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1862 or Later


Cel {p. 3}


Cecilia [M. Woodward]3 {p. 4}



My father6

N K [Newel K. Whitney]


My mother

E B [Emmeline B. Woodward]


my sister

Isabelle M [Isabel M. Whitney]


My self

Melvina C [Whitney]


My sister

E [Emeline W. Wells]7


E [Elizabeth Ann Wells]


L [Louisa M. Wells]

Born {p. 6}


Sealed To Bishop N. K. Whitney

in Nauvoo Ill. 18

Elisabeth Ann Smith

Sept 10 1844

Olive M. Bishop

by Brigham Young

Feb. 14. 1845.

Emeline B. Woodward

B. Young

Feb. 18. 1845

Almira E. Pond

B. Young

May 8. 1845.

Abigail A Pond

B. Young

July 25. 1845.

Elisabeth M. More

B. Young

Oct 7 1845

Henrietta [Keyes] Rees.

H. C. Kimball

Jan 20 1846

Ann Huston

H. C. Kimball

also dead

Malvina Kingsbury

Susan Lang

Mary Gray

Rachel Webster

Elisabeth B. Bishop {p. 7}



James H. Harris Born Dec 24 1827

Emeline B. Woodward Feb 28<9> 1828

Married July 29. 1842<3>

Eugene Henri Harris Born Sept. 1. 1844

Newel K. Whitney Born Feb 5. 1795.

& E. B. W. sealed Feb 14. 1845

Isabel. Modelana Whitney Born Nov 2. 1848.

Malvina Caroline Whitney Born Aug 14 1850

Sealed to D. [Daniel] H. Wells Oct. 10. 1852

Emeline Whitney Wells born Sep. 10 1853

Elisabeth Ann Wells born Dec. 7 1859

Louisa Martha Wells born May 27 1862 {p. 9}



Eugene Henri Harris

Died Oct 6 1844

Nauvoo. Ill.

Newel K. Whitney Died Sept 23. 1850

at Great Salt Lake City Utah Ter. {p. 10}



Manson J. Woodward Born

Apr. 15<21>. 1820

Nancy Kidder Oct 18. 1820.

Married May 22 1838

Wallace Watson Woodward Born

Feb. 6. 1840

James May 2 Manson Woodward

Aug 11. 1842.

James Manson Woodwa[rd] {p. 11}



James Manson Woodward

died May 23 1842<3> {p. 12}



Henry H. Granger Born June 3. 1817.

Lucy M. Woodward Born Dec 3. 1817.

Married March 30. 1837

Lucy Catharine Granger Dec 18. 1837.

Henry Corydon Granger Oct. 19 1839<40>

Louis Edwin Granger Aug. 13 1842

Louis Edwin [Granger] {p. 13}



Louis Edwin Granger {p. 14}



Ellen C. Woodward Born

Nov 5 1832<1> {p. 15}


James Woodward Born

Feb 14 1823 {p. 16}



Samuel A. Hinckley Born

Sept 3. 1821

Cordelia M. Woodward Born

Dec 8 1824

Married June 5. 1839

Samuel Oscar Hinckley Born

Dec 24 1840

Rosetta Adeline Hinckley Born

May 17. 1843 {p. 17}



Rosetta Adeline Hinckley Died

Sept 3 1844

Died on her Birthday

Died on her Birth-day {p. 18}


(Journal of <among> the church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints)


  1. [1]Madsen, Intimate History, 196n12.

  2. [2]text: The remaining text on the page is inscribed upside down. In the original diary, this material was preceded by title page information, which EBW appears to have entered circa 1844.

  3. [3]text: In the original diary, this material was followed, on page {5}, by an entry that EBW wrote circa 1844.

  4. [4]TEXT: The material on this page (6) was written by Melvina C. Whitney.

  5. [5]text: “Birthes” is surrounded by a dashed-line box.

  6. [6]text: Designations like “My father” and “My mother” on this page are all enclosed in oval-like shapes.

  7. [7]Emeline Whitney Wells, first daughter of Daniel H. Wells and EBW, was later called Emme, Em, Emma, or Emmie.

  8. [8]text: “Births” underlined with a double dotted line.