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August 1879

3 August 1879 • Sunday

Funeral of Joseph Standing1 the girls attended. I went to meeting, James [V.] Standing came to call upon us, sung and played, in the evening, did some writing,

4 August 1879 • Monday

Mailing the new paper, Br. [George Q.] Cannon B. [Brigham] Young Jr. Br. [Albert] Carrington, went to the Penitentiary on alleged contempt.2 John Q. [Cannon] called [p. 94] {p. 50}

5 August 1879 • Tuesday

Left Salt Lake City on the morning train, arrived at Nephi at noon, took dinner at Sister [Elizabeth Silcox] Kendall’s held meeting at 2 o’clock in Relief Society House, afterwards rode on to Fountain Green, had supper and slept at the Bishop’s.

6 August 1879 • Wednesday

Wednes. morn. had breakfast at Bishop’s meeting at 10 o’clock,– a good attendance revoted in the officers of the Relief Society [p. 95] {p. 51}

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