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April 1897

3 April 1897 • Saturday

I have rushed all morning waiting on our country sisters and getting ready for the Conference this afternoon, went over just before two o’clock– Sister Zina had wished me to sit near her so she could speak to me, but it was prevented. We had a pretty good attendance but there was not so much union as was desirable– Sister Zina is not like herself and speaks very little– the Counselors are fearful and follow her example in this respect. We have had some talk about a building of our own and considering there is plenty of means why not get advice from the First Presidency and use it for the purpose and have a place of our own. In the evening we had more speakers from a distance and they were more fluent, but the many outside attractions theatre and so on took the visitors away from the Conference [p. 125] {p. 64}

6 April 1897 • Tuesday

The last day of Conference and every one anxious to attend therefore Directors met at 1/2 past one and adjourned until the close of the afternoon meeting. [p. 128] {p. 65}

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