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March 1916

1 March 1916 • Wednesday

Seventy four yearrs in the Church is a long record1– Today I have not been well at all I have tried to rest & have not been very comfortable because I wanted to do certain things that were not vry easy to acomplish and there was not any one to help me Isabel went to the Temple and came in tired and went over some thing with me hop[e] to sleep {p. 93}

2 March 1916 • Thursday

Rose earlierr than yesterday had no sleep scarcely at all but in somewhat better spirits, meeting today very unpleasant, do not think there is much appreciation of efforts made in a spiritual sensse, all mchanical and in a very practical without the spirtiual side being considered {p. 94} my prayer is for the spiritual side of life to be cultivated

3 March 1916 • Friday

I went down to Emn. Martineau today– and she was glad I came– she seems siick and nervous and ought not to be left alone. I have not felt very well and very mucch troudled [troubled] in my mind over the meeting yestrday in regard to our mus[i]cal director2 and organist3 I had a lettr from Lillian [Clark] Ramsey has not answered all my questions {p. 95}

4 March 1916 • Saturday

Today has been in a way rather remarkable in having callerrs and frm University Professor Quigley and later mny others in fact rather unpleasant p[e]ople and I have been in more or less pain with my feet Cal [Clara Wells Hedges]– Will [William S.] Hedges came and several others had a number of presents and some very good h[a]d a pleasnt day {p. 96}

5 March 1916 • Sunday

Tday is Fast day in the Tenple Went to the Tenple this morning and bore my testimony Pres. [Anthon H.] Lund presided. He is very gracious and gentle in the extrene Went home with Joseeph and thn to aftrnoon servicce & h[a]d the sacrament Sister Jennings took me to Susan’s and had dinne[r] and went to 18th Ward to hear Prof Widstoe [John A. Widtsoe] {p. 97}

6 March 1916 • Monday

Went over early but did not feel well & could not st[a]nd my shoes on had strngers 2 ladiees first thing but a cmparatively good day– Isabel cam[e] and also Annie laterr a very cold night tonight, I am mroe comfortable thiis evening hope to sleep {p. 98}

7 March 1916 • Tuesday

The usu◊al routine of talk in the office and no special interest mnfest [manifest] all as usuual have no letters of amy [any] cnsequnce and no n[e]w events of [g]reat cnsequnce transpiring here but in lands over the sea war and bloodshed to make one’s heart ache and spread horror & desolation may Our Fat[he]r have {p. 99} mercy and spare his children in this gre[at] crissis we are all praying for ultmate peace

8 March 1916 • Wednesday

Went to Mrs. [Mary Ellen Richards] Webber’s parrty for her mother4 who is 90 years old very select company but not mny Mormons, almost all of outside people came home very weary and did not feel comfortable {p. 100}

9 March 1916 • Thursday

Tday meeeting and we h[a]d much confusion but pleasant after all– Committee on Confrence reported and altogether a tiresome day for me– I an not very w[e]ll and no appetitee to eat and Isabel is sicck and no one to help me in the officce making it diffcult for me {p. 101}

10 March 1916 • Friday

Felt very miseerable but went to the University in the aftrnon with Clarissa Williams and enjoyed it ve[r]y much met Mr. & Mrs. Feller very nice people Wisconsin– n[e]w comeers many of our own people Lucy Van Cott & Priscilla Riterr [Jennings Riter] came home weary Annie and we had a long talk very difficult couuld not sleeep {p. 102}

11 March 1916 • Saturday

5Today went to the Assmbly Hall, Ort [Orson F.] Whitney one of my own boys spoke very fine Gospel sermon, good musice met many friends, beautiful day went to Joseph [S.] Hyde’s by invitation h[a]d a dinner and good company spent the evening and came home in young Nibley’s6 Auto, no news from home {p. 103}

12 March 1916 • Sunday

I went to the Assembly Hall, Bishop. Whitny preached a Gospel sernon– it was the Salt Lake Stake Conference– went from there with Jos. Hyde to his home Sister Nibley came also we had a fine dinner and I cam[e] back with thm to the Hotel and felt quite well did not see anyone {p. 104}

13 March 1916 • Monday

Today went to the Receptin for Sister who was 90 years old today7– she is a finely preserved woman and has had a large family Her posterity is numeorus one hund[r]ed & seventeen Sister Jennngs [Jennings] took me for a ride aftrwards but I was not feeling well and was very glad to be out in the air– I have not been as well as usual of late I thn [think] my loneliness is m[o]re severre– also depressiom {p. 105}

14 March 1916 • Tuesday

I was not very well and only commnced a letter to Mell [Melvina Whitney Woods] did not finish it and had mny anoyances and hndrances and did not feel well h[a]d to listen to too mny ◊complaints but after all Zion has been good to me and has given many unexpected favors and blessimg Sister [Florence Alder] Schettler {p. 106} John Q. [Cannon] & Annie went to the Theatrre tonight instead of Monday

