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July 1910

1 July 1910 • Friday

1This has been a memorable day, meeting of the Board & the President B. W. Smith too ill to attend and luncheon for R. B. Penrose just home from Europe and twelve only were present but that is a majority Ida S. Dusenberry Emmeline B. Wells Romania B. Penrose <Guest of Honor> Julina L. Smith Emily S. Richards Annie Wells Cannon Priscilla P. Jennings Harriet B. Harker Minnie Horne James Rebecca N. Nibley. Sister Jennings toast mistresss.

The same evening a reception was given by <Mr. &> Mrs. Gates for the great singer in Israel Emma Lucy Gates in the Social Hall and I attended had a pleasant time [p. 182] {p. 77}

2This was meeting day and our President not able to come seemed very sad although we had Sister Romania B. Penrose with us and that took away some of the gloom or sadness, she spoke of her work abroad and how happy she felt to be with us again more than she could make us understand in words, she has had great opportunities while away– in being associated with the President of the mission one well-versed in Scripture and in the priesthood and possessing the Apostleship, all our sisters do not appreciate these privileges as she does. I realize more and more what opportunities I had in my young life of that kind, in the society of Bishop Newel K. Whitney & Brigham Young & Heber C. Kimball and others of the foremost men of the Church as well as women whose names stand for good works on the rolls <of> fame– chosen of God in these latter days to fill important positions and whose destiny is to be waymarks for others to follow. At the close of our meeting I was requested to dismiss, and I prayed with all the fervor of my soul for our beloved President who was so ill she could not come. Then we had luncheon in the room where we keep our china, linen, silver & cutlery. We had an enjoyable hour or more & then dispersed [p. 182] {p. 172}

3 July 1910 • Sunday

I had been out very late but was up early and made Violet get me something warm before going to the Temple meeting, the day was glorious and the ladies on the car were very gracious to me Sister Naomi [Butterworth] Woodruff and Julia Woolley and Julia Brixon [Brixen], the meeting was very good President Smith presided Sister Rhoda Lyman and Junius sat with me and Lucy Walker Kimball and her two daughters one each side of her had the seat allotted to the three who preside in the Temple Mrs. Lydia [Kimball] Loughery and Mrs. Anna [Kimball] Knox Susa Gates daughter Emma Lucy [Gates] sang a solo in the Temple very beautifully. Charles W. Penrose was there and spoke very interestingly of his mission abroad and of the interest manifested by many noted <people> and strangers coming to listen to the preaching, there are surely some of the great people of the world that will yet hear and yield to the influence of the power of the Gospel President Smith spoke with great power and we were not aware nor had we any idea he was abou◊t to leave home and cross the mighty deep. [p. 183] {p. 173}

4 July 1910 • Monday

At 5. A.M. today a son3 was born to George Q. and Ruby Cannon at Murray Salt Lake Co. Utah, the n[e]ws was rather startling as it was not expected so soon however all is well President Joseph F. Smith and wife Mary and Presiding Bishop Charles W. Nibley and wife Julia [Budge Nibley] with two daughters left on the midnight train for Europe via New York, it is expected they will visit all the missions of the Church in Great Britain Ireland and the continent. It will be a great blessing to the people of the Church. They also expect to go to the land of the Midnight sun.4 [p. 184] {p. 174}

11 July 1910 • Monday

5Have written to Ida S. Dusenberry– sent order to Tessie [Clarissa Williams] Van Law have had Apostles C. W. Penrose and O. F. Whitney visitors also Br. Fahlon [William H. Folland] literary books etc Dr. E. R. Shipp came to see me brought me roses & other flowers– Cavendish has been and Brother W. C. Spence Went over to see Sister B. W. Smith this evening– she was fast asleep– [p. 192] {p. 79}

6Many of these days are much alike yet in the office there is more or less variety people coming and going and asking questions and now the anxiety in regard to our President dear Aunt Bathsheba as she is called although she does not like the title any more than Sister Eliza R. Snow did. [p. 192] {p. 175}

12 July 1910 • Tuesday

Today the baby is eight days old and the family thought about a name for the new grandson– and my great grand son though I really could not go away down there that would be too much for me I think– after John Q. went home from the office Annie and John Q. went down and blest and named George Q’s boy the second one Woodward Derr [Cannon]– of course it really is in honor of me and I am delighted to know they have so much affection for me, I hope he may live and do honor to us all Kate Tannett [Catherine Tannatt] Woods who once visited me in this house died today no particulars given, she was at her son’s home in Buffalo New York Dr. P. [Prince] L. Woods, she was a brilliant person and wrote many books many of them for children, she lived in Salem Mass. and had done much for Massachusetts women. Kate Tannett Woods was the wife of Col. G. [George] H. Woods who served thru the Civil War. on General Sheridan’s staff and Mrs. Woods spent much of her time as an army nurse [p. 193] {p. 176}

