March 1905

15 March 1905 • Sunday

Section 122. Temple meeting sung Glorious things are sung of Zion prayer A. H. Lund Thomas Callister of Fillmore Br. Winder read from Jos. Smithes [Smith’s] letter from Liberty jail, Br. Roberts read from the next section all about traitors2 Br. from Park City– Henry Tanner, We thank thee O, God for a prophet one unknown. Thom, Hull Walter Lyman Geo. H. Brimhall Zion stands with hills surrounded a strange brother Persis Young Richards prophecy Mary F. [Frances] Kelly {p. 19}

9 March 1905 • Thursday

Martha Spring Hill [Hall] Haven wife of Jesse Haven President

10 March 1905 • Friday

Jos. F. Smith A holy Angel from on high {p. 20}

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