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June 1916

1 June 1916 • Thursday

This is a remarkable day the one on which very notable p[e]ople were born especially Bigham [Brigham] Young alsso Junius F. Welles Our people have generlly celebrated this day but this year the family of this great man have undrtaken Temple work and this is mo[s]t noble work and will perhaps be of great benefit to themselves as well as Salvation to those who departed long ago {p. 150}

2 June 1916 • Friday

The birrthday of one of m◊y nieces Ellen’s eldest daughter Harriet Ellen Fullerr [Fuller] who married a Laney and lives at Luna New Mxico [Mexico]. She has been very faithful to her religion and ha◊s a very good family– It is a blessing to have one’s children do well and be truee to the faith {p. 151}

3 June 1916 • Saturday

This is a very beautiful day and not too warm and roses are in bloom everywhere and all is b◊◊t◊◊s and no trusst ◊◊◊◊ding in the way of politics– the selection of a Govenor is p[e]nding and we are wondering and in doubt whethr we shall have difficulty in getting one suiitabl[e] Our p[e]ople are not in the m[a]jority in the City but in the State th[e]y are yet being divided on the political question we m[a]y not win1 {p. 152}

4 June 1916 • Sunday

Daisie Deane Dunford [Allen] was born June 5, she is now very wonanly2 & has quite a depth of [c]haracter and is diplomatic and forrtun[a]te in reading character.3 It is a beautiful time of year and all the flowers and live things and animal life are more or less joyous all Naturre seems in its best dress and mood {p. 153}

7 June 1916 • Wednesday

I cane up frm Ems th[i]s morn[i]ng and the day was quite full of events and people Some from Nephi in whom I was much interested and yet I never can feel just right unless I could see enough to recogniez my old friends nwadays I am dwelling so much on the past and th[i]nkng of m[y] sorrows {p. 154}

8 June 1916 • Thursday

This morning felt very miserable but the excit[e]mnt of the Yo[u]ng M[e]n’s Conference made thngs lively on the Streeet and a[r]ound town and I felt in a way uplifted and light hearted and having so many from afar is always cha[r]ming and the day was fine {p. 155}

9 June 1916 • Friday

Friday {p. 156}

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