14 July 1910 • Thursday

I went over to see President Bathsheba W. Smith today and found some unsatisfactory conditions, however there was not much change except I think she manifests more weakness of mind– I had several hindrances about getting ready to go to Mrs. Emilia Maeser’s. Margaret came and also Cavendish and finally I sent off my proofs and dressed– Kate Wells came to go down with me and at last we started. It had sprinkled some but we ventured out rode in Mrs. Rich carriage to 2nd. South then took Wandamere car to Forestdale meeting house and walked over– found Sister Hattie [Harriet] Jones Morris Pickett, Camilla C. [Mieth] Cobb and Mrs. Richard [Sarah Steel] Chamberlain had already arrived– we had a pleasant afternoon, conversing and looking at beautiful pictures etc. and listening to Mrs. Maeser’s exquisite playing, some songs by Camilla and a delicious dinner, finely cooked– had pleasant converse at table and some merriment over tea-cups.7 [p. 195] {p. 177}

15 July 1910 • Friday

8Sent letter to Nellie Becraft Ogden Utah [p. 196] {p. 80}

16 July 1910 • Saturday

Wrote letters to Pearl M. [Muir] Brough Randolph Utah Mrs. E. L. S. [Eliza Stewart] Udall Hunt or St. John’s Arizona,9 and to Sophia McFarlane Cleveland Utah, sent 5 copies May No. Woman’s Exponent to Clarissa S. Williams Ocean Park Cal.10 [p. 197] {p. 81}

17 July 1910 • Sunday

11I was at home all day until about 3, or 4. P.M. then I went up to see Sister Bathsheba W. Smith and stayed about an hour before Clarence [Merrill] and May [Merrill] Fisher and baby12 went and then I went in and sat by the bed and Sister Bathsheba Merrill and myself and we had quite a conversation together about young Joseph who of course is old now and Emma and Sister Smith told over the same story of what she said to Elder [Edmund C.] Briggs the Josephite preacher and she seemed very natural, but I do not think it is quite safe for Bathsheba to stay all night alone with her mother, for if anything should happen it would be a source of anxiety and we should all wish we had been nearer to her– however I have no regrets about neglecting Sister Smith for I never have and that I know, I have been faithful to her interests even more than to my own and have accorded to her all honor and shall while she lives. [p. 198] {p. 178}

18 July 1910 • Monday

13sent Receipt to Wealthy R. [Richards] Clark Farmington Utah

Presented Book on Friendship to Primary President Louie B. Felt [p. 199] {p. 82}

14It is exceedingly hot weather Sister Farnsworth has been in to see me and talk over matters and Julina has been with the carriage to take me to see her Aunt Bathsheba [p. 199] {p. 179}

19 July 1910 • Tuesday

15Mrs. Flo Jamison Miller Wilmington <Ill.> Lulu J. [Hatch] Smith Snowflake Arizona Phebe Y. Beatie at Morgan Utah Sister J. P. M. Farnsworth came and reported trip to Beaver & Parowan <Stakes> Miranda Bennett Fillmore [p. 200] {p. 83}

16Today is very hot and almost unbearable Sister Elizabeth S. Wilcox came and Wealthy Richards Clark who plied me with questions, and others have been in to make inquiries and talk of the missions [p. 200] {p. 180}

20 July 1910 • Wednesday

This morning hurried up to the office and soon after Julina Smith came in her carriage and invited me to go to see Sister B. W. Smith of course I was glad, [p. 201] {p. 181}

22 July 1910 • Friday

17Today went in the carriage with Julina to see our President Bathsheba W. Smith, she is very weak and may not be here long. she knew me and said it is Emmeline and then said she was so tired, that she had been to a meeting yesterday and was very tired afterwards talked incoherently, her speech or articulation seems somewhat affected. It is very distressing to think of her leaving me, having been so closely associated with her so many years. I am depressed over it yet not cast down because she will be much better off will be with her husband18 & her son, her only one George A. Jr. [p. 203] {p. 84}

23 July 1910 • Saturday

19This morning went up early, not much, mail and heard Sister B. W. Smith was mu◊ch the same still sleepy– and hungry when awake, went on with my work Miss Olive Ferrell brought the book “A New Century of Poets” she is a teacher from Missouri John M. Cannon came and we went over the legal documents of the Incorporation of the Relief Society, he assured me I was right. [p. 204] {p. 182}

