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September 1914

1 September 1914 • Tuesday

<my baby boy Eugene [H. Harris] would have been Sventy today> Rather a gloomy day very low-spirited and gloomy. We have not had a meeting lately the war in Germany is indeed terrifying so many slain1 and women and children left to want and hunger everything at home is all right except what anxieety there is for thosse abroad [p. 244] {p. 173}

2 September 1914 • Wednesday

It has been a fine day I wnt to the Bee Hive and saw the President’s cousin, She is half Indian, her grandfathr was brother to Lucy Mack [Smith] and married an Indian woman I thnk Her name is Adele James she looks very intelligent I took Jennie Hyde and Magaret [Margaret Mitchell] Caine to the Hotel Utah to supper the scene from the Roof2 garden was very enchanting & uplifting [p. 245] {p. 174}

3 September 1914 • Thursday

Today has been opprssively warm meeting of the General Boa[r]d very successful– have a little relieef from pain very lonely however and the war maeks us all sad such havoce among the people in Europe. One can scarcely feel cheerful– we musst be prayerful and make every effort in our power for peace. [p. 246] {p. 175}

4 September 1914 • Friday

<Letter from Emm this morming> This moning felt better although I had a bad night, early p[e]ople came and confusion reigned. Nowadays there is more or less disturbance in the street and elsewhere news of the war is heart-rending, ship sails with over one-hundred nurses to care for the wounded soldiers, I would love to go if I were young, thesee ar days of great events. [p. 247] {p. 176}

5 September 1914 • Saturday

The war news is very trying and so many Anericans are in Europe in the w[a]r Zone that we here so far away from it feel uncomfortable to say the least, but we know the Lord will rule and over-rule everything in his own way and time for the best good of all in this day and age of the world I have had a very tyring [trying] day not much done [p. 248] {p. 177}

6 September 1914 • Sunday

This morning rose in good time and went to the Temple Fast Meeting went home with Mrs. Jennings President Jos. F. Smith spoke very much to the point in rega[r]d to the wars. Pres. Lund was the first speaker June Wells also said a few words about his visit East. Attended Fast meeting in the 18th. Ward and went over to see Aunt Susan[.] Kate and I went to 20th Ward to hear Reuben Clark on the war causes as it appeared to him [p. 249] {p. 178}

7 September 1914 • Monday

This moning came late to the Buiilding went to Susiee’s party for the Board and had an excellent time, Julina came also Amy Lyman Emily S. Richards Rebecca Nibley Sarah McLelland Edna May Davis Carrie S. Thomas Alice Horne and a few others also Josephine Burton Mrs. Gates explaind about the Qu[i]nqu[e]nnial more than before went to wedding [p. 250] {p. 179}

8 September 1914 • Tuesday

<Went to Florence Holbook [Holbrook]s wedding> Last evening attnded Florence Holbrooks wedding reception3 The day is over Ort [Orson F. Whitney] is home and has been in to see me twice today He has secured a f[e]w names for Issabel to do work for in the Tenple He sems in excellent spirits, had a letter from Veona [Verona] today have had mny visitors today– not much real work done [p. 251] {p. 180}

9 September 1914 • Wednesday

<Wnt to Rhea [Rebecca] Miners wedding reception at Sister Empeys also Annie> This is the birthday of some great women the war is still in progress, the Crown Prince & Emperor of Germany and Hungary is ma[i]ntainig war at the risk of many thousands of lives, it is a mosst cruel and inhunan war without sense and without reason totally unnecessray and at the risk of hum[a]n life [p. 252] {p. 181}

10 September 1914 • Thursday

<Gave Jenni Hyde supper on the Roof Garden Hotel Utah> The birthdy of my darling Emm. who died in 1878. and who was such a beautiful characcter that she was mournd by thousands She can never be forgotten her memory is still fresh in the hearrts of her friends I have been very active today our meeting was quite spiritual to what it is gnrally and we all [illegible] trying it very much. I am greatly troubled about my eyes, but still hope the effect was only tmporary [p. 253] {p. 182}

11 September 1914 • Friday

Katharine has gone to visit Emm. at Riverside Farm I wnt to the depot with her, finshd my article for the Young Ladie’s Journal,4 hope it will be be worth while. John Q. will go over it for mee, he is an excellent critic, have had a very unpleasant day Budd [Horace G.] Whitney toolk me for a ride also my Isabel & Jennie Hyde, very pleasant [p. 254] {p. 183}

12 September 1914 • Saturday

Opend to 65th Psalm 12 & 13 verses

Went to Susa Gates party had a pleasant time Sister McDonald tool [took] me home and pickd up my thngs and wnt to my ow[n] house to sleep, I was very weary but managed to get into bed, did not sleep. warm weathr very cold and disagreable, Ge[o]. Q. read to me a little while [p. 255] {p. 184}

13 September 1914 • Sunday

I sslept late went to the Tabenacle, Levi Edgar Young and Harold Driggs were the speakers wnt home with Daniel and had dinner with the family Annie went to the 32nd Ward to reorganize a Relief Socieety I stayed until she came bak & Louise and all her family were there came home all right and went to bed dirrect [p. 256] {p. 185}

14 September 1914 • Monday

Was quite nervous but caught the train and wnt to Bnson [Benson] to visit Emmie[.] Jennie Hyde and myself went to See Emn. at the Martneau Farm in Benson Utah, we had a pleasant trip and were very happy to see our b[e]loved child and the fine home and all its appurtnance, etc. Mr. M. was very kind and courteous and we had a restful evening [p. 257] {p. 186}

