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October 1854

[1 October 1854 • Sunday]

On Sunday, conference was continued and after some business was transacted Bro. R. called on me to give a recital of my labors on my mission, which I did and was blessed in speaking.1 Bro. Dewey was likewise requested to give a statement of his labors &c. which he did; it was very interesting and another testimony in favor of the power of God to deliver his people.

[October 1854?]

I hunted the mules that I had traded for and after several day’s hunting I found two mules that the boys who accompanied me said were them. Bro. Lumme very kindly got them shod for me. They were thin, especially one of them, and I thought best to trade them. I made considerable inquiry but did not get a chance that suited me until a day or two before we left, when I made <a> trade, giving a horse &c. as boot, that Bro. John Spitler gave me, for a large span of mules; half an hour after the trade was made one of the mules I had traded, the largest and poorest, was claimed.

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