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November 1870

1 November 1870 • Tuesday

Tuesday, Nov. 1/70 Caroline Beebe, now the wife of Moroni Pratt, adopted sister and cousin of Martha’s, accompanied her to help her with the children to Wanship. Bro. Thos Taylor loaned me his team, his driver & carriage to carry them out. Busy at the Office.

2 November 1870 • Wednesday

Wednesday, Nov. 2/70 Busy Went out with Bro. Hy Grow to Paper Mill. The overshot wheel having broken down, I desired to examine & see whether a turbine wheel would not answer better than any other to drive the machinery. Busy at office through the afternoon.

3 November 1870 • Thursday

Friday, <Thursday,> Nov. 3/70. Started from the City at 8 a.m. in company with Prests. B. Young, Smith, Wells & Jos. Young, Sen. to attend to an investigation of a difficulty between Thos Grover, & his wife Hannah. We held it in Bro. Grover’s house at Farmington. The family was present and a good feeling was manifested. It was decided that Bro. Grover [blank]

At 12 o’clock went to meeting house where people were assembled and Bro’s. Geo. A. Smith, Jos. Young, Sen., myself and Pres. Young addressed the people. A good spirit prevailed. After meeting took dinner at Bishop John W. Hess’. The special train which brought us up came back at 4 p.m. for us, bro’s. Jos. A., Brigham, Jr., & John W. Young & D. O. Calder accompanied the train. Reached the city at 5 p.m. Spent the evening in writing history & missionary sketch for the Juvenile Instructor.

4 November 1870 • Friday

Friday, Nov. 4/70. Started this morning with Brigham, Jr. in his buggy for Tooele city. The First Presidency were in company & besides ourselves of the Twelve Apostles, there were Orson Pratt, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, Jos. F Smith, & Albert Carrington and Bro’s. Musser, Faust, Thos Taylor, John Hy. Smith, John Squires and O. P. Arnold. We were met by escort, and passed thro’ E. T. city to the Woolen factory. A newly-built dam, an expensive work, was leaking, the wall had partly fallen down & the dirt had settled. The soil was very porous and was underlayed by a bed of quicksand, which caused the whole structure to give way. The factory was in danger through the soaking of the water under the ground; <at> the spot a circular hole had sunk in which the water had raised & run off. This hole was probably 16 feet deep & was not far from the building. It was deemed best to let the water out of the dam. A channel was dug, which the water soon widened. It was a grand sight, for the water was an immense body and it made quite a cataract as it poured over the dam. We took a lunch at a house close by. Then drove to Tooele City. Were met by the Band and the people & children, who lined the street on each side. I took supper at Bishop Rowberry’s. Slept with Bro. Carrington at Bro. Tait’s.

5 November 1870 • Saturday

Saturday, Nov. 5/70. Met at 10 o’clock in the fine stone meeting house in this place. Pres. Young spoke 13 minutes. His words were instructive & consoling. He was glad to see the people and to meet with them in so comfortable a place. He dwelt upon the manner in which the spirit of apostacy grows upon the people. Pres. Wells followed upon the command of God to gather out from Babylon to do the will of God, not our own will. His remarks were very spirited & instructive. He occupied about 50 minutes. He was followed by Br. W. Woodruff who spoke very earnestly & with force upon the ancient prophecies and the victory the Lord has given to His people and the manner in which the enemies of Zion & those who fight against her have perished. Were he an officer under the Government he would not want to accept an office in Utah—it was not a healthy place for those who opposed the work of God, He fought against them & they perished. His remarks occupied 23 minutes. After singing I was requested to dismiss. We administered to a deaf woman, Pres. Young being mouth. Met at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Prayer by O. Pratt. Elder John Taylor spoke 64 minutes on various principles that were instructive & well-adapted to the circumstances of the people. He referred to the apostacy of men & said no man ever apostatized from the truth who knew it without cause. He had transgressed in some manner. He exhorted the Saints to live so as to have the light of the Spirit shining upon them continually, to think more of their religion and of the things of God than of what they should eat or drink or with what they should be clothed; to be honest, loving, kind; to co for husbands & wives to be as kind & courteous to each other after marriage as they were before; for everyone to seek to do to others all the good possible. As for anger it should not be indulged in. We hear of mad bulls, mad dogs; but who can think about a mad Saint. Grantsville choir sung, & then Bro. Joseph F. Smith addressed the congregation for 34 minutes. He cited the example <of Jesus,> his prayer at his death for his enemies, his precepts, his willingness to do the will of his Father and made application <of it> to the Saints. Bro. Pratt dismissed the meeting. Ate dinner at Bishop Rowberry’s. In evening at ½ past 6 met. Bro. Musser prayed[.] Bro. Albert Carrington addressed the congregation for 77 minutes. Choir sung. Bro. Brigham, Jr., spoke for 23 minutes; his and Bro. Carrington’s testimonies & instructions were very excellent. Bro. Woodruff spoke a few minutes about the organization of the Parent Society for the cultivation of Stock, Fish, Bees, &c. I was called upon to dismiss.

