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November 1860

6 November 1860 • Tuesday

Tuesday, Nov. 6th/60. Started from Fremont very early in morning, traveled 15 miles to Elk Horn and breakfasted. The road was frozen to the Horn, but from there to Florence it was thawed and very bad traveling; we reached there about 4 p.m. the animals very much tired.

7–10 November 1860 • Tuesday through Friday

Nov. 7th to 10th. Busily employed during this period in appraising the brethren’s outfit and settling up with them. Bros. Sabin and Bennet were selected to take charge of the animals through the winter; they were to take them out toward the Desmoines country.

11 November 1860 • Sunday

Sunday, the 11th. Bro. Orson Pratt, by invitation of some leading citizens of Omaha, preached in the U.S. Court Room to a large congregation. The people were interested and his remarks were generally liked.

12–29 November 1860 • Monday through Thursday

Monday to Wednesday the 14th. Waiting at Omaha for a boat which has been expected for six days. Went aboard about 3 p.m. in company with some twenty-five of the elders and sisters; very much crowded, accommodations but limited. Landed at St. Joe on Sunday, the 18th, in the morning. Left on Monday morning for Chicago, reached there the next morning; bought <first class> tickets for the party at 2nd class rates, settled with Schuttler and attended to other business. I sent Elizabeth in charge of David to visit her relatives in Michigan, while I went back to St. Louis to see Capt. Hooper and see about converting a draft, drawn on myself <for funds> to payment of for the brethren’s outfit bought by the Church. Went by the C. Alton & St. L. R. R., reached there on Wednesday morning. Capt. H. did not reach in time for business from St. J. that day. I saw him Thursday morning. Could not sell the draft. Left in evening for Quincy in company with Bro’s Kay, Staines & Needham & Sister Voyce; detained on way; reached there late Friday night. Went by rail to Chicago in morning. For want of opportunity, had to stop until Sunday night. Reached Detroit Monday, the 26th, the brethren went on, I remained to get Elizabeth. She had enjoyed her visit. Left on evening train and reached New York Tuesday night. Visited Elizabeth’s cousin, N. D. Herder, on Thursday, thanksgiving day. Stopped with Bro. Miles at Brooklyn. Met with the Saints at Brooklyn on the same evening, Thursday.

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