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May 1852

1 May 1852 • Saturday

This day had been appointed by the Conference as <a> day of fasting and prayer. We went down to the morning meeting and met with the brethren of Wai<e>hu; after which started for Wailuku; and met according to appointment at a house up the [‘Iao] Valley. The spirit was very powerfully felt by all present and they were melted to tears many of them. Bro. N. spoke once or twice, I never heard him speak as powerfully before and he bore1 the most powerful testimony of any native I had before heard. We held meeting until afternoon and then left to fill another appointment upon the other side of the creek [‘Iao Stream], leaving Bros. N. & Uaua and the remainder of the brethren there as they thought of baptising some &c. I baptised four before going over to the meeting; one of the four was a young man[—]the younger brother of one of the brethren[—]who was nearly dead and the teacher, deacons and some of the brethren sat up all the night previous with him laying hands upon him and praying for him; and he was so much restored that he was able to arise and go around and be baptised. They rejoiced much in this thing and said that the Lord answered their prayers and it strengthened and confirmed their faith. At meeting we confirmed them and had a good deal of the spirit; from there we adjourned over to the regular place of meeting for afternoon meeting of all the branch; Bro. H. returned to Waiehu. After meeting commenced, Bros. N. &c. &c. joined us from their meeting above; they arose in meeting and gave us an account of the proceedings. A person that they had been called upon to baptise, had been crawling for five years not able to walk upright; she was beleiving and three of them went to pray with her that she might be restored—afterwards they commanded her in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to arise and walk—she immediately stood up and walked and they afterwards baptised <her>—those who saw her were astonished at it & several came into the Church at the same time. They seemed to be filled with the spirit while dilating upon it and upon the marvellous power of the Lord as manifested in the Church in these days. I was so full that language was too faint to attempt to describe my feelings, I could not talk; this was felt by Bro. Uaua also. When I compared my present feelings with the feelings experienced by me this time last year in this place, and I looked at the progress of the work and the power of my Father that accompanied it; I felt that the goodness of the Lord was adorable and past describing. This day has been one of my feast days, a day that gives the soul food for reflection for some time and is not with its reminiscences easily erased from the memory. The meeting kept on until after dark. After eating supper I started for Makawao, having an appointment for the morrow there. I arrived there about midnight. Bros. Winchester and Burnham and family were sitting up waiting having understood that I was coming.

2 May 1852 • Sunday

I was awakened this morning by Bro. Hawkins, who had slept at Bro. Gaston’s. Bro. G’s babe after our administration2 had recovered and is doing well. We held native meeting in Bro’s. W. & B’s carpenter shop at 9 o’clock and had a very good meeting. I preached and was followed by Bro. Hawkins. We then dismissed and went over to the house and held English meeting. I preached upon the first principles and was blessed in endeavoring to explain them by a good flow of the spirit. There was a stranger present (a Mr. Calyer) who was desirous apparently to understand. Bro. H., Bro. Burnham, & Bro. W. followed and bore testimony to what had been said as being truth. After meeting, we again assembled the Native brethren and sisters and held meeting and attended to the Lord’s supper and a very good time. A good <many> of the brethren and sisters from Kula were present. After supper we held the White [English language] meeting and attended to the Sacrament.

3 May 1852 • Monday

Reading &c. I was told yesterday of the abuse that one of the brethren (Bro. [Marcus] Baker) received from the hands of a man of the name of Minor [Edwin Miner], a planter, who struck him five times and kicked him twice for presuming to tell his opinion to in regard to our doctrine and for explaining it to a half white, a son of this man’s friend. Bro. B. claimed the privilege of telling his opinions when and where he pleased, and for this M. abused him. Bro. B was mild in his language, neither did he resent—but told him that he would leave his case with the Lord.

4 May 1852 • Tuesday

Reading &c.

5 May 1852 • Wednesday

do. do.

6 May 1852 • Thursday

Held meeting this evening having been joined by Bro. Hammond. We had a very good meeting and much good instruction was given.3

7 May 1852 • Friday

Returned this morning to Waiehu.

8 May 1852 • Saturday

In evening attended meeting.

9 May 1852 • Sunday

Attended meeting early this morning. And afterwards went over to Wailuku, and had an excellent meeting there and I enjoyed a strong flow of the spirit while speaking. In afternoon had a very good meeting. Baptised two.4

10 May 1852 • Monday

Variously engaged.5

11 May 1852 • Tuesday

Returned to Wailuku to Council Meeting.6

12 May 1852 • Wednesday

Attended in company with Bro. Hammond to a meeting upon the other side of the Creek early in the morning. Bro. H. returned to Waiehu.

13 May 1852 • Thursday

Translating &c. &c.

14 May 1852 • Friday

do. do.

15 May 1852 • Saturday

There had been a woman baptised who belonged to the <other> Church; she called upon Bros. Napela and Uaua to administer to her for her disease which was something resembling dropsy [edema]—she tried various remedies but without any benefit—she was willing to covenant that she would forsake her sins and be baptised—they done according and the swelling left her and she was baptised. She attended meeting last Sunday; and afterwards made remarks derogatory to the work, and her swelling returned. In evening I went to Waiehu.

