November 1881

1 November 1881 • Tuesday

Off went the girls by afternoon train. I went to the depot with them, after getting out of the carraige the horses reared & plunged fearfully I was much alarmed especially as baby was in the Victorine.1 Rob succeeded in getting the horses to stand while all the girls got out and took the luggage out.

2 November 1881 • Wednesday

Sister Howard came before I was dressed. I went off early to begin mailing Sisters Horne & Howard are gone to Pleasant Grove to meet with the sisters there; I have finished mailing; no word from Annie or Louie I am disappointed indeed as I wished very much to hear from baby. Have worked very hard today. [p. 176] {p. 180}

3 November 1881 • Thursday

Rose rather early and went to the Office expecting to get Annie & baby and Louie home by morning train, but got a dispatch saying they would not come until evening. Wrote to my brother Manson [J. Woodward], & had kind of a rest. In the early evening went to see Mrs. King. Girls came home all right.

4 November 1881 • Friday

Was very busy and tried to prepare copy for my paper so I could go South. Was busy had lots of callers. The Esquire was in and spent the afternoon until time to take the train to go to Logan to Conference He is not very well, and really seems failing in health. Baby is well and the girls have had a good time. [p. 177] {p. 181}

5 November 1881 • Saturday

This is Sister Ellen [Woodward Fuller]’s birthday she is 50 today how strange it seems. No doubt she is lonely today and thinks of her brothers & sisters as well as her children. Went to the 14th, Ward meeting in the Afternoon. Lula [Greene] Richards is very ill and was prayed for today. It is very cold disagreeable day.

6 November 1881 • Sunday

A fearful snow storm with wind and hail Sister Howard and I went up to Lula Richards & to see Mother Whitney, she was delighted and seemed quite bright. Mary Jane had been attending the sick ones in the family the storm continued all night. We had Joseph Bently call on us, [p. 178] {p. 182}

7 November 1881 • Monday

The morning was unpleasant but the sun came out about noon and we were off at 2 o’clock for Payson– the girls felt dreadful to have me go, but I feel it a duty, and I know the change is beneficial to my health. We arrived at Payson all right and went direct to Mrs. [Agnes Cross] Douglas’ house 4 of us, including Ma [Margaret McMeans] Smoot of Provo–

8 November 1881 • Tuesday

Meeting at 10, A.M. in the Meeting house, a large assembly, and at 2 p.m. the four Primary Associations met and in the evening the young ladies held their special meeting with a very crowded house, most of the talking was done by Sister E. S. Taylor & myself and I felt as if it repaid me for coming [p. 179] {p. 183}

9 November 1881 • Wednesday

That night after retiring or more properly last night I was really quite ill. Sister Howard was up and down stairs several times to wait on me. All the ladies were very anxious. This morning we rode over to Spanish Fork where we held meeting in the afternoon & evening. both crowded houses.

10 November 1881 • Thursday

Today held meeting with the Primary and divided the Association into two– a very long meeting but well conducted. Took dinner at Bishop [George D.] Snell’s where we had been staying and left about 4 o’clock for the station, the train was late but we arrived in Santaquin in time to speak at the evening meeting– [p. 180] {p. 184}

11 November 1881 • Friday

We put up at Br. [Joseph C.] Stickneys and were very warmly welcomed. In the morning at 10 the Relief Society met and in the afternoon the Primary. The sunset was one of the most golden on the Western mountains and gradually faded into beautiful violet and purple. I was so anxious about home I could not sleep.

12 November 1881 • Saturday

Came away by the early morning train and arrived at home found there had been severe wind storms Dot was going home having spent a week in the city. all were well and had been all right, although I was greatly needed at the Printing Office to get out my paper– home seems good to come back to and I fully enjoy mine– [p. 181] {p. 185}

13 November 1881 • Sunday

Sister [Marinda Johnson] Hyde spent the evening here and Joseph Bently [Joseph C. Bentley] came in and brought good news from John Q. We had a pleasant time and enjoyed the evening very much. She left here about noon and I staid at home to get a rest– as the week had been a very fatiguing one for me. I received a letter from John Q. tonight– such a nice letter

14 November 1881 • Monday

Was working as hard as possible writing editorial etc. and so much to see to; the girls are going to have 15 young ladies here to spend the afternoon tomorrow and I am going away. They think it very hard to let me go but I really feel it as much a duty as to edit the paper and that it helps me in my work [p. 182] {p. 186}

15 November 1881 • Tuesday

After preparing all the copy went off by train to Provo where we Sister E. S. Taylor and myself arrived in good time & were met by Teenie [Kristine Mauritzen] Smoot– The meeting was a very crowded one in the meeting house and we two occupied nearly all the time. I slept with Aunt Eliza R. S. Smith it was a very cold night & the wind blew fear<ful>

16 November 1881 • Wednesday

Returned home and to work– making up the paper. Tommie [Thomas E.] Wallin is very sick with diphtheria Mellie has to go there to sit up with him. The weather is very cold and disagreeable. So many things to attend to when one is away from home only for a few days. Baby begins to creep and stand alone [p. 183] {p. 187}

