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October 1905

1 October 1905 • Sunday

Salt Lake Temple, Meeting O, say what is truth prayer by Geo. A. Smith sung “I know that my Redeemer lives” {p. 141}

1Salt Lak[e] Temple Pres. Jos. F. Smith presiding singing O, say what is truth, prayer by Geo. A. Smith, I know that my Redeemer lives, Remarks Pres. John R. Winder Rudger Clawson

23 October 1905 • Tuesday

Sister [Rebecca Neibaur] Nibley testified of her knowledge of the Gospel and Jos. Smith the prophet[,] knew it in her youth {p. 45}

5 October 1905 • Thursday

attended Conference R. S.3 Conference & Reception 4|Tracts in Greek in Athens Greece there are some who asked for some work on the Gospel attended Conference opened with a large congregation & 50th Section of the Doc. & Cov.

Miss Shirley England5 recently 6Mrs. J. W. Lee send back Mercur No’s. Tooele Co. Utah {p. 46}

8 October 1905 • Sunday

John Robinson Grant us thy peace 65th Section & 45th Section 64th. Section 112th. Section Doc & C7 107th Section & 124th [Section]8

11 October 1905 • Wednesday

My Wedding day9 {p. 47}

21 October 1905 • Saturday

Today I have worked very hard indeed and have at last succeeded in getting off part of my mailing, then went over to see Sister Smith and read her the letter from Sister [Eliza Stewart] Udall in St. John’s [Arizona] {p. 143}

22 October 1905 • Sunday

Margaret improving, Alonzo Irivine [Alonzo B. Irvine] worse, Bishop Thomas Jenkins funeral 2. p.m. Maori chief Hirini [Whaanga] funeral 12. m. Katie Cannon daughter of Angus M. Junior aged 12. today at 2. {p. 144}10

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