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November 1916

15 November 1916 • Wednesday

[Dau]ghters of Revolutin met at Jula [Julia] F. Lunds home pleasant time I was not well but h[a]d pleasant company and enjoyed it very much In the evening h[a]d a pleasant visit from Dr. Middletn [Middleton] & wife1 [a]nd spent the evening and it was very delighful– going over old tines [times] and talking of the Prophet Joseph [Smith] and Navoo [Nauvoo, Illinois] & so on. {p. 181}

16 November 1916 • Thursday

Today was Board Meeting and we had a long my nerves were nearly worn out so much “Ado ab[o]ut nothing– I an weary and [illegible] I am not at all rconeciled to the Election of a force of D[e]mocrats,2 and do not feel happy over it but must submit [illegible] not in accord with thngs {p. 182}

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