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May 1863

8 May 1863 • Friday

On the 8th May, the “Consignment” sailed with 38 Saints under the Presidency of Elder A. Christensen. On the same day the “B. S. Kimball” sailed for New York with 657 Saints on board, under the Presidency of Elders H. P. Lund, Beckstrom & Vigne. The whole were Scandinavians on both vessels, and on the “Boyd” chief part of the Saints were, also, from Scandinavia; about this date I found it extremely difficult to obtain ships at reasonable terms, as they were in great demand, through the emigration of an extraordinary number of Irish, who it was affirmed, were pecuniarily assisted by the Federal Government with the view of increasing their army. It was also supposed that another reason for the scarcity of vessels and their consequent high rates was the fear of ship owners to send their ships to sea, in consequence of Confederate cruisers being on the look out for American shipping. By the blessing of the Lord I was enabled to procure vessels at as low rates as could be expected, and in time for the embarkation of the people.

19 May 1863 • Tuesday

On the 19th of May, my wife, Elizabeth, gave birth to a fine boy, which I afterwards named George Hoagland Cannon.

22 May 1863 • Friday

On the 22nd the ship “Antarctic,” was cleared with 486 souls of the Saints on board, which were under the Presidency of Elders John Needham, Philip De La Mare and S. H. B. Smith. She sailed the next day. On the 30th the “Cynosure” sailed with 775 souls of the Saints, under the charge of Elders D. M. Stuart, John, S. Gleason and W. G. Smith.

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