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March 1901

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Written by Preston[,] Hugh and John Q.

From March 16 to April 7,

13 March 1901 • Wednesday

Wednesday March 13.1901.

I left home over the Southern Pacific at 9.45 A.M. accompanied by my wife Carlie Y. Cannon, my son Preston and Anne and Georgius. We were comfortably situated for sleeping accomodations, I having secured a drawing room and one lower berth.

14 March 1901 • Thursday

Thursday, March 14.1901.

I passed a very painful night not being able to sleep. Bro. Charles W. Nibley and wife were on the train with us. They too were going to San Francisco. On getting into the ferry boat to cross the bay we met Bishop Walter Beatie, who with his family have been spending the winter at Monterey. My intention was to stop at the Grand Hotel but, owing to its being so crowded, I was compelled to try the Palace. On entering the lobby I met Sam Hill. This house was also full to over flowing. However, through the assistance of Bro. Hill I was at last afforded two rooms, one on the first and the other on the sixth floor. It was five thirty when we got settled. I was completely worn out.

15 March 1901 • Friday

Friday March 15.1901.

Passed another very bad night. After being so fatigued the day before I became nervous and sleepless. I wanted to call Preston to read to me, but he was in a remote part of the house. The management this morning changed our rooms to a suite on the fourth floor. After lunch we all went for a drive through the Park and to the Beach. Elder Heber J. Grant and Geo. C. Lambert called on me and they, with Preston, administered to me.

16 March 1901 • Saturday

Saturday March 16.1901.

At about 10:30 last night, being unable to rest, I called Preston and had him read to me from the Book of Covenants. He sat with me until 4 A.M. when Carlie relieved him. Bro. Chas. Nibley again called on me. I had him and Preston call on my old friend Mr. T. H. Goodman, General Passenger Agent of Southern Pacific. He was kind enough to give them for me and party a pass to Del Monte and return. I did not feel well enough to leave my room at all, except to go to the barber shop to be shaved. Elders Hale and Cliff offered to come and stay with me. Elder Cliff is a practicing physician in St. George. He has considerable skill and gave me some relief.

17 March 1901 • Sunday

Sunday March 17.1901.

I had the best night’s rest last night that I have had for some time. Again stayed in my room except for meals. Elders Heber J. Grant and E. H. Nye administered to me. Bro Cliff came to spend the second night with me. In answer to my telegram of the 16th. Inst. to Charlie Wilcken, asking him if he could come to my aid, he came this evening, very much to my gratification.

18 March 1901 • Monday

Monday March 18.1901.

We all left San Francisco at 9A.M. for Del Monte. Although I had a pretty good night’s rest I became very fatigued before reaching the hotel at 2:30 P.M. Before I could get to bed, it almost seemed that I would collapse. However, an hour’s rest I felt better.

19 March 1901 • Tuesday

Tuesday March 19.1901.

Carlie sat up with me last night. At about midnight she called Charlie and Preston to administer to me. Preston relieved her at 2A.M. I have been compelled to keep my bed most of the day. I cannot help but feel thankful that I have two such faithful attendants as my wife Carlie and Bro. Wilcken. They help me pass the time by reading to me and doing all in their power for my relief.

20 March 1901 • Wednesday

Wednesday March 20.1901.

Charlie stayed with me last night and we both rested comparatively well. He lay on a cot at the side of my bed. To-day I have slept considerable and have rested moderately well. Was much gratified in receiving news from my daughter Emily of her approaching marriage to Israel E. Willey.

21 March 1901 • Thursday

Thursday, March 21.1901.

Had a very good night last night. Charlie again slept by me. Have felt better to-day than for some time previous. It was finally arranged in the hotel office to change my rooms to the ground floor. I was not able to walk, so Charlie and Preston transported me in a chair. My present quarters are much more comfortable than the others were.

22 March 1901 • Friday

Friday March 22.1901.

Had a very bad night last night. Carlie attended me and was up until about 4 A.M. when Charlie relieved her. This afternoon I took a drive to Pacific Grove, accompanied by Carlie, Anne and Georgius and Charlie.

23 March 1901 • Saturday

Saturday March 23.1901.

Rested moderately well until about 3 A.M. Charlie then dressed me and had me sit up in a chair. Preston sat with me until morning. We again took a drive over to the Grove. Judge Shurtliff came down from San Francisco today for the express purpose of visiting me. He joined Charlie and Preston several times in administering to me. His expression of so much love and faith for me was indeed a comfort and consolation.

24 March 1901 • Sunday

Sunday March 24, 1901

Pres. E. H. Nye and Dr. Frederick Clift, who is here as a missionary, came down to visit me, and with the consent of Pres. Nye the doctor remained to attend me.

25 March 1901 • Monday

Monday, March 25

Bro Nye returned to San Francisco tonight. Preston returned with him and will proceed home. Now that the doctor is with me, it was not deemed necessary for Preston to remain here longer.

26 March 1901 • Tuesday

Tuesday, March 26

Charlie and Carlie spent a portion of the time today in looking for a cottage where we can have more conveniences than at the hotel and where our expenses will not be so heavy. They closed the bargain for a place in Monterey.

27 March 1901 • Wednesday

Wednesday, March 27.

We moved over to the Finch Cottage today. It is admirably located on a hill overlooking Monterey Bay.

28 March 1901 • Thursday

Thursday, March 28

I have not felt so well today and this afternoon had the following telegram sent to Hugh: “My condition critical. You must give up your mission and join me immediately with John Q. and John M.”

29 March 1901 • Friday

Friday, March 29,

I rested a little better last night. Received a telegram from Jno. Q. that he and Jno. M. and Hugh were on the road, they having left Salt Lake on the one o’clock limited train. Have felt very poorly all day.

30 March 1901 • Saturday

Saturday, March 30.

I felt much better today than yesterday.

31 March 1901 • Sunday

Sunday March 31.

Last night Dr. Clift gave me some medicine to reduce the swelling of my limbs. It had the desired effect, to some extent, but seemed to weaken my heart. The boys arrived this afternoon and I spent a little <time> talking with them about my affairs. Was administered to several times. On the train with the boys <from San Francisco> was Bro. Nye.

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