D.C. gave the first dscouurse the[n] Richard W. Young– Pres. Lund presideed– wnt down to Cannon Farm, Lousie [Louise] and Margaret both came home with husband & childreen, spnt the even[i]ng came home late but safe a very beautiful night mo[o]n clear and starrs, nothng could be more cha[r]ming if one could have congenial company the E◊t◊◊ [p. 221] {p. 150}

10 August 1914 • Monday

Came up in good time found all going on well very hot day Jennie came late in the afternoon had much anxiety Iabel [Isabel] wrote to Frank Woodward in Nebraska She looked up on usual matterrs and wanted very much to go home but I kept on urging h[e]r to stay and finally she had to go Jenniee Hyde was here she stayed longerr [p. 222] {p. 151}

11 August 1914 • Tuesday

<Mry W. Whitny [Mary W. Whitney] came home today> Tuesday war news no better every thng sems to be threeatening no letter for me this morning, only a bill fron Des. Nws that had been paid. Isabel was not well this morning and never came up at all today. No n[e]w disturbances from abroad, said to be preparations for a battle at the old Waterloo battle-ground, sugar has risen in pricee and there is talk of all food substances being higher, This is always the ressult of war, the weaethr is very fine, Sent my article on the grain queestion to press today, Annie has ben very bussy she has such a larrge family and mny public dutiees– [p. 223] {p. 152}

12 August 1914 • Wednesday

<Have writeten to Emm tonight> Night before last had a pecular dream Today has been very hot more so than usual but I have been comfortable Isabel came up and we did quite a f[e]w importan[t] thngs– Letter f[r]om Presidnt Heber Q. Hale of Boise Stake Wrote to Emm. Mr. Martinau called up, he is down from the farm, war news from Germany very sad people cannot return yet– I have been busy Annie & family went to Lake [p. 224] {p. 153}

13 August 1914 • Thursday

<vry bad neuralgia tonight> Have hade a very bad night, did not sleep until 3. A.M. pain and choking, felt I would not stay at h[o]me again M. Martineu goes h[o]me today and Jack Cannon [John Q. Cannon Jr.] is going up for a week or 10 days I know how glad Emm. will be to see him, fighting in Beligum [Belgium] no posiitive word from our p[e]ople Tom Sloan came in this moning to see me, and see how I felt about Lawrnce I think our Elders will be p[r]eserveed Saw Mr. Martineu in the street today– he is well [p. 225] {p. 154}

14 August 1914 • Friday

This is the One Hundredth annversay of Luy [Lucy] Stone’s birthday, she would have been one hundred years old today had she lived; it has been very hot here today and I have not been very well; indeed I could have said I was ill but did not– there is no good n[e]ws except [t]hat the Presidnt of the Chu[r]ch and Presiding Bishop retu[r]ned from Canada, war is still raging in Belgium & Germany, news of important matters are n[o]w very frequnt, Annie has been up to the office today [p. 226] {p. 155}

15 August 1914 • Saturday

Have been very sick all day and it sems as if it would be impossible to go to the meting this evning and yet I feel that I must in order to obtain the blessing I so much need. My head is very bad and in fact I cannot get relief The n[e]ws from the real of war is not so alar[m]ing for our people, the Lord has had care over our Elderss and frendss I have takn a severe cold and my nerves are all unstrng and it is a time of trouble and the war is at its height, thre seems no peace in the Eastern contin[e]nt [p. 227] {p. 156}

16 August 1914 • Sunday

I have been very nervous and in great pain in my head and it sems inpossible to obtain relief, n[e]ws from abroad is very deprssing, the war has reached Belgiium [Belgium] and it does seem sorrowful and almost heart-rnding, I am invited to Sister [Julia Cruse] Howes party of her 7th [90th], and I was among the last arrvals– it was a fin[e] meting very spiritual, everry one present spoke except sister Andrews [Mary Croxall Andrew] The first Sabbath in which I had not attended service for mny months and I felt I must not no one to read to me either [p. 228] {p. 157}

17 August 1914 • Monday

I r[e]maind in bed at h[o]me all day and did not get up Wass a very lonly morning and I had really been seriusly ill and the neuralgia seemd even wor◊se and more severe as the hours wnt by 5|a letter fron Flo. Jmison Miller asking our o[r]gnizations to p[r]otest against war came to our Relief Society and we made a str[o]ng p[r]otest by teleg[r]am and I signed it in bhalef [behalf] of the Reelief Society and Sister Tngey [Martha Horne Tingey] Ladies6 I h[a]ve suffered excruciatingly with nuralgia [p. 229] {p. 158}

18 August 1914 • Tuesday

<Ellis R. Shipp called to Manassa today> Sent off letters today to Msr. [Mrs.] Gordon in Aberdeen and Dr. Aletta H. Jaobs [Jacobs] in Amsterdam, very serious [illegible]

Letter frm Mrs. Barratt and frm Mrs. M. M. Gordon– must answer these letters also show them to family– Sister Mary June Robnson [Robinson] Wests funeral held today in 21st. Ward Meetng house I wnt up with Pres. Jos. F. Smith and retu[r]ned with him. He spoke very spritually for almst 15 minutes and I spoke perhaps 5 minutes very excellnt music many flowers & good spirit [p. 230] {p. 159}

19 August 1914 • Wednesday

I have had great pain in my head all day neuralgia very severe, mny people a[r]ound Annie came and brought me fruit cake and several came to see me Lucile [Buchholz] & Dot[.] Tenple opned today Isabel went so did Susa, Sarah McLelland came and stayed until 9. P.M. I feel a little better, war dreadful in Belgium, Royal family gone to Antwerp from Brussels, Anerican people safe, that is a comfort because of our missionarries [p. 231] {p. 160}

