October 1916

16 October 1916 • Monday

Today is an anniversary long to be rm[e]mbered because of little Winnie [Winnifred Woods] who was an invalid all her life, never walked at all at all, how she sufferd none will ever know, we were fondly attached to her– times are very t[r]ying now and the world is tu[r]ned upsside down {p. 175}

17 October 1916 • Tuesday

Have been much depressed all day because Joseph Wells is very ill and we really do not know what the result1 will be but we are very anxious that he should be saved there are four Docctors in consultati[o]n about him but he is in the han◊ds of the Lord who doeth all things well & we mu[s]t submit {p. 176}

18 October 1916 • Wednesday

Th[i]s morning at about 3. A.N. Joseph S. Wells passed away– he was a very fine man and very dear to mee He always paiid me the greatest respeect and attention in fact he kn[e]w that his mother2 was fond of me we were clsose friends {p. 177}

19 October 1916 • Thursday

[W]e are having very f[i]ne weather every day sems b[r]ighter th[a]n the last I think it p[r]ophetic {p. 178}

29 October 1916 • Sunday

Today is the anniversary of niversary3 of the birthday of Daniel H. Wells– the family met at Rulom Wells home, but the evening was very dull on accouunt of the reecent death of Joseph S. Wells he was greatly beloved and ◊◊◊◊◊◊ly casting a gloom over the conpany deeply felt {p. 179}

30 October 1916 • Monday

I am very lonely for many reasons I cannot seem to th[r]ow off the feeling of last evening, I am desirouss of doing som[e] good by my growth in the position of Uttah hoping the election m[a]y be majorrity Rpubli[c]an but may think otherwisee and we seeem unable to determing as yet {p. 180}

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