15 September 1914 • Tuesday

We both wanderd about but rain came and we had to stay in doors, but enjoyed the talk, Mr. M. is a rigid D[e]mocrat and she Mrs. Hyde is a strong Repub◊lican, so am I but do not arguee with D[e]mo[c]rats it is all nonsensee, had a pleasant evening [p. 258] {p. 187}

16 September 1914 • Wednesday

Weather is fine and the place is very beautiful, we w[a]ndered over the g[r]ounds and Jennie also helped Emm. with her sewing As for me I sinply admired everything Mr. M. did not m[e]ntion upon politiccs and the day passed off beautifully in every respect. It is a peaceful place as weell as beautiful [p. 259] {p. 188}

17 September 1914 • Thursday

This morning we left early to take train for home, as it is our regular meeting of the General Board of R.S. very warm on the cars camee direct homee and Jennie also went to her home, she did not come to meeeting [p. 260] {p. 189}

18 September 1914 • Friday

All day we were going here and there and thn we had an inportant engagemnt to keep and dressed and made the call and found all very satsfactory the 18th of Sep is an important day in my history and is like mny other days a reminder of sad and melancholy rem[e]mbrances– But let me not [illegible] to thsee, as life goes on there is much of good [p. 261] {p. 190}

19 September 1914 • Saturday

Today is the opning of t[h]e Cafeateria in the Social Hall– Isabel and Anmie and myself were all there I sat at the table with President Jos. F. Smith and President Anton H. Lund, afterwards I went down to the Convalescent home for invalids opend by Mrs. Tobiasson5 [p. 262] {p. 191}

20 September 1914 • Sunday

<Went to Chu[r]ch heard M[r]s. Harper> Today we are having numerous things going on and many people are bcoming interested in [ne]w schemes and especially in making mon[e]y Connercialism seems to be uppermost in the minds of mny of our own people may be they feeel theirr salvation is s[e]cured I am not very well [p. 263] {p. 192}

21 September 1914 • Monday

Have not had a vry good night and am not very well Isabel was late and I had important letters one from Mrs. Barrtt [Barrett] in Washington but now at Cape Heny [Henry] in Virginia Annie came up and went to the theatre with [blank] I am here alome and not at all well. [p. 264] {p. 193}

22 September 1914 • Tuesday

A much colder day htan yesterday Clarissa Williams took me and f[o]ur others to have lunch at the n[e]w cafateria in the old Social hall to have lunch Maud May Babcok [Babcock] is trying to make it a success I think she will succed for she is very persevering and I hope she will succed for it is a good enterprise and diservess patronage [p. 265] {p. 194}

23 September 1914 • Wednesday

Tody did not feel very well, but dressd and went to see Emm at Matneau [Martineau] Housse at Emerson Ward Logan Ave. had lunch there and visited with Emm. she sems very happy and satisfied and hterefore we all should consider her happin[e]ss of the first consequnce I have not accomplishd any real work tod[a]y much as I desird to do so– no letter written to any one none received [p. 266] {p. 195}

24 September 1914 • Thursday

At our General Boa[r]d Meeting today, mny things were done hurtful to me.6 I can scarceely imagine how I sat under the ignominy heaped upon me, but I am sure th[e] Lord sustained me. and I shall eventually come off victorious that has been revealed to me and made ma[n]ifest Sister Jennings tool [took] me for a ride when meeting adjournd Julina was her[e] this even[i]ng [p. 267] {p. 196}

25 September 1914 • Friday

It has been a most unpleasant day here as I am continually annoyed with younger women who are over-anxious to rise in the estination of th[e] public eye, and do not care whom they ingore to build up their own [illegible] the public their views are all question [p. 268] {p. 197}

26 September 1914 • Saturday

Today has been a rather disagreeable and no particular good n[e]ws all the n[e]ws is grievous to humanity. I do not know what Presidnt Smith thinks but he must feel it ke[e]nly is my impression it is almost unbelievable Bishop Spulding [Franklin S. Spaulding] of the Epscopal Chu[r]ch [p. 269] {p. 198} has been kiilled by an auto accident

27 September 1914 • Sunday

Today I Stayed in bed late but drssed and went to the Taberna[c]le Hyrum G. Smith the Patriarch spoke and also Bishop O. F. Whitney– the last speakr was the speakr in 18th. Ward in the evening [p. 270] {p. 199}

28 September 1914 • Monday

Came up in good time Isabel came on the same car. no mail worth while I have not felt well today went to the theatre this evning wi[t]h Mrs. Wood rich widow– etc etc Am[e]rican theatere w[r]ote a letter to Meell. [p. 271] {p. 200}

29 September 1914 • Tuesday

<have faced some trying thngs today had some people hene [here] no idea of right and wrong7> Just one year ago tonight was the eve before Emm’s wedding how we looked forwad to the day for her all was anxiety, and anticipation n[o]w we are looking for somthing quite as important, she is very brave and seems in a way unconce[r]ned she knows not what she has to face, May Our Fathr in heaven deal gentily with her, I went to Mrs. W. W. Riter’s today with her mother8 in her auto. [p. 272] {p. 201}

30 September 1914 • Wednesday

Today I was called by My dear boy Orson F. Whitny to listen to his reading of parts of his poem Elias and it was very pleasant to think he likd my ideas and opinions on wording of a poem he is very critical about his own work and revisees it over & over I went to see Emm. spent the evening came home late and am alone [p. 273] {p. 202}

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