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November 1909

1 November 1909 • Monday

Did various things Sister B. W. Smith came and I went with her part way home in the tithing office also to the President’s office and here and there on errands. Kate came to see me also Susa and Annie Lynch had lots of callers and many questions came up wrote several letters worked very steadily. The car running to Cannon farm started today, quite a notable event. Irene Haskell Pomeroy was born 84 years ago today, and I received a letter from her niece this morning, took it to the Temple but could not see Br. McAllister must go again tomorrow, so many extra things come along to do that one’s time is taken for frivolities really and somewhat wasted. [p. 305] {p. 248}

2 November 1909 • Tuesday

Anniversary of my eldest daughter’s birth in a wagon on the edge of City Creek known as Whitney Corner Dined with Belle Will Dot and two children– spent the evening gave Belle a pink scarf and box of candy– not much but trifles are sometmores1 more acceptable than more expensive gifts [p. 306] {p. 249}

3 November 1909 • Wednesday

Betsy went off to the Temple in good time and I went to work at the mailing, it is the birthday of Elizabeth Hoagland Cannon had Many callers wrote to Beaver Clarissa Parkinson, to Mary E. Ollerton Parowan to, May Wright Sewall Eliot Maine, Mrs. [Eliza Stewart] Udall St. John’s at St. John’s [p. 307] {p. 250}

4 November 1909 • Thursday

Visit today and yesterday with Susa Sister Smith came and we talked over many things [p. 308] {p. 251}

5 November 1909 • Friday

Meeting today Annie came and we had a fairly good meeting adjourned and went to look at the [Bishop’s] building, Sister B. W. Smith went with Julina to Bee Hive and in the evening was the Nauvoo party at the Social Hall and I went alone wore my brown silk people were over-dressed many things have happened today– it is George Harris’ birthday, and it is Guy Fawkes day– Annie and I went to Franklin’s to dinner together [p. 309] {p. 252}

6 November 1909 • Saturday

Had a letter from Verona telling me of the death of Mrs. [Amelia R.] Hillard the children’s grandmother, [p. 310] {p. 253}

7 November 1909 • Sunday

Fast day and went to the Temple– President Winder presided there were 3. Apostles President of Seventy, Patriarch John Smith Angus M. Cannon Brother Madsen Francis M. Lyman John Henry Smith Heber J. Grant Seymour B. Young 3 of the Wells wives and Kate Wells [p. 311] {p. 254}

13 November 1909 • Saturday

President Jos. F. Smith’s birthday anniversary 71 years old. I sent him a book entitled Simplicitly Simplicity of course it was not much but it showed that I remembered him. I have great love and reverence for him, he is a very superior man and has a great personality. [p. 317] {p. 255}

22 November 1909 • Monday

Today the Reaper’s Social met in Room 567. Templeton Building– the last that will be held in this building as I am to move into the Bishop’s building on the opposite block where I had camped when coming to the valley and where my two eldest girls were born Isabel in a wagon Melvina in the first home I had in this City We had a good meeting and I was very sorry that Sister Julia [Jinks] Druce one of my dear friends was not present. These days are full of pain to me for many reasons, there seems to be a spirit of jealousy rampant among the younger sisters that is very apparent to me in feeling tho’ nothing is said and it oppresses me & hinders my work very much [p. 326] {p. 256}

23 November 1909 • Tuesday

Today Sister B. W. Smith came over to sign some orders and we talked of many things and I walked home with her but hurried back as I feel so worried over my affairs here getting ready to go over to the Bishop’s building and I am trying to write an article for the paper Des. News Christmas No. about the block across the way [p. 327] {p. 257}

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