24 July 1910 • Sunday

This morning I went early to the 20th. Ward meeting house to speak to the Sunday School having been invited by Heber [G.] Richards son of Levi [W. Richards] & Lulu [Lula Greene] Richards and I was very pleased to have the privilege, I was quite early so went in to see Sister Susan H. Wells found Kate had gone up to Brighton for an outing; invited be [by] Evie [Evelyn Young] Davis, I am glad she had chance to go; then in the Sunday School services had the sacrament & fine singing and Bishop [George] Romney addressed the children he has been on a trip to California, and only just returned home– the S. School divided in departments and we went up stairs in the room with Parents and Theological classes and I spoke 35. minutes then went down into the large meeting house proper and I spoke again to the school proper. <15 minutes> After meeting went over to Joseph S. Wells and had dinner wth Jos. S., Alice [F. Wells], Harmon [Hermon J. Wells], and Richard [H. Wells], and Grace Grant Evans, a good dinner, then had a long talk with Jode. and came home to read and rest if possible. I am too weary to relax and reading is the only sort of restorative. My beloved friend Bathsheba W. Smith is lying very low– today is five weeks since she was stricken down. [p. 205] {p. 183}

25 July 1910 • Monday

<wrote to Mary J. Herrman & Hannah M. [Child] Russell in Canada> This morning hurried off to Wandamere to the celebration of the 24th. of July, as it had came on Sunday and therefore had to be postponed until Monday– Senator Reed Smoot was the orator of the day, President Anthon H. Lund made the opening prayer– then musical selections by the band then song patriotic– Senator Smoot read the new Poem by Bishop O. F. Whitney entitled “The Pioneerrs” “Utah We Love Thee” was rendered in fine voice by Charles Pike and the Tabernacle choir gave a fine selection– with a splendid chorus of voices. There was much to inspire the audience, and the gathering was a great success altogether. The banquet was also a very excellent one in variety and in every other respect– President Anthon H. Lund at the head of the table where I was a guest John Henry Smith (2nd President or Counselor to President Jos. F. Smith then Senator Reed Smoot (also an Apostle) and on the left of Pres. Lund Mrs. Reed [Alpha Eldredge] Smoot and next myself opposite the Senator, Emma S. Woodruff next me and John Smith the Patriarch next to her, others lower down the table were Sarah [Gleason] Phelps one and of the invited guests etc. I came home to read and write and try to rest but could not being so very weary and the heat excessive, telephoned Belle & Annie, heard from Sister B. W. Smith through John Henry Smith. [p. 206] {p. 184}

26 July 1910 • Tuesday

This morning I have heard direct from our beloved President that she remains much the same sleeping a great deal and eating fairly well, does not believe she is in her own house and wants to go home– it seems very wearisome; but perhaps she does not realize it all, and if so that is good, because it grieves us all to have her unhappy– she has been a busy woman always, active in all the pursuits of life, that have come into her her <own> sphere. Eunice Billings Warner Snow and her daughter Vilate [Snow Hawley] came to see me today, and we talked much of Nauvoo, and the journey, and the people that are left; now, so <very> few <remain> of those we knew in those days when we were young and life before us. I had a very important letter from Sister Ellen [Woodward Fuller] with itens about Nauvoo, and Mother’s life and how she longed to get to me– another long letter from Mell saying she had hurt herself and it seems kind of a serious matter– Nymphas [C.] Murdock of Charleston a pioneer of 1847. tho only a boy then came for two or three hours talked of Nauvoo and his remembrances and Ort Whitny and B. H. Roberts and Golden Kimball were all here besides others <among them> Apostle C. W. Penrose [p. 207] {p. 185}

27 July 1910 • Wednesday

As usual of late went off early and found mail and lots of work waiting, have finished sending off the circular letters about the Nurse class being discontinued, had a number of letters today and many callers. Annie W. Cannon and Hattie B. Harker went to the Alpine Stake Relief Society Conference I have had many <unpleasant> callers <who had doleful tales to tell> A very sweet letter from Mrs. Adeline [Slade] Fitz Regent of the D.R. General Society, proving who made the stronger impression upon her when she visited Utah. She is a Massachusetts woman with much of the Bostonian air about her but is English descent on one side scarcely a generation back as I recall it. The day has been extremely hot according to the Thermometer [p. 208] {p. 186}

28 July 1910 • Thursday

20The twins birthday21 came for me in a surrey and had dinner there and spent the evening in the parlor they were very happy with all their new things and many pleasant compliments {p. 90}

