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September 1910

1 September 1910 • Thursday

I wanted this to be a very happy day for me and hoped I might do something worthy of my little boy my only son my boy baby, but things were not propitious, the Printers had been stupid over the make up for my paper and it had unnerved me and people came in whom I could not affiliate with and who were in fact repulsive to me– I had some letters that were pleasing and finally the day became so gloomy and dismal that I had to put on the electric light– then a woman telephoned me in great trouble who must go to the L.D.S. Hospital and I had to stop my own urgent work to look after immediate aid in her behalf. She is the daughter of an old friend who was at school with me and the case appealed to me strongly. I succeeded in part getting an arrangement that seemed to me satisfactory but was not so to her & therefore more must done– Cavendish came and did errands for me and I prepared my minutes for the meeting tomorrow [p. 244] {p. 199}

2 September 1910 • Friday

1Today had meeting [p. 245] {p. 104}

3 September 1910 • Saturday

The first meeting after adjournment Ida S. Dusenberry presiding, {p. 94}

5 September 1910 • Monday

2Came up about 2. P.M. & after being in the office a short time went out to get lunch met Joseph E. Taylor who told me he had been to see Sister B. W. Smith and blest her– does not think she can ever be active again but may live on, spoke of Geoge Albert Smith as in a critical condition I went up to M. & N. Sts.3 to hunt Mrs. [S.] Francelle Haskell but did not find any trace of her dwelling-place wrote a letter to my cousin Eleanor Rand Orcutt in Orange Mass. [p. 248] {p. 105}

7 September 1910 • Wednesday

Letter from Phebe Cousins [Couzins] asking for aid– wrote to Verona today had important Board meeting etc [p. 250] {p. 106}

8 September 1910 • Thursday

4Letter from Eliza Hall West Portage Utah Rec’d 1.00 on Bank Brigham City to pay for R.S. paper Arbon Onieda Co. Idaho call from Josiah E. Hickman Prof. & Sociologist etc leaves soon for New York or Germany, also Mr. Sturgiss of Washington D.C. [p. 251] {p. 107}

5This has been a good day. I had a sweet visit from Sister Martha [Stringfellow] Morris who sings so lovely and while she was with me Bishop C. W. Nibley came and we had an interesting conversation about his trip but more of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the days of Nauvoo– it seems very strange that he has taken such an interest in me, not having known me much in former times– [p. 251] {p. 200}

9 September 1910 • Friday

Another meeting talking of the preparations for Conference Ida S. Dusenberry presiding {p. 95}

6Today I hurried to get ready for the regular Board Meeting of the Relief Society and Ida came early and Emmeline was here to help mail the August paper, Clarissa came over in good time and there seemed a very good feeling generally, and <I> fussed over my minutes as usual. Col. [Samuel A.] Merritt is dead so some one came in and said died this morning early enough for the morning paper– Herald Republican and of course the other– [p. 252] {p. 201}

10 September 1910 • Saturday

7Letter to Flo Jamison Miller Burlington Wilmington Illinoiis about Ex. Session N.C.W.8 [p. 253] {p. 108}

9I have had very little sleep and went off just after 8. o’clock and begun work, many strange feelings came across my mind for it is a blessed anniversary the day in September when Emmie [Emma Whitney Wells] was born and so much that was joyous then and now to look back upon in her birth and life– about a quarter to three in the afternoon and it was Saturday as it is to day fifty seven years ago– times have changed since then so many things have transpired and my life has been such a full one, the day has been a long one for work Emmeline Cannon came and we went out to dine at the new Felt Building opposite the Post Office then she went home– Annie attended Col. Merritts funeral at Lyde Wells house– Rev. [Elmer I.] Goshen conducted service– Kate was there Rule & Mel– Dr. Young I had a call from Dr. Young Miss Kimball, News from Edna Smith about Temple for Isabel Annie came in when going home from the funeral and we talked some had a letter from Mrs. P. P. Jennings sumnering in Los Angeles. How many emotions this day has called up, impossible to tell on paper– wrote to Unity Chappell <Nephi> my Sister Adeline [Woodward Earl] <Los Angeles> Eliza J. [Jones] Dixon Payson [p. 253] {p. 202}

16 September 1910 • Friday

Another meeting of the Board {p. 96}

17 September 1910 • Saturday

10An invitation to attend the Salt Lake theatre to see the Spendthrift– from Alice K. Smith also Isabel & Susa Gates in my honor so said the hostess [p. 260] {p. 109}

