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November 1889

1 November 1889 • Friday

This was the birthday of Irene Haskell [Pomeroy], formerly a schoolmate & friend of mine and now dead. what changes since then she forms one of the characters in my story. Her cousin one more. Jane Whittaker another all older than I. Daisie is improving a little. Rose [Wightman] has been to call we have had a great many callers.

2 November 1889 • Saturday

This is Belle’s birthday & I wrote her a letter, I had sent a book but did not feel as if it was a nice present at all– however I am so pinched for money I cannot do any more now. Shall do better as soon as I can. I feel very bad about it although I am not one who can tell my trials I would like to be liberal with Belle. [p. 153] {p. 180}

3 November 1889 • Sunday

Went to Ogden today this morning. Daisie is going to Rose’s to dinner. Ellen had the breakfast before I went away– was on the train with Seymour Young Jacob Gates and Edward Stevenson who are going to Morgan to a Conference of Seventies. John Q. came to meet me at the depot. Went over to Sister Richards and spent the evening. They are both better

4 November 1889 • Monday

Stayed all day with Annie trying to help her a little she is just worn right out. Baby [Daniel] and so many little ones. Baby grows finely. Annie is having her teeth attended to and it causes her much suffering and John Q. is away at night on his newspaper work. came down to night. Arrived after dark Ellen here. [p. 154] {p. 181}

5 November 1889 • Tuesday

This is my sister Ellen [Woodward Fuller]’s birthday. she is 58 today so we are all growing old. It seems so strange that we should be almost all of us such a large family alive and in the enjoyment of every faculty. Lucy [Woodward Hewlings] nearly 72. Pallas 70 last June– Manson 68. and so on. 8 out of ten living and James only dead a few years.

6 November 1889 • Wednesday

I have had some very sweet letters from my husband and I have had a letter from Countess Selkirk. asking for copies of the paper and speaking very nicely to me. The weather is still dismal [Patrick S.] Gilmore1 is here and Hiram Clawson is managing the Tabernacle & has given me tickets for the first night I shall take Daisie with me. [p. 155] {p. 182}

7 November 1889 • Thursday

Mell’s wedding day but I could not think what I could send her in glass; it is the crystal wedding. I presume she will be offended. However I cannot help it if it is so. There are so many to be considered and when one has not much means it is very discouraging. Some disagreements have arisen between the two political parties & it will not be easily settled.

8 November 1889 • Friday

Complications in politics seem to have assumed considerable strength, it will be a problem, local perhaps and it may be national. I have been advised to speak to the sisters about women taking an active part in the movement and to urge it in the sisters meetings [p. 156] {p. 183}

9 November 1889 • Saturday

Hurried so to get off to the meeting2 that I could not even open my mail letter from my husband scarcely read before going. Had to take minutes & make a speech too on the political condition of the City– others followed after I led out. Went up to the other house with Daisie. She went <will go> with me to the Tabernacle

10 November 1889 • Sunday

Daisie & I went to the Tabernacle first Mr. [John E.] Carlisle spoke and then Hon. C. W. Penrose. he spoke excellent– a very fine anthem was sung in the evening wrote to Mell– Ellen & Joe Harrison were here. We sat up late and I was writing some hymns for the new Hymn book. [p. 157] {p. 184}

11 November 1889 • Monday

Went to the theatre and bought tickets for Daisie and I to go and see Jane Eyre we sat in the outside of the dress circle, a very poor seat and I was much disappointed in the play. Dr. Pratt sat by me. We came out together and she told me she had never read the story– I was kind of astonished it seemed so strange for a woman like her.

12 November 1889 • Tuesday

Daisie went with Emeline to see the play next night or at least she expected to but Emeline was sick and so Rubie went– well I have been so busy trying to finish up but could not my writing. the wind is very keen and cutting and we have no coal to speak of have to keep borrowing tho’ finally succeeded in getting some slack. [p. 158] {p. 185}

13 November 1889 • Wednesday

Still cold and disagreeable and everything behindhand Br. [Evan] Stephens mother3 is dead I have learned. I have been plodding away at the hymns, Br. Greggs [Thomas C. Griggs] came and took them today: they do not suit me at all. I wish I had more time for this class of writing. I think I might make it more to my mind. These are dreary days enough to write in.

14 November 1889 • Thursday

I took Daisie to the Assembly Hall to join the Chorus– She entered her name & paid her initiation fee of 25 cts. Br. Stephens was not there but they organized after a fashion. he had sent a letter of explanation & suggestions. The meeting was not very satisfactory but they will meet again next week & probably do better. [p. 159] {p. 186}

15 November 1889 • Friday

Paper not yet out but nearly ready– worked so hard to get it in time, have lots of copy to be left over. [Hiram B.] Clawson has gone to San Francisco and left me to fix up a notice for the papers of the appropriation from the Gilmore Festival–

16 November 1889 • Saturday

paper all ready but not taken over went to Ogden however and left Daisie with Minnie Ellen again had such a rushing day and expecting the paper to go to press but it did not go. Such a lot of people coming for papers went to Ogden. [p. 160] {p. 187}

17 November 1889 • Sunday

Q. drove me out to the Military Academy and in the afternoon Annie drove and we had a nice ride but were very cold. Went over to see Sister Richards– Lettie [Letitia Peery Richards] has a son4 born recently is doing very well Br. [Franklin D.] & Sister [Jane S.] Richards are both much improved, the folks are home. courts still abusing Mormons.

