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February 1897

2 February 1897 • Tuesday

Arrived in the City about 3 A.M. but we stayed in bed until about six and at seven were ready took the first conveyance we could get and drove to Annie’s. She was not yet down stairs and was not expecting me so soon knew nothing about Mell. I went to the office when breakfast was over [p. 65] {p. 61}

3 February 1897 • Wednesday

wea. snowing heavy

Went to the office in a heavy snow storm without umbrella learned there had been a great fire on Main St. last night Scott-Auerbach Building burned three <fire> men injured, one young girl rescued from the roof– still the Legislature is balloting for Senator– E. [Edward] B. Critchlow called on me to ask me to endorse Lindley Rogers for the position of Attorney General for the U.S. under McKinley– Such propositions are quite frequent. I am in receipt of several letters similar. Sisters [Augusta Joyce] Crocheron, E. R. Shipp, P. C. [Phoebe Clark] Young called to see me today, have been busy looking over letters received during my absence, and replying to some of them– Went down to Annie’s in the afternoon, & found Mell very miserable, cold severe– Senator elected about 6. p.m. Joseph L. Rawlins 32. votes– to Moses Thatcher 29.– came home half past nine– wrote all the evening in Relief Society Record [p. 66] {p. 62}

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