July 1864

1 July 1864 • Friday

Friday July 1 1864 The following missionaries arrived to day from the valley[:] C. Widerborg, Jesse Cherry[,] Geo W Cleavland],] Geo W. Gee, Seth M. Blair Jr[,] Ephraim Williams, George J. Linford & Wm Williams. They were <are> all enjoying good health and spirits and are fine looking men. They left New York on the 18th of June. I received a letter this morning from Bro Brigham Young Jr in which he informs me of Bro his and Bro Wells’s safe arrival across the plains with their folks. He and his wife reached New York on the 15th of June. Bro Wells had gone by way of St Louis to attend to some business. Busy in the Office all day

2 July 1864 • Saturday

Saturday July 2nd. 1864. Variously engaged in Office[;] wrote a letter to President Young, and one to Brother Joseph A. Young. Bro Jesse N. Smith sailed on the S.S. Australasian this morning at ½ past 8 Oclock for New York. Bros Weiderborg, John W Young & myself accompanied him on board

3 July 1864 • Sunday

Sunday July 3rd 1864 Attended meeting to day at the Saints Chapel, Bros Weiderborg, Ephraim T. Williams[,] Seth M. Blair Jr[,] John Sharp Jr and John W. Young & myself spoke this morning in the morning. Bros In the evening Bro T. Taylor & myself spoke. A number of strangers were present. I bore a farewell testimony, conforming thereby the testimonies and teachings previously given them. After this meeting I returned to the Office and held a meeting with the Missionaries, and gave them such instructions as the Spirit dictated, dwelling particularly upon the dreadful consequences which attended lusting after women and solemnly warning them against this same. Much excellent counsel was given, and we rejoiced in the Spirit which we enjoyed. Bros T. Taylor & Widerborg bore testimony to what had been said

4 July 1864 • Monday

Monday, July 4.1864 Wrote some letters and engaged in Office business. Wrote a supplement to an article of Brother Geo Sims of [on?] Phrenology, expressing my views on that subject.

5 July 1864 • Tuesday

Tuesday, July 5. 1864 Wrote several letters, and dictated several items for the Star. I forgot to mention on Friday July 1st that I received a letter from Elder Ezra T. Benson, on n began April 12th at Honolulu Oahu finished May 21st at San Francisco, in which he informed me of his & Brother Snow, Joseph F Smith & Alma L. Smith’s journey to the Sandwich Islands and their Cutting off Walter M. Gibson. He had gorged himself and grown rich out of the labors of the natives, despensing the Priesthood for money, and best pretending to bestow authority upon them which he himself did not hold. Elder Joseph F Smith[,] W. W. Cluff & A. L. Smith, remained on the Islands. I learned by the Deseret News that Elders Benson & Snow reached home in safety on the 29th of May having performed their Mission to the Islands from the 2nd of March. Bro Benson informs me that they had a very narrow escape from drowning while landing at Lahaina[.] The Vessel anchored out in the roadstead and they came ashore in a small boat. The In consequence of a Strong South wind which had been blowing for several days, the surf was running very high and their boat was capsized[;] they remained some time in the water and were rescued by some natives. Bro Lorenzo Snow was out of the water twenty minutes before he gave signs of life. Their escape was truly a narrow one.

6 July 1864 • Wednesday

Wednesday July 6. 1864. Variously engaged in Office[.] Sent off a letter to my wife Elizabeth and another to Sarah Jane. Fanny Kidd, my cousin, called upon me.

7 July 1864 • Thursday

Thursday, July 7th/64. Received a letter from my wife Elizabeth to-day, from which I learn with much pleasure that they were well, though John Q. and Abraham had had the measles. They were all looking anxiously for my return. John Q. had told his mother as she was writing that “there would only be three more fast days until before Pa would return.” Rather an amusing way of measuring time. The news which I have received through the letters of Bro Joseph Bull and John C Graham, received which came to hand this morning from New York, respecting the same arrival of the ship “Gen M’Clellan” with her precious freight, has filled me with great joy. They reached New York on the 23rd and had after an exceedingly delightful passage. One infant, whose mother had died before it left England, died on the passage and two children were born. Bro. Graham writes as follows: I received a letter from Bro. Joseph A. Young in which he informs me that Bro. Wells had not arrived in New York from the West and that Bro. Brigham, Jr intended to stay at New York until Bro Joseph A. had about finished his business – say July 10th – and then he would sail for England. Commenced an editorial: [blank]

Went up with Sister Brothers John W Young, Thos Taylor & J. G. Romney to Sister Spencer’s to tea. Sister Lawrenceson was there. Bro John Sharp <Jr> and Seth M Blair Jr. started for Scotland to-day.

