November 1918

14 November 1918 • Thursday

Dr. Middleton came & took me for ride to Bountiful. The wind blew & made my eye which already pains me much worse. Katharine came in the evening & brought some dinner. I was talking in the Lobby with a gentleman from California.

I have lost the key & had to get a boy to open the door. Pres. Smith is still very ill. Spent most of day in office writing. [p. 318] {p. 140}

18 November 1918 • Monday

Clarissa & I went up to the Bee Hive house this morning Aunt Julina was resting & we did not see her but we went in the room to see the President I am much affected. Annie Annie & I were to go to Mrs. [Margaret Walker] Salisburys this afternoon but I feel to[o] bad about President Smiths condition to go any where Annie came up but of course we would1 not go because the Prest is dying I am very much affected. Susie [Gates] has been up and so has Jennie [Hyde] but they did not see the family. I did not go but June has kept me posted. [p. 322] {p. 141}

19 November 1918 • Tuesday

The Pres. died at 4.50 this morning. Clarissa & I went up to the Bee Hive House but Julina was resting and we did not see her. We went in however and saw the president. I am greatly grieved [p. 323] {p. 142}

21 November 1918 • Thursday

Nov. Thursday 21, 1918

I went up to the Bee Hive house to day to see the President. He looks very grand and beautiful in his lovely robes. I saw Julina and she said to tell Annie and Belle to come. Later Annie & Ida Dusenbury went and then Ida went again with Belle. Katharine stayed all night. [p. 324] {p. 143}

22 November 1918 • Friday

1918 Friday 22. Nov.

The morning was wet & stormy and very depressing for the people on this sol[e]mn occasion The funeral of Pres. Smith. I rode in the carriage with Sister Penrose, Clarissa, Ida. I did not get out at the cemetery because of the cold. Came back to the hotel Ida came also but did not stay Belle & I had dinner in the room Annie came in for a little while. The funeral was not at all satisfactory but the flowers were wonderful. and many people came. [p. 325] {p. 144}

Ida was in this morning but went back to Provo today. I had a number of callers. Annie, Emmie Brent Sister Davis and Sarah McClelland [p. 326] {p. 145}

23 November 1918 • Saturday

Ida was in this morning Went back to Provo later. This morning the Council of the Twelve met and organized the presidency Heber Grant as President with Anthon Lund 1st Coun. and C. W. Penrose 2nd Coun. the vacancy in the quorum was not filled. [p. 327] {p. 146}

24 November 1918 • Sunday

Abie [Hannah Wells] came for me about two o clock and took me down to my home to have dinner with Geo. Q and his family Jno. Q. & Annie were there. I went around the house a little and looked among some of my things. It makes me feel so bad to go over there that I do not do it very much. Abie brought me home about 6 o’clock. Katharine came up to stay with me. We had a lovely visit and a fine dinner. [p. 328] {p. 147}

26 November 1918 • Tuesday

I went over to the office then later went up to the Bee Hive to see Julina I had a nice visit with her then went over to Mary [Schwartz Smith]’s. where I had lunch she had all the children come in and asked me many questions about the prophet. Her son Samuel [S. Smith] bro’t me over to the office He was in uniform. Annie was there when I went back. Katharine stayed with me at night. [p. 330] {p. 148}

28 November 1918 • Thursday

Thanksgiving day and I went down to Em’s to dinner. Jack [John Q. Cannon Jr.] came up for me and I went down on the car but had a taxi to bring me back. Em had her father & mother & Jack and Teddy & Katharine We had turkey & plum pudding and other good things for dinner Jno Q. told me all about the blessing Pres. Smith gave him when he was set apart as editor of the “Des. News” Katharine came home with me and stayed all night. [p. 332] {p. 149}

29 November 1918 • Friday

Annie came in this afternoon on her way to Winifred [Smith Cannon]’s. It is her (Winifreds) birthday She is just recovering from her confinement.2 Mrs Geo. T. [B.] Wallace [Mary Jane Hodgert Wallace] came in to see me. Belle stayed with me at night Brent came in Hebie [Heber D.] Wells died this morning of influenza.3 His father is not here and can not come. The funeral will be Sunday. [p. 333] {p. 150}

30 November 1918 • Saturday

I went to the office and lunch at Z.C.M.I. While sitting in the lobby this evening Annie came in & brought a paper for Richard Lyman. Mrs Armstrong a musician of New York is staying at the hotel and seems very fond of visiting with me. Flod Whitney [Florence Whitney Dinwoodey] came also and they had a very interesting talk on music. Annie had been up to Ft Douglas to see Abram who is in the hospital. She did not see him Just learned to day of his illness. [p. 334] {p. 151}

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