August 1896

11 August 1896 • Tuesday

Today was Heber M. Wells birthday 37 years old, how well I remember when he was born– I called to see him I had written a note and had selected a gift-book Gems from Tennyson– it is only a trifle– yet it seemed as though he should be remembered by those who loved him. My sister is very ill today and I am so full of worry and work. Went to see Br. [William C.] Dunbar and ask him to go to Saltair and play the Highland bagpipes for the excursion– called at Br. [Charles R.] Savage’s, and at Charlie [Charles H.] Wells saw Susie [Susan Riter Wells] and the new baby girl Edith Riter Wells. a very nice baby born July 28. Went over to see Lydia Ann Susan Kate & May [Wells], saw Murray & Wendell [Whitney]– Gov. [Arthur L.] Thomas called to see me Mrs. Arthur Brown & some strangers– {p. 229}

12 August 1896 • Wednesday

This morning rushed off and made preparations for the program etc. went for railroad tickets and such like– read proofs, fixed copy wrote letters and did many little things– Annie Hyde & Laura [Hyde] and others came in. Wrote to Mrs. [Elizabeth Francis] Yates Scipio– Aunt Zina went to Springville on business– Belle sent letter to Sep. [Septimus Whitney Sears] with some money that was owing to him from Angus M. Cannon Jun. Adeline [Woodward Earl] was here today with Lucy [Woodward Hewlings], and Belle has been waiting upon her– the Fire Chiefs are still in the City, and they went out to Saltair to night to the Carnival of Madrid– correction in the morning Tribune of my being at a silver [William Jennings] Bryan meeting. Lucile [Sears] had a letter from Dollie– Sister Lucy seems a little better this evening {p. 230}

18 August 1896 • Tuesday

This is the anniversary of Mell’s birthday. I regret not having been able to go on and meet them. (Will and Mell) in Boise and go home with them.1 {p. 232}

30 August 1896 • Sunday

All morning I was writing and in the afternoon joined Annie and went to the Tabernacle. Mr. [Septimus Wagstaff] Sears Belle and Mrs. [Charlotte Radford] Pilcher were also there. the preaching was very good Seymour B. Young was one of the speakers the others were returned missionaries. Went home with Annie to dinner John Q. is away on the Uintah Reservation & George Q. is with him. I stayed all {p. 234}

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