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July 1877

21 July 1877 • Saturday

To Lyman Abbott a letter, [p. 92] {p. 55}

25 July 1877 • Wednesday

Lyman Abbott Woman’s Journal1

26 July 1877 • Thursday

There was a meeting in the Council House for organizing a Central Committee.2 [p. 93] {p. 56}

30 July 1877 • Monday

The Women of Mormondom arrived to-day from New York3

31 July 1877 • Tuesday

I went to


  1. [1]Woman’s Journal, a weekly periodical (1870–1917), was founded in Boston by Lucy Stone and her husband, Henry Blackwell, as an organ of the American Woman Suffrage Association. Other editors were Julia Ward Howe and Alice Stone Blackwell. (See Louis Filler, “Stone, Lucy,” in James et al., Notable American Women, 3:389; and Encyclopedia Britannica Online, s.v. “‘Woman’s Journal,’” accessed 3 Mar. 2020,

  2. [2]“Mutual Improvement. — On Thursday evening, a meeting of ladies was held, at the Council House, to take into consideration the advisability of organizing a Central Committee for young ladies’ improvement societies. About fifty ladies attended and President John W. Young and Elder George Q. Cannon were present.” (“Local and Other Matters,” Deseret News, 25 July 1877, 8.)

  3. [3]Edward W. Tullidge’s volume Women of Mormondom had been prepared with backing from Eliza R. Snow. Many Latter-day Saint women contributed sketches; EBW wrote an account of the life of Elizabeth Ann Smith Whitney. (EBW, Diary, 21 Jan. 1875, including footnote; see also Tullidge, Women of Mormondom.)