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October 1914

1 October 1914 • Thursday

Today is our last meeting befor our Conference and there will be very much business m[u]ch was accomplished hda [had] Board Meeting I have no idea of the ressults of the songs of the [2 illegible words] tomorrow our Reilief Socieety Confernce tomorrw and I have been very weary today and Margaret Caine is here with mee tonight Ellis R. Shipp has called to visit [p. 274] {p. 203}

2 October 1914 • Friday

Relief Sociiety Conference began today four years sincce I was called to preside We had rather an extraordnry meeting, indeed I thnk it semed to be to all prsent, we had a very great deal of mussic and the best in the City I am weary to night very and feel cold the wind blows very hard [p. 275] {p. 204}

3 October 1914 • Saturday

Se[c]ond day of R.S. Conference Officers Meeeting up stairrs– aftrnoon closing meeting in Assmbly hall in the aftrnoon Our R.S. Conference closed today and the President Jos. F. Smith came and spoke to us for a short time. We were all very much gratified that he favored us with his pressence and shall neverr forget his words Went for a ride tonight with the Smith’s [p. 276] {p. 205}

4 October 1914 • Sunday

Slept here last night and went f[r]om here to th[e] October Confernce opning day, Pres. Joseph F. Smith opnd the morning session Solomon Hale made the Closing prayer, it was a wnderful sight to see the assenbled mulititude and not half scarcely could be seated in the Taberncle Dr. Penrose & husband and myself went to W. [William] N. Williams to dinner and after meeting we Dr. & I went to see Emeline and the[n] to S.S.1 Union Meeting [p. 277] {p. 206}

5 October 1914 • Monday

Went to Confernce and heard m[e]mbers of the Quorum of Apostles Rudger Clawson Geo. F. Richards O. F. Whiitny and Antony Ivins in th[e] aftrnoon Went to Penose’s to dinner in the aftnoon David O McKay and Joseph F. Smith Junior the meetings were all excellent but it sems to me that Prest. Smith was very weary I must read tonight [p. 278] {p. 207}

6 October 1914 • Tuesday

Today Coference closed with a few last words of President Jos. F. Smith in exhortation, many have spoken du[r]ing this Conference each of the Twelve Apostles except Hyrum M. Smith who is absent in Europe and Goe. [George] A. Smith who is not well. Much good advice has been given by the speakrs and the spirit of the Conference was very excellent, Tonght I went to a Concert given by the2 Sheppard boys3 who have been studying in Boston Dr. Penrose went with me, It has been a fu◊ll day of expriences [p. 279] {p. 208}

7 October 1914 • Wednesday

<much is p[e]nding today met mny people> Today Annie spoke before the Home Industry or Farm Ass’n on Home Culture & work at the State Fair4 I was there she did excellntly well, I was very proud of her I went to the Theatre with Pres. C. W. Pnrose and Romnia [Romania] and saw the play of Disraeli– many things going on Mo[r]mon Battalion. <[ink blot] Emm. today> [p. 280] {p. 209}

8 October 1914 • Thursday

<Zina Young Card slept here with me> Mny temple suits went out this morning, I went to see Emm. did not stay had Board meeting this afternoon, took Emm. Rose[s] today tw[o] white tw[o] red two pink– Isabel all day in the Tenple, much confusi[o]n– mny visitors Island women Ellen gave mee a handsome quilt This evening went to a dinne[r] in Hotel Utah– sat at Table with Pres. Smith and Julina also Bishop Nibly and wife 5 at our table Pres. Penrose and Dr. Young and tw[o] each– six heavy rain tonight [p. 281] {p. 210}

9 October 1914 • Friday

Today has been very pleasan[t]5 Katharine came and read to me and also Annie came and John Q. and went to the theater had rathr a [illegible] day and not inside fully but one cannot have all things as one would like, the war is raging and no signss of peace being restored Germany sems to have her own way, and we must all submit to the inevitable in this sense– sorrowful indeed are th[e]se days [p. 282] {p. 211}

10 October 1914 • Saturday

Went to see Emn and came home late thn went home later very weary, went to bed so[o]n some unpleasant things took place, in fact every day sems to bring unpleasant things[.] some are so aspiring and want the credit of all that is being done, no matter whose idea it was in the begining [p. 283] {p. 212}

11 October 1914 • Sunday

Arose in time to go to the Fast meeting in the Temple went with Jode Wells to dinner and to the 18th. Ward Sacrame[n]t Meeting in the aftrnoon thn down to Anniie’s and stayed until ten in the evening went home late h[a]d a severe cold but got home all right Ge. [George] Q. came to meet me, Pres. Smith was at Waterloo ward [p. 284] {p. 213}

12 October 1914 • Monday

Came up in good time found Isabel here, Letter from my brother Hiram and present from Verona stockings & gloves, Hiram th[i]nks m[a]y go to Panama exhibiti[o]n next year6 will pass th[r]ough here his hom[e] to Cihcago [Chicago] recently saw Aunt Lucy’s grand sons.7 Have had a very uncomfortable day my cold is very dsagreable battles in Gemany [Germany] are terrible to hear of [p. 285] {p. 214}

13 October 1914 • Tuesday

Have not been very well today have kept more quiet th[a]n usual how dsagreable to write here had a lettr f[r]om Br. Hiram and one or two more, went for a ride w[i]th the Lyman’s tonight Annie Louise and the boys were baptized today forn [for] many Wellss. [p. 286] {p. 215}