6 November 1870 • Sunday

Sunday, Nov. 6/70 <A very windy morning> Bro. Wells opened with the meeting with prayer. Bro. Orson Pratt read the 3rd par. of 12th chapter of 2nd Book of Nephi, and spoke for 41 minutes. He showed the manner in which the Adversary led the people along to deny God, to disbelieve in the devil & in hell, and how plainly the predictions of Nephi had been fulfilled by <in> the system called Spiritualism. He made a calculation of how many spirits there are cast out with Satan & he reckoned that there were at least 50 of these spirits to every inhabitant now on the earth. I was afterwards called upon to speak, which I did for 46 minutes, commencing by reading an extract from the 3rd chap. of 1st Book of Nephi and commenting upon that & showing how Satan had obtained power over the people by suppressing or taking away of the plain and precious parts of the scriptures, & how this power would decrease by the restoration of those parts, by the revelation of other records & by the doing away of the false traditions which had fastened themselves upon the people. Then depicted the blessed condition we were in through our obedience to the Priesthood -- <all> that which we enjoyed to-day which distinguished us from other people had been bestowed upon us because we had listened to counsel. I had a good flow of the spirit & spoke freely. Meeting dismissed by Elder Thos Taylor. A list of <names of> brethren were called to form a school of the Prophets in this place & Grantsville. They met after meeting, elected Bishop John Rowberry, President, Bro. Atkin, Sen., Vice-President, Bro. Geo. Atkin, Secretary and Bro. Richd Warburton, Treasurer. Met at 1 p.m. Bro. Orson Pratt prayed. Pres. Geo. A. Smith read a portion of 1st chap. of Job, and spoke for 59 minutes. He alluded to the effect of wealth on the minds of the people, also to mining, counseling the people to open farms, build houses, make orchards & gardens, establish factories and develop the country instead of spending time in digging a hole in the ground. If a man had what he thought was a good claim to secure & make what he could out of it; but not to spend his means and his time upon it. If a man did follow mining it was not necessary that he should curse, swear, smoke & chew tobacco, drink whisky & mingle with the wicked. He ought not to lay his religion aside under any circumstances, but to always carry it with him. He dwelt plainly & pointedly upon <the > Word of Wisdom; also about Co-operative herding, cheese-factories, farming, &c. President B. Young then addressed the Saints for 39 minutes on a great variety of interesting subjects. The spirit should preside over the body, the flesh & the traditions of the world should not lead the spirit. Mining is associated with wickedness. It is a tradition that if a man have wealth, he must indulge in luxury; if he have luxury, he must have extravagance; and with extravagance he must have sin. Better for the Saints to raise potatoes & to live on them and live their religion & enjoy its blessings than to have the riches of the earth & apostatize. If the Saints work at mining, let them save <earn> their wages honestly & save what they earn & spend it wisely. But shall we <not> mine for ourselves? If you do, do it as you would sow wheat & not in a spirit of speculation. He served a liberal master the Lord rewards his faithful servants; he did Job. This land will yet be Th Zion will be built in this valley, in other valleys & on the entire continent. The riches of the earth will be brought to Zion. Let the gold be dug, it will save the Saints the trouble of digging it. The streets of the New Jerusalem will yet be paved with it, vessels, untensils [utensils], candlesticks &c will be made of it. The Lord when he needs it can bring it to the surface & he can hide it. For eighteen years men have been hunting for the precious metals as much as they are now; but they now begin to find it. The Lord can cover it up as easily as he has brought it to light.

[approx. 12 illegible words] in the person of [approx. 8 illegible words] to settle [illegible word] I have had trouble with him

12 November 1870 • Saturday

Saturday, Nov. 12/70 This morning a party consisting of the First Presidency and Bro’s. John Taylor, Geo. Q. Cannon, B. Young, Jr.[,] Jos. F. Smith & A. Carrington of the Twelve Apostles, star and many other elders & bishops with portions of their families left <Salt Lake City> by special train for Ogden meetings for to-day and to-morrow having been appointed . We reached without accident and in good time. I took with me my wife Elizabeth, <John A. West> and my daughter Mary Alice. We went to Bro. John Hoagland’s inviting Bro. Carrington & his two wives & boy to accompany us, he being but little acquainted here. At 10 o’Clock we assembled at the Tabernacle and the meeting was opened by prayer, Bro. Brigham, Jr., being mouth. President Geo. A. Smith addressed the Saints for 28 minutes. President D H Wells followed in remarks occupying 55 minutes. The remarks made this morning were reported in full. Dismissed by Bro. Carrington praying. I enjoyed an excellent dinner at Br. John’s having started without my breakfast. Met at half past one. Bro. E. D Woolley prayed, Bro. Carrington spoke 35 minutes. I followed in remarks occupying about 50 minutes. I obtained great freedom, the Lord blessed me with a goodly outpouring of the Spirit and I felt to cry aloud with joy. I was called upon to dismiss. In the evening at ½ past 6 we again met[.] Bro. Joseph F. Smith addressed the congregation for 12 minutes.

