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August 1877

1 August 1877 • Wednesday

I went to the lake in company with Mrs [Priscilla Paul] Jennings and Staines1 took Annie had a nice bath and pleasant time [p. 95] {p. 57}

6 August 1877 • Monday

Today Rob [Robert W.] <Sloan> & Jo. [Joseph] Sharp started for Soda Springs [Idaho] for an out door trip to recuperate and enjoy themselves. Went about four in the afternoon

7 August 1877 • Tuesday

I was very busy all day preparing copy and writing letters, In the evening the girls all went to the theatre for Witches in Macbeth, [p. 97] {p. 58}

8 August 1877 • Wednesday

This was Aunt Rhoda Richards birthday and I had expected to be present but Em [Emeline Whitney Wells] was taken very ill and I only went up with mother2 and returned immediately. the Esq.3 and Rule [Rulon S. Wells] came and administerd to Emma4

9 August 1877 • Thursday

Louisa [Free Wells] and her family started for Big Cottonwood this morning [Helena] Fobes and Crandall have gone with her. they made a pleasant party. Mother my sister Lucy [Woodward Hewlings] and Lutie [Lucy Marie Fuller] went over to the Lake,5

10 August 1877 • Friday

At home <and in the office> all day writing and reading proof. I was more and more lonesome. Received a large number of letters. The girls all went to the Theatre [p. 98] {p. 59}

11 August 1877 • Saturday

Today Em. Lutie & Louie [Louise M. Wells] went to Big Cottonwood [Canyon], I have been fearfully nervous all the time at evening Hebe [Heber M. Wells] and Frank [Franklin D. Kimball] started upon horseback Rud [Rudger] Clawson spent the evening here. [p. 99] {p. 60}

29 August 1877 • Wednesday

President Young died to day– he is not so much mourned as one would imagine– John Taylor President of the Twelve Apostles takes precedence I am sure there is some dissatisfaction6 [p. 105] {p. 61}


  1. [1]Probably Lillias Lyon Staines.

  2. [2]Elizabeth Ann Smith Whitney.

  3. [3]In her diaries, EBW frequently refers to her husband, Daniel H. Wells, as “Esq.” or “the Esquire.”

  4. [4]Emeline Whitney Wells, daughter of Daniel H. Wells and EBW, was referred to as Emma, Em, or Emmie.

  5. [5]Lake Point, Utah Territory, on the shore of the Great Salt Lake. (“Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent, 15 Aug. 1877, 6:44.)

  6. [6]In the October 1861 general conference, President Brigham Young shifted the seniority of John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, placing Taylor before Woodruff in the quorum. President Young made the change after determining that seniority was to go by date of ordination and not by age. Young made a further succession change in June 1875 when he ruled that “seniority was now judged to be with those who had the longest continuous ministry in the Quorum from the date of ordination.” Thus John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and George A. Smith were placed before Orson Hyde and Orson Pratt, both of whom had been temporarily removed from the quorum years earlier. (Durham and Heath, Succession in the Church, 64–66, 74–76, italics in original.)