17 November 1881 • Thursday

A most awful storm last night the paper lags much to my discomfort, everything seems frozen up almost– there is so much to be done that it is impossible to do it all. I feel a great interest in the various organizations and desire to help forward the work of improvement among the young. I went to see Tommie Wallin to day

18 November 1881 • Friday

Sister Eliza came home this morning the train was an hour late on account of the storm. I went to the funeral of Tommie Wallin–it was very sad. In the evening of the same day Sister [Charlotte Foreman] Griggs died. We went my husband and I to Sister Horne’s to a party.2 There was a pleasant gathering & Br. Cannon was there. [p. 184] {p. 188}

19 November 1881 • Saturday

All day mailing in the office so tired I can scarce walk home–, so disappointed in not finishing. Lou helped me all day after painting lessons. Had a French lesson and made arrangements for Annie & Louie to commence studying the French language. The weather is very cold here and mails all the time a day late.

20 November 1881 • Sunday

Today went to Sister Griggs funeral, and to the graveyard. Lou went to Sharp’s and Joe came home with her and spent the evening No news from Belle and no word from Mellie. Stormy and cold mails behind time, we were all here together happy and enjoying every blessing. Never has fate been so propitious as now. [p. 185] {p. 189}

21 November 1881 • Monday

Finished the mailing today– prepared some copy and went to see Aunt Eliza. Sister Heywood is very ill and so is Sister Smith– Junius has been in today and so has Hannah– heard from Mother Whitney and the Groo’s. Rob spent the evening here with Louie, heard from Louie Lucy [Dwyer] by Br. [James P.] Dwyer also from Ellen [Edna Ellen Clawson] by Ellen Clawson–

22 November 1881 • Tuesday

Mailing all done a day of quiet comparatively, yet many callers. The weather is very cold and cloudy. Br. Cannon came in late in the afternoon & we had some conversation about the ladies going down to Washington. He promised to write and express his opinion in regard to the matter. [p. 186] {p. 190}

23 November 1881 • Wednesday

Br. Cannon left by the morning train for the Capitol– he goes with an almost superhuman effort–knowing that his enemies are ready to devour him.3 Several of us ladies went up to the 10th, Ward to a meeting and dinner.4 Aunt Eliza Aunt Presendia Sisters Horne Howard Smith Taylor & myself. Annie & Louie w[e]nt5 to the Beehive [House] to a tea party of young ladies.

24 November 1881 • Thursday

This is Thanksgivng day and I am not doing regular work but resolved to go and see Mellie in the morning– Staid there to luncheon At 4 o’clock we all went to the 12th Ward House, where all our large family who were in the city assembled together to eat Thanksgiving dinner, in the evening we had a family entertainment, recitation music, singing [p. 187] {p. 191} &c.

25 November 1881 • Friday

Today have been almost idle, went at 3 o’clock to the young ladies meeting in the 17th ward, but as the girls did not keep the appointment– Sister Howard and myself called at Sister Heywood’s. found she was too ill to receive any visitors– but learned all we could of her condition. Came home translated some French. Prof [Joseph B.] Toronto spent the evening here–

26 November 1881 • Saturday

A busy day in the office Lou went to the races. Annie went to her house. Ned [C. Edward] Wallin was thrown from his buggy and hurt. Will was in Park City came home weary and low-spirited. Lou went to the Theatre. I was busy writing letters to the ladies East. Baby is well and we are in all respects blessed. Mell has invited us all to dinner tomorrow [p. 188] {p. 192}

27 November 1881 • Sunday

In the morning went down after Presendia L. K. [Lathrop Kimball] to go up to Lula’s with me. She consented, met Jeanette [Murray] Cushing6 there from Santaquin We found Lula feeling better but baby7 quite ill. We administered to baby. I went over to Mell’s Annie Louie & baby were there, all were seated at table. Had a pleasant time staid until evening; came home & went down to see mother Whitney–

28 November 1881 • Monday

Went to the Office early had a great many callers. Louis [E.] Granger arrived from the East the evening previous, and called on me– with Mr. Price from Indianapolis. He is looking very handsome and has been recently married to Jennie Caroline Niles, of New York. I do hope it will be a more fortunate marriage than the others. [p. 189] {p. 193}

29 November 1881 • Tuesday

Today has been a very stormy one all morning at least cleared up a little this afternoon. An Elder just returned from a mission called bringing a letter of introduction from John Q. My husband came & spent the afternoon with me. We talked of many things and enjoyed the time fully. In the evening Annie & Louie went to the theatre.

30 November 1881 • Wednesday

Went very early to the Office, worked hard all day. no money coming in either. Sister Heywood is better, wrote to John Q. this evening, so did Annie she got a letter from him mailed on the 12th. Ort has arrived in Liverpool safe– and George Q. has arrived in Washington Lou Granger has been here this evening [p. 190] {p. 194}

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