January 1911


1 January

EBW and her counselors, Clarissa S. Williams and Julina L. Smith, were set apart for their callings in the Relief Society general presidency.

8 February

When the sego lily was being considered for the Utah state flower, EBW consulted with former Utah secretary of state James T. Hammond.

17 and 23 February

Parties were held in honor of EBW’s eighty-third birthday anniversary, including a musical and literary program in the Bishop’s Building.

27 March

A diary entry this day mentions EBW’s daughter Melvina Whitney Woods and granddaughter Daisie Dunford Allen, who visited in Salt Lake City from late March to early April. They appear to have stayed through the Relief Society conference.

5 April

EBW presided at her first general Relief Society conference. She greeted the sisters at the opening session on 5 April and spoke in the Saturday afternoon session on 8 April.

20–30 August

EBW made a trip to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to visit family. She stopped in La Grande, Oregon, on the return journey to attend a Relief Society conference.

11 January 1911 • Sunday

This is one of the days that I am really ill, almost the only one that I have ever been too sick to get up, I stayed in bed and finally Annie [Elizabeth Ann Wells Cannon] telephoned that I was to be at the Bee Hive at 5. p.m. and she would come and go with me– I dressed and we went were in good time, found Julina [Lambson Smith] waiting. Myself and Counselors were set apart near six o’clock I was first set apart & by President Joseph F. Smith, then Clarissa S. Williams First Couneslor by President Anthon H. Lund, then Julina L. Smith by President John Henry Smith. When it was over President Smith said to me– I will come and see you and make some suggestions that will be helpful. My blessing was very much better I think perhaps superior– I long to do some great work that promise <has been made> [p. 1] {p. 36}

2 January 1911 • Monday

I was still suffering from the cold and tried very hard to rest– had a peculiar dream [p. 2] {p. 37}

21 January 1911 • Saturday

Today we have a meeting of the <6> Stakes of Zion in Salt Lake Co.2 3 officers from each Stake and the Directors of the Woman’s Store3– and the affair was a very pleasant one and after it was over we had tables set in the small dining room and used the R.S.4 china & silver etc. and we asked L. L. [Louisa Lula] Greene Richards to ask the blessing and each of us spoke of Sister Eliza R. Snow– then we went into the reception room and sung the hymn O, my Father and Annie Wells Cannon offered the benediction and we all felt it had been a very enjoyable gathering. We are very glad of the example and memory of this great and valiant woman [p. 21] {p. 38}

26 January 1911 • Thursday

Today it is 37 years since Septimus Whitney Sears was born in the Sears Home in the 20th. Ward. Isabel [Whitney Sears] is in the Temple working and it has given me great satisfaction that she has been called to that beautiful glorious work, There are many remarkable things that transpire in our lives and this is one– and I thank my Father in heaven that even at this late date my prayers are answered in behalf of my eldest daughter [p. 26] {p. 39}

27 January 1911 • Friday

Today I have been to the R.S. Conference of the Ensign Stake where I spoke for 3. quarters of an hour– it is the 2nd Stake Conference I have attended since my election to the office of President– and I really feel the great responsibility resting upon me. It is a position of great magnitude and makes one feel how weak and incompetent one is to carry such honors with dignity and gain the esteem of the sisters who look to them for counsel and guidance in the work that there is to do in Zion. I felt the spirit of making known to them the things we had done in the past, and related some of the experiences. Annie was here when I returned. Emm [Emmeline Cannon] is here tonight with me [p. 27] {p. 40}

29 January 1911 • Sunday

Slept at home in my own room and had a fairly good night stayed in bed late to rest, read as usual in Psalms & other good books, wrote to the Governor of Utah Wm. [William] Spry. also to Mrs. Margaret Blaine [Walker] Salisbury and to Verona [Dunford Betts] and Louisa [Arbon] Gooch of Preston Idaho. [p. 29] {p. 41}

30 January 1911 • Monday

<A good letter from Mell [Melvina Whitney Woods] today> Came up from home to the Headquarters 10.30 and found several letters waiting– had callers Junius F. Wells Dr. E. R. [Ellis Reynolds] Shipp, Moroni Snow, Edna L. [Lambson] Smith & daughter Martha [Smith] E. Wesley Smith & others. Aggie [Agnes Stewart] Campbell Have written to Mrs. Julia E. [Rogers] Miller Parker Idaho, Martha S. [Simons] Kapple Payson Utah Mrs. [Maria] Ogilvie Gordon Aberdeen Scotland and prepared copy– read magazines and daily papers etc. and mailed 140 single wrappers. I am very weary– Emmeline Cannon has gone to the Colonial theatre with Jack Clawson– Cavendish [W. Cannon] has been helping me with the mailing some. No news from Mell today [p. 30] {p. 42}

31 January 1911 • Tuesday

Aunt Zina [Diantha Huntington Young]’s & Jane S. [Snyder] Richard’s birthdays– Sister Richards still alive– sent her a book The Mastro’s Friendship by J. R. Miller– colored pictures. Emily S. [Tanner] Richards is going up and will take it. [p. 31] {p. 43}

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