20 August 1914 • Thursday

<I received no letterrs today> I had a very bad night much pain in my head but have been some better today sent off my letter to Verona to Spokane [Washington] hope I m[a]y hear from some of them soon, strange th[e]y neglect me so long. The Pope Pius the 10th. died today at the Vatican, the war has killed him it is almost certain. Germany in her prride of armiees will be accountable for his passing away undoubtedly He wished his p[e]ople to be peaceable and promote peace on earrth [p. 232] {p. 161}

21 August 1914 • Friday

More war n[e]ws, the very scenees of the days of Napoleom [Napoleon] being enacted over again in the 20th century is to say the most humiliating to our civilization after all the boasts we have made of enlightenme[n]t I am better today but not entirely rid of nuralgia, Isabel is not well at all I fear she has eaten too much fruit and will sufferr from it. The Tenple work has been light this week and that is easier for her but she is certainly not well– I wish most sincerely peace could be restored pernan[e]ntly. I went to the Hotel Utah to night with Mr. Martineau and had supper in the Roof garden. I am better tonight vry much and hope to be well again tonorrow. [p. 233] {p. 162}

22 August 1914 • Saturday

This morning Annie thinks of going up to see Emm she has never been and I am so glad, Mr. Martineau is here and they will go when he goes home at 2 p.m. this aftnoon, and I will go down there and stay with the children while th[e]y are away, it is a very hot day and I have neuralgia but nonetheless I am going– Margaret and had come over too and we had a pleasant evening after a fine dinner, Dan went to the Lake– [p. 234] {p. 163}

23 August 1914 • Sunday

<War almost beyond belieef> This moning Daniel wnt to Priesthood Meeting and children to Sunday School– Dan came back and stayed with me after his meeting. Later Margaret and David and Ruth came and spent the day. It is a long tiime since I h[a]d a visit with Margaret, Katherine had to go to the Play ground to look after the children so Margaret fixed dinner, the lawn is cool compared to this officee German war news is verry terrible, Belgium being dreadfully bea◊ten rumorrs of war very dreadful indeed [p. 235] {p. 164}

24 August 1914 • Monday

<War n[e]ws horrifying beyond beleief> This moning Katharine had to go as soon as breakfast was over and milk soon to bring over sent away Daniel gone before I came down little Teddiee [Theodore L. Cannon] was so gracious to me trying to entertain mee with pictures and books war n[e]ws more and more horrible– Germans taking evrything surely the Lord will punish the Russi[a]n who is there destroying human life recklessly John Q. & Annie came in on noonday train Annie came up with me [p. 236] {p. 165}

25 August 1914 • Tuesday

This morning President Margaret A. [Thomas] Romney of the Ensign Stake called with her tw[o] Counselors to get some suggestions in regard to storing wheat I was very glad to talk of the necessiity of taking special care of all foods for the future now that war is devastating the contin[e]nt of Europe and we know that wars nearly always precede famine and the prophetic spirit of our Brigham Young warned us to prepare for a day of want and the prophecies of the Prophet Joseeph are also to come to pass. Today I have written to Flo Jamison Miller in reference to Council matters Long sincce some weeks at least I wrote Mrs. Harper in Rome and to Mrs. Gordon & others etc. [p. 237] {p. 166}

26 August 1914 • Wednesday

<A very very fine day indeed> I have had a better night and my neuralgia is better there are many painful things going on across the sea and Jennie Hyde is mourning about Ronmania, she has not had any word, I have been going throough old papers Annie has been up, they are well no word from Emm. tod[a]y I wish I could see her sppent the evening with Br. & Sister Penrose had a nice visit, all is well as usual [p. 238] {p. 167}

27 August 1914 • Thursday

How st[r]ange that I should not have writtn last night as I seldom miss a day amd yet I nust have done because I find this page blank, we are all so upset over the war in Europe and so little is known for certain, yet we have faith & believe the Lord will accompliish His work in His own way. He will raise up those wh[o] will fight His battles, and p[r]omote His cause in the earth. The Empress theater with Sister Sarah McLelland [p. 239] {p. 168}

28 August 1914 • Friday

I attnded Mrs. Reed Smot [Smoot]s recepton today, gave Zilha [Alpha Eldredge Smoot] one of my best photos she seened very pleased indeed there was a st[r]ing band playing on the stair casee and the music was excellent, it was a very beautiful affair takn all in all I wnt with Sister Julna [Julina] Smith in the Church auto and she brought me home, she is very respectful to me and semingly cares for me [p. 240] {p. 169}

29 August 1914 • Saturday

Slept at Annies and came up in good time Went to Republican Conventi[o]n with Susa & Mrs. A. [Andrew] C. Nelson [Amanda Jensen Nelson] came back with me. Abam [Abram] came home last night Thodore [Theodore] went off this morning to the Ranch with his uncle Louis7 I have had an unpleasant day so much confusion Gnalgical [Genealogical] meeting in the b[i]g room this aftrnoon I am very nervous indeed My eyes seem better in some respects. I should like to have faith enough to see to read & write. [p. 241] {p. 170}

30 August 1914 • Sunday

I was really ill all day Dr. Middleton came early and gave me some mediccine I was really ill– stayed in bed all day– Anmie & Isabel both came and George Q. & wife both waiting on me as well Ruby did her b[e]st but Annie and Isabel & Lucile all came was better toward eveming [p. 242] {p. 171}

31 August 1914 • Monday

Dr. Middleton came and I went with him in his Auto to the office. we drove through Liberty Park it was quite invigorating I had a fairly grood day mucch better than being in bed, however it is possible I needed rest went to Anniee’s at evening stayed over night. [p. 243] {p. 172}

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