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October 1893

5 October 1893 • Thursday

Today attended Convention W.S.A.1 morning & afternoon. Mrs. Kimball resigned and I was elected President–2 I offered a Resolution that she be made Honorary President for her lifetime. which was unanimously carried. [p. 298] {p. 135}

6 October 1893 • Friday

Went to the opening of the Conference in the Tabernacle. It was a most effective meeting the speakers were Wilford Woodruff Geo. Q. Cannon and Lorenzo Snow in the morning. in the afternoon several of the Apostles. it was a very inspiring conference

In the evening the Young Ladies Conference was held in the Assembly Hall Mrs. Taylor presiding Aunt Zina and I sat together in the upper stand [p. 299] {p. 136}

7 October 1893 • Saturday

I staid all day in the office and did a lot of work. A few people from the country comparatively have come to the Conference [p. 300] {p. 137}

8 October 1893 • Sunday

Attended Conference all day– Geo. Q. Cannon and Pres. Woodruff both spoke in the morning. [p. 301] {p. 138}

15 October 1893 • Sunday

Went up to the office and did a little writing then went up to Bishop Whitney’s met Miss Babcock and her brother [W. Wayne Babcock] the young Doctor3 and Lucy Van Cott– [p. 308] {p. 139}

17 October 1893 • Tuesday

This morning Birdie [Teresa Clawson] Wells had a daughter4 born. Hebe [Heber M. Wells] is in Chicago Mrs C. E. [Caroline E. Woods] Dye called. She told me of the appreciation of our paper in Chicago– Mrs. Mary [Knight] Bassett came in to see me.

In the evening I went to the theatre with Mr. Sears to see the play “The Road to Ruin”– Mrs. John Drew & company. [p. 310] {p. 140}

18 October 1893 • Wednesday

Today spent mostly in writing letters and have had several callers. Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. [Maria Richards] Wilcox, Mrs. [Ann Dalton] Neal, Plain City, Mrs. Smith who wanted me to testify to her marriage on the 28th. of March 1874.–5 Mrs. England Plain City.

Belle Annie Lucile Mr. H. [Herman] H. Anderson the architect.

I am much behind with my work and am so weary all the time Edna Wells called[.] paper only just out for October lst. Mrs. E. S. Taylor called– [p. 311] {p. 141}

25 October 1893 • Wednesday

This is Vilate Groo [Taylor]’s birthday– she was born on the same day Vilate Kimball died– 1868 I received a letter of congatulation today from Mrs [Sarah Ann Sanderson] Boyer of Springville upon my election to Ter. Pres. of W.S.A. and asking me to come there and speak to them. [p. 318] {p. 142}

27 October 1893 • Friday

This morning rose early and went to the Temple donated one dollar.6 took the name of Mrs. Walter Wells.7 Saw Bishop John R. Winder married to Miss Maria Burnham also saw her receive her [two words redacted relating to a temple ordinance]– went to Emeline’s in the evening where the family assembled. exercises by some of the children prayer by Rulon S. Wells song Our Mountain Home So Dear by the children– Remniscences by several members of the family music by Frankie [Frances Wells Naylor] & Ruby [Naylor] I had of my family, Belle & four children Annie husband & five children making 13 of us. and absent of mine absent 11. 24 in all Dot read my poem October8 Refreshments were fine Hannah made an address. [p. 320] {p. 143}

31 October 1893 • Tuesday

This was a perfect day as to weather and I hurried my work to get ready for the evenings entertainment as it was Hallowe’en and election of officers, bought nuts and apples as well as the usual refreshments and in the meeting enjoyed myself very much– Miss Ada Patterson offered a Resolution making me an Honorary President for life of the Press Club– which was very gratefully accepted by me, as I have been instrumental in founding it and keeping it together ever since for two years. There were quite a number of the members present and we were very jolly and the new officers were elected without any objections and we dismissed in good time and got home and to bed as early as usual [p. 324] {p. 144}

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