13 November 1870 • Sunday

Sunday, Nov. 13/70 Passed a quiet night & slept sweetly. At 10 o’clock again met at the Tabernacle. Bro. E. F. Sheets prayed and Elder John Taylor occupied 51 minutes in speaking[.] He was followed by President Joseph Young who occupied 52 minutes. Meeting was dismissed by Elder S. W. Richards. I accompanied President Young to Br. Lorin Farr, where he was staying, & partook of a little food. Afternoon meeting opened by Br. Elias Smith in prayer. Sacrament administered to the large <crowded> congregation. President B. Young addressed the people for 85 minutes. This discourse embraced a great variety of instructions, and was reported by Bro. D. W. Evans. Meeting dismissed by prayer – Geo. A Smith being mouth. We returned to the city that evening.

14 November 1870 • Monday

Monday, Nov. 14/70 Rode up on horseback to the Warm Springs and took a bath. Busy writing for News and Juvenile Instructor.

15 November 1870 • Tuesday

Tuesday, 15th. Rode down to my farm and examined with Bro. Swenson, one of the neighbors, the canals. Busy all day at office, writing &c. In evening attended meeting at Historian Office to canvass articles of agreement, drawn up by committee appointed for that purpose at meeting of stockholders of Zion’s Co-operative Mercantile Institution, for the purpose of organizing under the Statute passed by Legislative Assembly last winter for to provide for the organization of Co-operative associations.

16 November 1870 • Wednesday

Wednesday, 16th. Busy at Office, writing for Evening News and Juvenile Instructor. At President Young’s office in the evening.

17 November 1870 • Thursday

Thursday, Nov. 17th, 1870. Engaged as yesterday. In evening read sermon to President Young which he delivered last Sunday – with a view to its publication.

18 November 1870 • Friday

Friday, Nov. 18th. Attended funeral of little son of Bro. Thos Williams. Finished reading sermon to President Young. In evening attended meeting of corporators of Zion’s Co-operative Mercantile Institution and signed articles of agreement. I was elected one of the Board of Directors. Sent a carriage & horses out to Wanship this morning in care of Bro. Moroni Pratt to bring in my his wife and my wife and twins, who had gone out <there> for their health.

19 November 1870 • Saturday

Saturday, 19th. Dictating to my son John Q. articles for Juvenile Instructor & busy variously. Attended School of Prophets at 1 p.m. President D H Wells prayed and President Geo. A. Smith spoke very instructively. Bishop Hunter spoke, <&> called for labor tithing to work on paper mill. By request of President Young and <I> followed, also on the labor necessary to remodel the paper mill; then followed on principle and had very good liberty. Pres. Young made the closing remarks. He was very kind & fatherly in his expressions. He alluded to his and Bro. Geo. A. Smith’s departure in a few days for the South, to spend the cold season in a warmer climate. President Wells would be left in charge, and in alluding to him the President spoke more eulogistically than I think I ever heard him speak about any man before, at least to the man’s face. He said if the people would follow him they would be safe & have “good peace” this winter, he would warrant that. Pres. Wells was an excellent judge of law, equity, <truth> and righteousness, & he would point out to the people, if they would listen to him the path to pursue; he had knew him before he joined the Church and had been intimate with him since. In closi I was pleased to hear the President speak in this strain of Bro. Wells, for he is a modest, kind & lovely man. In closing President Young blessed the brethren & their families. Went to Warm Springs in buggy with Bro. Brigham, Jr.; Joseph A. & John W. Young were along. In evening attended meeting to give bonds and Director of Zion’s Co-operative Mercantile Institution and to qualify – the Probate Judge, Elias Smith, being present. My bondsmen were B. Young, Jr and Robert L. Campbell. The amount of the bond was one thousand dollars. Afterward called on Uncle John Taylor, who was sick.

20 November 1870 • Sunday

Sunday, Nov. 20th, 1870. Pres. Geo. A. Smith called at my house to have me accompany him to Uncle Taylor’s. We found him a little better. Meeting at Old Tabernacle at 11 a.m. Bishop E. D Woolley prayed; Bro. Geo. A. spoke, occupying 40 minutes. I was called upon to dismiss. Met at Endowment House with my circle, I being mouth in prayer & H P Richards mouth in circle. At 1 p.m. met again at Tabernacle. Jas. W. Cummings opened by prayer. Sacrament was administered and President B. Young addressed the people for 75 minutes. His remarks were sweet & excellent. They were reported. Meeting was dismissed by prayer from Orson Pratt. Met in circle, and in evening spoke at 14th Ward meeting and was followed by Bro. W. Woodruff.

21 November 1870 • Monday

Monday, Nov. 21/70 [573 Hawaiian words redacted because they address deeply personal matters between Cannon and his family.] 1

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