22The twins birthday came for me in a surrey and I went down to dinner and had a pleasant evening in the parlor enjoyed it very much stayed all night– Abram & David [W. Cannon] were very happy with all their new things. {p. 91}

23This morning the birthday of Annie’s twin boys Abraham Hoagland [Cannon] & David Woodward Cannon, they were born when I was abroad in 1899– it is also <the anniversary> one of the most important days of my long and eventful life, one that is imbedded in the secret recesses of my heart and brain24

Julina Smith called me over the ’phone to go with her to see her Aunt Bathsheba, our President General of the great Relief Society of the Church, we found her about the same as she has been now for days, however she knew both of us and was glad we came and reached out her hand to me and as we knelt beside the bed she patted me on the shoulder. Later the boys came up and I drove down with them we had a fine dinner and they were very happy, a grand family John Q. and Annie have and although they are so short of means and it really is so difficult for Annie who seems so anxious to do and to be something and who is gifted in so many way to entertain and to stand for high purposes yet is kept back thro’ untoward circumstances that seemingly25 cannot be overcome unless the Lord intervenes & overrules [p. 209] {p. 187}

29 July 1910 • Friday

26came up in the surrey Annie with me and the baby and Abram driving. This is a wonderful day of memories for me, no one living knows but myself how this anniversary affects me. The brave lady and her life does not compare with mine in trials {p. 90}

27Came up in the surrey this morning Abram driving Annie & Theodore– fine day but to me full of memories that come like a flood, overwhelming me with sadness and broken reeds, long since cast off like an old garment. {p. 91}

30 July 1910 • Saturday

28I have written to Clarissa S. Williams Ocean Park <California> to Juliette [Maxfield] Blackburn Blackfoot special delivery stamp at Blackfoot, Idaho, Ann T. [Boyes] Walker Lewisville Idaho, Johannah Johnnesson [Johannesson] Idaho Falls Idaho, Louisa [Otterstrom] Ovison [Oveson] or Sophia McFarlane Cleveland, Utah, Pauline Pace, Price Utah, Ida S. Dusenberry Provo, Utah, Mary E. [Ord] Schofield LaGrande, Oregon Hannah M. [Child] Russell, Tabor, Canada Mary J. Kinman Cardston Canada Marinda [Stevens] Bennett Fillmore Utah. [p. 211] {p. 85}

29This is the birthday of Louise Blanche Cannon Andrew– a very beautiful babe at her birth. and now at 26, she is the mother of twins two beautiful boys– I am too busy even to call upon her but she ’phoned to me and thanked me for her present from me and I had the pleasure of congratulating her– she has a very good husband I think so, and I trust they will ever be happy and contented. In this busy office the headquarters of the Relief Society, there is so much to distract one’s attention and calls are almost constant, Sisters Wilcox & Harker both on missionary affairs and Kate Wells has been in the Caňon at Brighton came to give me her story of the pleasures she had <enjoyed> while away, a message came over the telephone to say that Sister B. W. Smith was better. Ida telephoned from Provo to tell me she had changed her mind about Canada which of course involves a change there to be made by letters and a message to Amy Lyman who is to go with her, a call from Jode Wells this morning, & several other calls etc. I presented Brother [John S.] Muir a book Carl [Karl] G. Maeser’s “Home & Fireside” he is the nightwatchman at the Bishop’s Building, came home in darkness Violet & her sister May [Lloyd] both off at Saltair Letter from Mrs. Fitz General President of D.R. Society [p. 211] {p. 188}

31 July 1910 • Sunday

Was very busy writing and doing in my own room then went to see Louise as I could not go on her birthday– had supper there and enjoyed the evening a refreshing shower of rain cooled the air {p. 92}

30I made up my mind to rest let what would come I had a tedious week and much to annoy as well as overwork– however Violet the maid is trying and as usual things were out of place and her sister May is visiting her from American Fork and so I could not rest in bed and then there were telephone messages etc. to be answered. However I am making an effort to rest and to look up on important matters that are essential. I read the other day somewhere a passage quoted from Scripture that made such an impression upon me that I have looked it up in the Bible, it is in Isaiah Chap. 40, verse 31, the verse is this very wonderful “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.”

Late in the day it began to rain and the air became cooler and I put away my writing and went over to see Louise and the twins, found all very happy and sweet but the dear little boys are bashful with me, I staid until late in the evening, there was quite a thunder storm and I had no umbrella Richard [D. Andrew] came with me to the car and I was very glad I had paid them a visit once more [p. 212] {p. 189}

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