14 October 1914 • Wednesday

Today have not been well & have been low-spirited for some unknown reason Went to see Emm. stayed until after dinner, and on reaching the office found the U.W.P. Ass’n8 in sessson, Dr. Shipp came and we had a long interview, she is in low spirits and we had a good heart to heart talk the election is on and a bitter feeling between the two parties [p. 287] {p. 216}

15 October 1914 • Thursday

Today has been very busy Clarissa Julina and myself attnded the Governor’s office to confer with Mr [S. Poulterer] Morris who is heree representing the Red Cross we stayed for hours and came back to our own meeting in session much has been done today Margaret [Taylor] Goodman of St. David [Arizona] spent the evening heree with me Sister Taylor9 too [p. 288] {p. 217}

16 October 1914 • Friday

So much has been going on today and I went off to Wilford ward in Gran[i]te Stake to attend a special meeting of the Relief Socieety and th[e]n to Farmer’s Ward in the evening to a dancing parrty Magaret Caine with me to the party also Jennie Hyde [p. 289] {p. 218}

17 October 1914 • Saturday

Today Clarissa and myselff went to Levi Edgar Youngs to a party about 50 ladies had a good time went home late to sleep in my own bed [p. 290] {p. 219}

18 October 1914 • Sunday

Spent the entirre day with Sister Frances hade a pleasant time went to Emms in the evening home to sleep [p. 291] {p. 220}

19 October 1914 • Monday

A very unhapey day for me, so many changes in the rooms distress and annoy me beyond all reason and th[e] chnges are totally uncalled for and unessntial a very unhapy day perplexing and will spoil my t[e]mperam[e]nt [p. 292] {p. 221}

20 October 1914 • Tuesday

Jack Cannon’s birthday 13 years old also Ruby’s baaby10 has been really much bettr than yesterday went to lunchon to [illegible] Hotel on the ◊◊d Atwood came down to get money for Red Cross work Clarissa S. Williams Amy Lizzie S. Wilcox and Emily S. Richards four of us, thn went to meet Reed Snoot [Smoot] coming from Washington have had quite a day of days– [p. 293] {p. 222}

21 October 1914 • Wednesday

This morning at five a daughter11 was borrn to Lynan [Lyman] R. & Emmeline Martinau it is not a large child but seemingly well and mothr doing very well indeed so far must write to Mell & tell her– [p. 294] {p. 223}

22 October 1914 • Thursday

Today have been vry busy and could not have a meeting, so much doing recepton to S[e]nator Snot [Smoot] Ida came from Provo I went over with Amy Lyman and her husband hade a fine recepton many people I kn[e]w was very late coming homee Amy came up stairs with me and I soon after went to bed– [p. 295] {p. 224}

23 October 1914 • Friday

Felt very miserable this morning and went down to see Emm. and the n[e]w baby girl she is very well indeed and baby too– went to Recepton at Hotel Utah an imm[e]nse crowd of represntative wom[e]n– feel unusually lonely snt for Ellis R. Shipp to come [p. 296] {p. 225}

24 October 1914 • Saturday

Went to Silver party of Granite Stake at Bishop’s Woodruff home, she is Pres. of R.S. Waterloo Ward Clarisa Williams took me in her buggy <Auto> games were played I wnt home about 9. P.M. slept in my own room [p. 297] {p. 226}

25 October 1914 • Sunday

Went to dinner at Susa Y. Gates thn to the Tabenacle thn to see Louise and then with her to Stak[e] Confernce in Poineer Stake hall Annie was there thn went home to bed– [p. 298] {p. 227}

26 October 1914 • Monday

This morning came in great time to the office– heard Albert Wells had arived from Mihcigan [Michigan] to attnd the birthday anniversary of his fathr one hunded years tomorrow I went down to see Em. took her a baby book quite expnsive one Annie’s poem is fine [p. 299] {p. 228}

27 October 1914 • Tuesday

Went to see Emm today knowing I could not see her again until after the birthday She sems very happy, Mr. Martneau was there the fathr I have been very much disturbed but feel all will be better soon Isabel came a little while [p. 300] {p. 229}

28 October 1914 • Wednesday

<went to see Emm today> This moning at eleven some of the family went up to th[e] grave yard, I went in the Culmer Auto with Susan H. Wells, met Albert [E. Wells] at the grave yard– was much impressd with his appearance he gave mee a message fron Catherine Thonton [Wallin Thornton] [p. 301] {p. 230}

29 October 1914 • Thursday

Called on the President this morning– and received favorable answer to qustions also on Bishop C. W. Nibley– meeting held today much business transacted Susa & Jennie have gone to American Fork to speak on politiics– everything points to a [illegible] between R.S. & Y.L.12 [p. 302] {p. 231}

30 October 1914 • Friday

I wnt down to see Emm and felt very unhappy was not very well in fact have been quite miserable for sometimee Have had a severe cold for some days and do not feel as well as usual– there are so many unpleasant things that transpire that one can scarcely decide which is best to do. [p. 303] {p. 232}

31 October 1914 • Saturday

Today we have had many callers and some unpleasant things to me[e]t and face Susa has made feelings among the sisters who have been in the habit of meeting here and who feel aggrieved when not privileged to do so my feeling is in their behalf13 [p. 304] {p. 233}

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