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June 1907

2 June 1907 • Sunday

1John Henry Smith enjoyed listening here, but answered the call of Br. [John R.] Winder the Lord will bless us more and more if we are humble and faithful– he had just attended conferences in San Luis & San Juan Stakes Conference held in Kirtland New Mexico [p. 226] {p. 63} never felt a better spirit than away off there, spoke of the great work to be done in Temples and in the world– George Reynolds spoke of his visit to the Sandwich Islands spoke beautifully of himself and he remembered us all sung Redeemer of Israel [p. 227] {p. 64} prayer by Jos. E. Taylor [p. 228] {p. 65}

yet temptations come, but she prayed and prayed– and she finally imagined that Br. Lyman was administering to her and she felt a beautiful influence, and she felt determined to start home and succeeded in going on the boat and her journey was [p. 232] {p. 66} as if it was all mapped out for her and much more: Br. [Adolphus C.] Madsen spoke of his duties here and felt he was as near heaven as he could be when in this holy temple– he testified of his work here and if he had offended any one he wanted to be forgiven spoke of the cleaning of the Temple [p. 233] {p. 67} and how they had been blest in the Temple in doing the work, the sisters as well as the brethren climbing ladders, and cleaning windows– the storm last evening broke one window– but if it had been sooner all the windows would have been broken [p. 234] {p. 68} explained how difficult it is to keep this Temple clean urged the people to come and administer for the dead and get the spirit of the work for the dead Stella [Lillian Estele] Neff Caldwell testified of healing and spoke of her having suffered very much for the months past– wanted to live [p. 235] {p. 69} to be a true mother and desired to be healed and knew that the power of God was manifest in the temple and among the saints– Miss Stay2 bore testimony– Br. Levi W. Richards spoke of the vacation when the temple closed, knew that the Lord had blest him all his life the hand of the Lord had been over him &c. &c. [p. 236] {p. 70}

Do you still do fine sewing?

sung Be it my only wisdom here– Prayer B. [Brigham] H. Roberts choir sang from Psalmody Prest. Winder made opening remarks very excellent. Sister Emilia [Damke] Maeser grateful for trials etc. Br. [Brigham] Morris Young speaking of blessings having been given to him [p. 237] {p. 71} talked of his father’s hat rack, wanted to sell it– Br. [Heber J.] Grant gave him a check for 75.00 for it and presented it to the pioneer Daughters read some verses on anger

Br. Andrew Jenson talked of Church documents that he had read of late about the saints in the early days [p. 238] {p. 72} how much they had to bear– must have been a God-fearing people, everything concerning them proves they were indeed Saints– from every standpoints they were good morally spiritually socially, every state in the union had things they did not care to publish to the world– talked of [p. 239] {p. 73} the pioneers said Utah was the only state that could be proud of its history and its founders except Massachusetts which was settled by the Pilgrims from the old country who came for their religion Br. Wilford Woodruff [p. 240] {p. 74} Br. James [E.] Talmage bore his testimony thought the hymns and prayer were of the nature of testimony and invocation he testified that we were on the eve of receiving the honors that are their just due, and trusted we might be able to appreciate the blessings we do receive– [p. 241] {p. 75} choir sung– Count your blessings name them one by one Sister Maria [Young] Dougall spoke very earnestly about the youth of Israel blest the priesthood and authorities and all assembled here, and felt we would be greatly blest in the future– that a great power would be manifest upon the young people Sarah [Jane] Eddington testified of the sick [p. 242] {p. 76} that had been healed in this holy temple– away down in Arizona and North to the Teton basin– she had heard those testimonies given Sister Eunice [Nelson] Foster bore testimony for the first time in this house Br. James [J.] Woodruff referred to his mother3 very feelingly [p. 243] {p. 77} Sister Bucking [Buching] bore her testimony

sang Arise my soul arise & Sister [Elizabeth Claridge] McCune was thankful for the prayers offered here in the Temple when she was in Peru– wanted to testify over again– she was so ill she wanted to come home Doctors said she could not come– and a voice came to her that she was “sea free” [p. 244] {p. 78}

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