19 September 1910 • Monday

This evening Sister [Georgina Cheshire] Haines and baby Winnie [Winifred Haines] came to to stay and wait on me

20 September 1910 • Tuesday

This morning at 10.15 Sister Bathsheba W. Smith passed away– I learned of her departure soon almost as I reached the office Clarissa Williams called me over the telephone & Julina soon after– sad, sad but joy for her to go and rest–

11Went to the office this morning and made inquiry of Julina and Clarissa’s daughter Georgie [Williams] no news of Sister [Bathsheba W. Smith] called up Dr. Wilcox same answer called up Margaret– at a few minutes later telephone from Bee Hive then Clarissa then Dr Wilcox– she passed away at 10.15. A.M. no particulars yet. [p. 263] {p. 110}

12This morning on reaching the office the first news was of the passing away of our dearly beloved President Bathsheba W. Smith, at 10.15. at her daughter’s home 1275 Browning Ave. how many recollections it brings up and how long ago it seems since I first saw her in Nauvoo, the last ties seem broken that were formed then, Sister Julina telephoned me later in the day to say that she had been brought to her own home and that I could go over and see her I took white roses with me her eldest grand-daughter was there <Mrs. David [R.] Allen [Leila Merrill Allen]> and was very gracious also a niece Sister Sarah [Lyons] Tucker and Maude [Merrill] Lloyd’s baby girl Leilia Leila [Merrill Lloyd]. I looked upon her so cold and still and felt she was at peace [p. 263] {p. 203}

21 September 1910 • Wednesday

I have seen my dear friend in death yesterday Leila Allen was at the house, I took over some white roses, seven they were very beautiful– I know she is happy with her beloved on the other side the vail– that comforts us– she knows now the change {p. 97}

22 September 1910 • Thursday

Conference at Panguitch {p. 98}

23 September 1910 • Friday

13To day was the regular meeting and as Sister I. S. Dusenberry did not come from Provo; it devolved upon me to preside– and Annie acted as Secretary pro tem. 14 were present and we had a fairly good meeting– as good as we could while our beloved President was lying dead in her home.

Isabel officiated in the Temple for one of our kindred– [p. 266] {p. 111}

24 September 1910 • Saturday

This would be Francelle’s Pomeroy [Robson]’s birthday she would be 65 years old if living; how strange it seems that so many of those I knew are gone behind the vail [p. 267] {p. 112}

25 September 1910 • Sunday

Sunday Sep. 25. Conference at Kanab

Funeral of President Bathsheba W. Smith in the large tabernacle and Pres. John Henry Smith invited me beforehand to be one of the speakers– and I did my very best and was heard

14To me a remarkable day, went early to the home of Sister Bathsheba W. Smith, she was in her beautiful robes of white and in a most elaborate casket, her numerous relatives the Smiths and a few of the Biglers were there and hosts of friends coming and going, flowers everywhere, and we walked to the Tabernacle and it looked grand her largest picture in oil hung on the great organ looked magnificent. [p. 268] {p. 113}

26 September 1910 • Monday

Today has been full of interest people calling[.] one dear old friend Marilla [Johnson] Daniels from Provo Lydia D. Alder Golden Kimball Margaret A. Caine John Q. Cannon Julia P. M. Farnsworth. Lizzie [Mary Elizabeth] Thomas Edward– & others besides <my own the Wells family>

27 September 1910 • Tuesday

Today is but a repetition of yesterday in regard to visitors, those who wished to ask about our late President there is not much to tell she did not wish to die but desired to live and be with us doing work as before {p. 99}

28 September 1910 • Wednesday

An important day for me the day we arrived in the valley– and came on to this very block– so strange I should be back here after 60 years– {p. 100}

15President Lund called on me this morning to urge me about the meeting, and prompt and full attendance [p. 271] {p. 114}

29 September 1910 • Thursday

16I had a message from the President’s office to call a meeting, finally a letter and I decided to send notices to every member of the Board which I did and notified them that there would be a meeting of the Board of Directors at the headquarters on Saturday at 10. A.M. at which President A. H. Lund and President John Henry Smith would be present and President Joseph F. Smith if he was well enough. The letters were forwarded by mail even to Sister Jane S. Richards. Of course it means a New Presidency and goodness knows who? [p. 272] {p. 204}

30 September 1910 • Friday

All day I have been in a state of anxiety wondering how it would be tomorrow– and what would be done– Questions from all quarters. [p. 273] {p. 205}

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