16 May 1852 • Sunday

Returned to Wailuku this morning, and held meeting; <we> had a very good meeting and I enjoyed it much; both morning and evening.7 Since we covenanted to fast upon Sundays, I have experienced an addition in strength and faith in preaching &c. I forgot to mention that I received a letter from Bro. Lewis, Honolulu of the 2nd of May. He was well and had baptised one white man by the name of [Edward] Dennis. Bro. [Henry] Bigler had started upon a tour around the Island and calculated to join Bro. [William] Farrer. Bro. L. wrote that Bro. Martin by whom we had sent our letters had turned to drinking again &c. This I was much grieved to hear, as I had had hopes that Bro. M. would have had strength to resist this <to him> the greatest almost of all temptations as <he> was an old sailor.—I also received a letter from Bro. [John] Woodbury, Kau [Ka‘u], Hawaii [Hawai‘i]; there was nothing special in his letter—he said that he and his lady [Elvira Woodbury] intended coming up here upon a visit.

17 May 1852 • Monday

Reading &c.8 Bro. Keeler arrived here from Kaupo by way of Honuaula [Honua‘ula]. He was well and in good spirits.

18 May 1852 • Tuesday

Attended Council meeting.9

19 May 1852 • Wednesday

Writing &c. Bro. Keeler returned. Attended meeting in afternoon.

20 May 1852 • Thursday

Translating &c. Bro. Hammond and Napela started for Koolau [Ko‘olau], to regulate the affairs of the branch there [Ke‘anae].

21 May 1852 • Friday

Translating &c.

22 May 1852 • Saturday

do. do. In evening attended meeting and had a pleasant <time.> Afterwards went over to Waiehu.

23 May 1852 • Sunday

Returned to Wailuku this morning to attend meeting. It is seldom that I have enjoyed as much of the spirit and of <the power> [of] my Father as I did in meeting this morning. We had also a good meeting in the afternoon. In evening held another very good meeting at10 Waiehu. My joy has been full upon these lands, and I feel that the Lord ought to be the object of my unbounded adoration; for when I look at myself and see the kindness and beneficence that I have experienced at his hand from earliest childhood unto the present time, and that notwithstanding my faults numerous as they have been, I have been blessed so very much, my joy has been constant, I have, and do feel that I enjoy a glorious privilege in being permitted to hold this priesthood and being the bearer of a message that angels delight <to bear>, the renewal of the covenant and the tidings of salvation to fallen man. In remembering that my forefathers died in ignorance of these things, it fills me with wonder at the condescension of the Lord to me in permitting me to come forth in this generation and partake of these things; for, if he had not opened my eyes and prepared my heart for the reception of the truth, I might have rejected it as hundreds, nay thousands of others have done. I feel my <own> unworthiness and sinfulness <very much,> this is the cause of my wonder at my <having> been blessed and privileged as I have been, and I do feel to cry to My Heavenly Father that my blessings may not prove to my injury; for I have known <men to be> blessed with great blessings and not be able to stand under <them> without being exalted and lifted up and so their very blessings would prove their destruction. My prayer is that it may not be so with me; but that amid blessing and prosperity I may keep humble, by ascribing the power and strength to the great Giver.

24 May 1852 • Monday

Writing &c. Wrote a long letter to Bro. Lewis, Honolulu writing all the news that I had.11

25 May 1852 • Tuesday

Returned to Wailuku to Council Meeting.

26 May 1852 • Wednesday

Translating &c. In evening attended meeting.

27 May 1852 • Thursday

Translating &c.

28 May 1852 • Friday

do. do. Bros. H. & N. returned from Koolau; they had been quite successful and had set the branch in order; they <re>baptised all that professed to belong to the Church and left them enjoying a good spirit.12 This evening went over to Wai<e>hu with the intention of going from there to Makawao.

29 May 1852 • Saturday

Started for Makawao I was caught in a shower and arrived at Bro. Winchester’s quite wet. I stopped and eat and from there went up to Bro. Burnham’s where Bro. Hawkins was staying. It being late and my clothes <wet> Bro. H & I concluded to stay until morning. In evening held meeting with a few natives.

30 May 1852 • Sunday

It threatened rain very much to-day when we arrived at Kula Bro. H. & myself but we told the people to exercise faith; it commenced raining just after arriving there I went out and asked the Lord to bless us with fine weather and I arose from my knees with the feeling and conviction that if the people would beleive we should have a fine day. We met under a very large Kukui tree which afforded a delightful shade and had a beautiful day although it rained on all sides of us. I preached in the forenoon and commenced with an excellent flow of the spirit; but afterwards lost it and I had [as a] consequence a hard time. I had desired to come up here and give them a good preach and teach them principle; but the Lord saw fit to humble me and I felt to be chastened under his hand for I felt and realised that if I should be blest and obtain every thing that I wanted that I should be lifted up and it would probably be the cause of my destruction, by being left to myself occasionally I realised the source from which13 all my strength proceeded. Bro. H. spoke a few minutes also. After meeting we baptised 17 a good many of them old stand attenders at our meetings and had at last mustered resolution to join. In afternoon confirmed them; Bro. H. & Kaleohano spoke and afterwards I arose and was blest with an abundant flow of the spirit and was able to teach and explain to my heart’s content. We attended to the Lord’s supper and several of the brethren spoke. After meeting returned to Makawao.

31 May 1852 • Monday

Raining nearly all day.

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