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July 1883

1 July 1883 • Sunday

July O, so very hot that one can scarcely find a cool place so many people going into the country. Belle and Lou are still talking of going East waiting for passes1 Every day anticipating their coming by next mail, to be disappointed [p. 115] {p. 118}

2 July 1883 • Monday

Paper rather late. meetings still continue for the committee of the 24th. I am on the programme and have to help with the costume we are trying to get nationality represented. we are working very hard for this hot weather. Had the upper room swept out today. Hospital meeting in the afternoon

3 July 1883 • Tuesday

As the time approaches for mailing I realize I must use the upper room– Mr. Sears came in and insisted upon my doing so. Cannot mail in June’s office, June said he would move up stairs did not like me to have to climb the stairs so much. [p. 116] {p. 119}

4 July 1883 • Wednesday

Stayed at home all day, we had no 4th really. Belle and Lou are talking of going to California Mr. Sears has a pass for them. We had a nice dinner, and went out for a ride. Baby is well and that is a comfort. There is always so much to do one cannot rest.

5 July 1883 • Thursday

More work, more meetings of committees and more hot weather and dust. Arrangements are progressing rapidly George Q. meets with us in our Committee & we have rather pleasant times. I have been with Abram to hunt up singers. some were agreeable and others refused to give their services [p. 117] {p. 120}

6 July 1883 • Friday

More hot weather. evenings cooler but still excessively hot. Everything seems parched up– we want rain badly. dust is terrific. My husband spent most of the day up in my room. I think some of the folks are in an awful way about my being here.

7 July 1883 • Saturday

I have arranged permanently with Lydia Ann & Susan [Alley Wells] to have my dinner every day. It will very likely be a good thing for me. Cap. Evans is here and is always bringing Abbie nice lunches & bottles of beer. She has been quite hospitable with me and shared every luxury [p. 118] {p. 121}

8 July 1883 • Sunday

Another hot dusty day staid at home to write, was as usual interrupted and might better have gone to meeting It is very often the case that one feels to remain at home for something necessary to be done and finds they get served out for it after all.

9 July 1883 • Monday

Behindhand as usual with work so much to do. The girls are still talking of going West. Louie is all anxiety over it. Belle more content. Good news from John Q. Baby is pretty well & all the others. My office is so excessively hot I do not know what is to be done [p. 119] {p. 122}

10 July 1883 • Tuesday

More meetings more running after people to sing more committees on different parts of the work. The programmes go very slow. Some of the ladies are going out into the country and others are not as much interested as they should be and so it goes. [p. 120] {p. 123}

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