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July 1876

1 July 1876 • Saturday

Sat. July 1. This is Ort. Whitney’s birthday Em. presented him with a morocco pocket-book. There was a very large company went out to meet the president and folks from South. I never felt the heat much more than to-day. In the evening was the entertainment at the Social Hall. Martha Wells was taken sick on the train and it made every thing gloomy.

2 July 1876 • Sunday

Sun. July 2. Belle and Mell and all their children were here; they were mischievous and got into so many scrapes; We began to think they would have to be put into the closet or somewhere to keep them out of mud and water. In the evening we had so many callers.

3 July 1876 • Monday

Mon July 3d. Em. was very much better. Br. [John] Nicholson and [Benjamin] Hampton came and administered to her and she seemed to be better immediately and in the afternoon she went for a ride; she was somewhat fatigued afterwards but slept well.

4 July 1876 • Tuesday

Tues. July 4th. This is the grand centennial fourth, the first centennial of American Independence.1 Annie & Louie went to Calder’s farm early in the morning and spent the day. my husband came down for the first time since his return: he seemed overjoyed to be at home again. told us of some of his adventures. his journey, the [p. 87] country, its appearance its foaming rushing river its red sandstone mountains.

A great number of Emmie’s friends called to day. Mellie came up with her children and went to the matinee in the afternoon. In town every thing was very quiet.

5 July 1876 • Wednesday

July 5th, I went to the office to my regular work this morning. Em. was much better. In the evening we had visitors. Mr. Hendrie spent the evening with us. Annie & Louie went out for a ride. Annie was at the Fair all day.2 I

6 July 1876 • Thursday

July 6th. Emmie is not so well to-day she has been too venturesome perhaps. I asked Mr [Leonard W.] Hardy and Maurice Young to come and administer to her; they came towards evening. She felt much better, There was a thunder storm of considerable violence. Annie was helping <at the Fair> Inez came home from Rush Lake for a day or two.

7 July 1876 • Friday

July 7th. Rulon Wells is twenty two to-day. Em. is much better. It has been sprinkling considerably and at evening set in to rain. The air seemed delightfully cool and refreshing. Br. David [Woolley] Evans was buried to day. [p. 88]


  1. [1]Salt Lake City residents celebrated Independence Day in 1876 with displays, processions, music, and speeches. (“Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent, 15 July 1876, 5:28.)

  2. [2]The Ladies’ Centennial Territorial Fair featured “industrial home work. Very elegant and artistic specimens of wax fruit and flowers, artificial flowers for trimmings of all varieties and shades, almost innumerable varieties of ornamental and useful articles, for adding to the beauty and comfort of home are there in profusion.” Silk work and lace were also displayed. (“Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent, 15 July 1876, 5:28.)