15 March 1916 • Wednesday

We had lunch at the Hotel Utah in honor of Mrs. Miller & her daughter Ruth there were present Rebecca Nibley Amy Lyman Jennie [Janette Acord] Hyde Mrs [Sarah Murphy] McLelland and [illegible] one or two more, she visiited the Hall of [illegible] and famous places {p. 107}

16 March 1916 • Thursday

It has been a very warm day and I have not felt well but am better this evening We held our regular meeting and in honor of the first Relieef Society organized on Marcch 17. 1842. We had a good spirit, We enjoyed it very much I felt better this evening and hope to rest {p. 108}

17 March 1916 • Friday

Went to Ensign Ward & spoke over an hour came home and went to Granite Stake wheree the Relief Society rendered a home-producti[o]n A Cantata– reprsenting the Reelief Society in all its phases and activities this was a great day but I bore up not so very well {p. 109}

18 March 1916 • Saturday

had a very severe cold but m[a]naged to keep up– many things are transpiring that seem to be in direcct opposiiton with ourr work and its tndencies to the growth and developmnt– was once being fostered by governmt and people even powrless to withstnd the pressurre {p. 110}

19 March 1916 • Sunday

I lay in bed late and went to the meeting in the Assnbly Hall. It was the Ensign Stake Conference and Br. Hart and President Smith were the speakers for a while Pres. Smith semed to forget hmself8 and enuciate great truths in wisdom. I had dnner at Susan’s & went to 20th. Ward {p. 111}

20 March 1916 • Monday

Dani[e]l’s wife Wimifred had a baby boy9 born last night 10.20. I am very glad for thm– my posterrity is increasing I shal soon be up with all the great tribe of mothrs I have many childrn grand childrn and greeat grand children10 I have much to be grateful for besides my own health & &c. {p. 112}

21 March 1916 • Tuesday

Yestrday I was not well h[a]d a long auto ride wth the Groesbeck’s11 and the wnd blew furiously Tday I have been more quiet alth[o]ugh I have been quiet yet I feel much better so many things come to ast[o]nish me no news from my own my letters rem[ai]n unanswered {p. 113}

22 March 1916 • Wednesday

Today I have not been well but Isabel came up which added to my comfort for she read to me and thn Sister [Leonora Taylor] Harrington came and we had some talk about her Stake12 Julina came and aftrwards Sisters Folger [Isabel Burton Foulger] and Barker from Ogden and later I went out n[e]ws of floods & famine the world in comotion Heaven spare us and give us peace {p. 114}

23 March 1916 • Thursday

I have not been very well and really very low spirited, there are some busy p[e]ople who do not mind being envious if not serious among wom[e]n as well as men however I must maintain my dignity I cannot stoop to notic[e] but I feel ourr meeting was very good takn as a whole and we consented or agreed to have the play repeated at Conference {p. 115} An original play presenting the Relief Society since the beginn[i]ng. Sister Lonora Harrngton [Leonora Harrington] conceived the idea and should have the crredit I see every day women who would give the credit of things to those who are not entitled to it but this will not start in the day of such caring {p. 116}

25 March 1916 • Saturday

Mrs. Priiscilla Jemnings birthday 78 years old, she looked very Quenlley [queenly] and was very elegantly dressed, her home is one of elegance but she held the reception in her daughter’s home Mrs. Riter the house built for Martha & Hannah Weells in years gone by and where we celebrated birthdays {p. 117}

26 March 1916 • Sunday

Went to meeeting in Assenbly hall and heard Anthony [W.] Ivins Bishop Nibley & Pres. Smith, very excellnt testmoniees John [A.] Silver’s funeral today, went to see Daniel & Winifred and n[e]w baby thn came back to Hotel and spnt the evening talking to strngers {p. 118}

27 March 1916 • Monday

Tday have been very miserable, wnt up to call on Sister Crismon whose husband13 is dead after three years of nurolysiss, Amy Lyman & Clarissa Williams al[s]o went It is very sad. Annie came up and we had supper together she went to the theaterr with John Q. {p. 119}

30 March 1916 • Thursday

Late in comng over. but had Boa[r]d meting in my private room because of cleaning parlor awful wind storm could scarcely get to the Hotel late but finally succeeded all is well and an[no]uncemnts made for Confrnce etc. etc. {p. 120}

31 March 1916 • Friday

<Concert [B.] Cecil Gates> not very well but wnt to 20th Wa[r]d Ensign Stake to a praty [party], had seat at head of table opposiite Pres. Smith and next to Joseph Wells and wife14 very pleasant entertainment came home very late and weary but very much plea[s]ed with all {p. 121}

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