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November 1864

6 November 1864 • Sunday

Sunday, Nov. 6th/64. Attended morning meeting at the Tabernacle. Bro’s. Talbot, Thos O. King and John Y. Gerber spoke, followed by Bro. Wilford Woodruff. In the afternoon Bro’s. Warren S. Snow, Wm Fotheringham and Geo. Halliday spoke and Bro. Brigham followed in some excellent remarks (Extract from sermon)[.] Attended Quorum meeting with Bro’s. Brigham, Woodruff and Taylor. I opened by prayer; Bro Brigham was mouth in the Circle. It rained in the evening. I attended meeting in the 13th Ward School House. I spoke, and was followed by Bishop E. D. Woolley. I did not have that freedom which I desire to have in speaking to the people. After meeting I went with Bro. Godbe, who is Bishop Woolley’s counsellor, to his house and ate Supper with him.

7 November 1864 • Monday

Monday, Nov. 7/64. Bro’s. Bull and Bentley and their wives and Sister Griffith’s and her children took supper at the house and spent the evening with us.

9 November 1864 • Wednesday

Wednesday, Nov. 9/64. Drawing out instructions for Elders F. A. Hammond and Geo. Nebeker, Missionaries to the Sandwich islands.

10 November 1864 • Thursday

Thursday, Nov. 10/64. Finishing instructions and writing letters for the brethren to take with them. The brethren started to-day, having first been set apart under the hands of Presidents Young and Kimball and Elder Wilford and myself. They evinced considerable feeling, especially Bro. Hammond. May the Lord bless and preserve these brethren, and enable them to accomplish their Mission successfully. Attended <the> Bishops’ Friday, Nov. 11/64. meeting this evening in company with Pres. Young. He spoke upon the propriety of the Bishops taking measures to prevent persons with disfigured faces &c coming to meeting without covering their faces – the effect of such sights is injurious to women in a delicate condition. The opening of a canal between the upper part of the Jordan and city was discussed and a Committee of eleven persons chosen to give shape and organization to the company. President Young expressed his feelings very strongly in favor of the speedy completion of that part of the canal from Cottonwood to the City, so that the granite rock for the Temple can be brought by boat to there. He offered to contribute, as Trustee-in-Trust $50,000 towards the Canal. He thought the company ought to calculate on having $500,000 worth of stock in the Canal.

Thursday, Nov. 10/64. At the Office and wrote two or three letters.

11 November 1864 • Friday

Saturday <Friday>, Nov. 11/64 Wrote two letters this morning. Made preparations and started at a few minutes past noon in company with President Brigham Young and one of his wives, his sons Joseph A. and John W., Bro. Wilford Woodruff, Col. R. T. Burton, Bro. Geo. D. Watt & wife, Bro’s. Zebulon Jacobs and Geo. Crisman and Wm Streeper, the last two named were with Bro. Woodruff. I rode in the carriage with Bro. Geo. D. Watt and wife. The horses were Bro. Joseph A. Young’s and the carriage the President’s. The day was beautiful and the ride a very pleasant one.

We reached Kay’s Ward about 4 p.m., and I stopped with the most of the brethren at Bishop Cristopher Layton’s, who treated us with great kindness. In the evening Bro’s. John Taylor and Geo. A. Smith came up from the City. Uncle Taylor had his wife Jane with him.

12 November 1864 • Saturday

Saturday, Nov. 12/64. The meeting commenced at 10 o’clock this morning. The Meeting House is a very fine one – the only fault being the lowness of the ceiling. The house is [blank] feet long and [blank] feet wide. Bro. Geo. A. Smith, John Taylor and Joseph A. Young [blank]

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