18 November 1889 • Monday

Mailing is going on not fast though because the paper only went on the press today– and I have been interrupted again & again in its perusal. Dr. Hughes has gone East the papers say[.] I have bought tickets today for the opera for Daisie & I tomorrow evening, it is still raining & dreary [p. 161] {p. 188}

19 November 1889 • Tuesday

Worked hard all day dashed off to the opera in the evening enjoyed it very much still did not like so much of our the exposure of limbs and neck. sat down in the orchestra house very full– many funny things in it, people just about wild. Mell has written unpleasant letters to Daisie.

20 November 1889 • Wednesday

<Br. Penrose was sent up today for contempt–5> Sister Horne’s birthday. she invited me to go I had worked hard all day and Emeline was sick Daisie going to the Opera to see A Trip To Africa, I bought Sister Horne a book of poems London Lyrics– Br. Woodruff and Geo. Q. [Cannon] were there both of them spoke [p. 162] {p. 189}

21 November 1889 • Thursday

<Went with Daisie again to the assembly Hall and introduced her to Br. Stephens> Br. Penrose still refuses to answer the Questions and has gone back to the Penitentiary. the arguments in the court are very obnoxious. A lady who has remedies for women has been here this morning Sister Horne Sister Zina and Sister Smith were here also Sister Taylor to hear her talk. Br. Lund & [James] Moyle came to see Sister Smith she went before the Court & testified, they also had a written deposition from Sister Mercy R. Thompson Henry Lawrence E [Elias] L T Harrison and lots of others have been called to testify in these cases but there does not seem to be much favor shown to our side by the Judge and Prosecuting Attorney– [p. 163] {p. 190}

23 November 1889 • Saturday

Thurmon [Samuel R. Thurman] from Provo is here and has been to see me several times. I went to the 14th Ward meeting today and read the minutes of our last meeting and took them again. It was a nice meeting I spoke a few minutes– came home & worked all evening diligently Daisie fixed everything ready so she could get breakfast in my room

24 November 1889 • Sunday

<sent off letters this morning to the Esquire– Chicago and others> Daisie prepared a nice breakfast and off I went immediately after eatting to the depot and took train for Ogden. John Q. and Q were waiting for me with the carriage– Annie has a girl now– spent the day and brought Louise home with me. We were very late coming– train two hours in Ogden depot waiting for Union Pacific [p. 164] {p. 191}

25 November 1889 • Monday

Sweetie is having a nice time with us. Daisie took her down town. I had Thurmon here and at evening Daisie went to the 4 hundred Chorus Association and I went off to look up a lady I wanted to see very much and left Sweetie with Rosie I had a long tramp in the mud and dark went to see Sister Taylor & Mae [Taylor].6 found Daisie & Sweetie asleep.

26 November 1889 • Tuesday

<Penrose at liberty> Fixed up for Daisie and Sweetie to go to Ogden– had a message to go to attend a case of Hospital indebtedness. Went with Dr. Pratt, came back barely in time to get them off to the train. went down with them & came back on the electric car. set to work as hard as I could worked very late & diligent very much fatigued [p. 165] {p. 192}

27 November 1889 • Wednesday

Worked again just as diligent as possible. Last evening Mr. Pattie called on me from Los Angelos [Los Angeles], wanted to see one of Joseph’s wives, took him to Aunt Zina’s and then to Helen [Mar Kimball] Whitney’s then to the Office of the Historical Record– and got the proof– Sister Young and Whitney signed written documents– paper is made up and I went off to Ogden 6 o’clock train.

28 November 1889 • Thursday

This morning we had breakfast in pretty good time & Daisie helped Annie fix up the children, as it was quite a little work and Annie is just about sick with a cold. She attended to dressing & cooking the Turkey however and dinner was on the table soon after . Daisie sang some for us & then I came away. [p. 166] {p. 193}

29 November 1889 • Friday

All alone on the train and home the same, no one to speak to, sat up writing trying to get even with work left over: this morning paper went to press, and folks coming all day long, had to go out to see an under ground woman, Cablegram to day with the sad news of the death of Julia [Young] Burton over in England. John Lyon the poet died yesterday.

30 November 1889 • Saturday

Worked all day steadily. Minnie is at home and I have no one to wait on me. Went on the 6 o clock train Miss Vic H. [Victoria Hodgert] and S. R. T. [Samuel R. Thurman] had the house to themselves– and I was perfectly satisfied Arrived in Ogden and resolved to walk– John Q. saw me and we went up together found Daisie with a bad cold and sore throat– [p. 167] {p. 194}

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