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July 1878

10 July 1878 • Wednesday

This morning went with Aunt Eliza R. Snow to attend the Conference at Farmington and had as pleasant a time as possible when one’s heart is broken, I cannot say much to Aunt Eliza she does not think I ought to give way to emotions not in the least.

We had dinner at Sister [Sarah Harvey] Holmes the President and Sister [Aurelia Spencer] Rogers who was there talked to us about an Association for little boys;1 she has been much exercised about it and feels that she has some ideas about it. Sister Eliza is greatly interested & thinks it will be a very excellent thing2 and we all spoke to Bishop [John W.] Hess and he approved & on the way home on the train we decided to go to Br. [John] Taylor and take the matter [p. 213] {p. 74} before him [p. 214] {p. 75}

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