8 July 1864 • Friday

Friday, July 8th/64. Finished my editorial. Wrote some letters. Went up in the afternoon with several of the brethren and sisters to the <a> Bazaar which had been instituted for the purpose of purchasing a yacht for Garabaldi.

9 July 1864 • Saturday

Saturday, July 9th/64. In company with Bro. John W. Young I started at 11.30 A.M. for Southampton to attend Conference there to-morrow. We had a very tedious day’s travel, having to go to London and make four changes of carriages on the way, and not reaching until a few minutes before midnight. We were met at the Station by Bro’s. Junius S. Fullmer and Jonas N Beck who escorted us to the Conference House where we found Bro’s C. Y. Bird, who was afflicted with sore eyes, Bro’s D. P. and Brigham W Kimball, who welcomed us warmly.

10 July 1864 • Sunday

Sunday, July 10th/64 Held meetings three times to-day with the Saints and had a very a good Conference, much good instruction having been given. I spoke in the three meetings and was much blessed with strength and the Spirit in speaking. All the Elders before-named <also> spoke briefly. We took dinner at Bro. Miller’s and tea at Bro. Marchbank’s.

11 July 1864 • Monday

Monday, July 11th/64. Telegraphed to Bro. Wm Willes at Bristol that I would meet him at Bro Alford’s to-morrow. We went in the afternoon and had a bathe in the sea. There were five eight of us from the Valley and two or three native elders. There was a boat anchored out a tolerably good distance from the shore to which two or three of the brethren swam. When Being warm I did not go into the water as soon as the rest and when I saw them sitting there I swam out to them and climbed on to the boat. Just as I did so, the owner of the boat seeing us, shouted to us to get off the boat. When I jumped back into the water, feeling much out of breath, I turned over on my back and swam for a little distance; but upon perceiving that I did not make headway in the direction I wished, owing to the drifting of the tide, I turned over again. After swimming about half way back, I found my breath failing me so fast that I thought I would scarcely reach where the landing. Not wishing to go under without <the> brethren knowing my position, as they were all busy swimming and playing close to the bath-house and were not noticing me, I called to them to come and help me. My call for help scared them considerably and three of them: Bro’s. Jonas N Beck, David P. Kimball and John W. Young, immediately started towards me. Bro. Beck being the nearest reached first and he, and afterwards Bro. David, put their hands as though to sustain or help me. When I felt their hands touched me they disturbed and embarrassed me, and I told them not to touch me. They then swam alongside of me, Bro. John W. Young telling me to take it easy. Their presence encouraged me and I kept on and finally reached the platform from which we started to swim, Bro. Bird was standing there and he stretched out his hand which I grasped, and felt wonderfully thankful and relieved upon landing. After getting ashore I was seized with cramp so severely that I could not dress for some time. In the evening there was a tea party in the Saints’ Hall which I with the other elders attended. Songs & recitations enlivened the Saints and I spoke also also made some remarks to them.

12 July 1864 • Tuesday

Tuesday, July 12th/64. Started for Gillingham this morning to go to Bro Alford’s. After Not finding anyone to meet me I started afoot to Brouton, to and while on the way met a boy with a pony coming to meet me. I found Bro’s. Alford and Willes had not yet returned from Bristol. They came ab late in the afternoon. Bro. Willes took me out and com into the garden and told gave me a relation of Bro. Alford’s troubles. He had before joining the Church become diseased and his health had been somewhat impaired thereby. He had formed an engagement with a girl with the expectation of going to the Valley this season and they had been married by one of the Elders but not by the according to the requirements of the law. He found himself unable to go this season; but the mother of the girl thought that as the matter had gone so far, that the marriage should be completed legally. She pressed this, but Bro. Alford ever since the girl was married to him by one of the Elders has suffered much torment of mind & feels that he has committed an unpardonable sin. He <has> recoiled at the idea of consummating the marriage, thinking that he is unfit to take the part of a husband and that he would be perpretating a great wrong upon the girl. His wife and her mother cannot understand his course and they are beginning to feel indignant at the his treatment of them. This increases his misery which is very great; in fact, his folks have feared that he would lose his senses, and he acts now more like a man that has a living hell in his bosom than like a Saint. He attaches blame to Bro. Geo. Halliday for urging the match and counselling him as he did. I counselled him to fully make known his condition to his wife – it was but a common justice to her, and then if she chose to have him, all right; if she did not, though it would be a disappointment to her, as the he had not consummated the marriage, and the ceremony which had been performed was not recognized as legal by the laws of England – the harm would not be so great as if he had gone further. This I told to Bro. Willes and afterward to Bro. Alford himself. I never saw a man, scarcely, who appeared <to be> in such torment as the latter. I talked to him very freely and encouragingly and as I thought with some effect; but the adversary had great power over him and <it> seemed to be extremely hard for him to shake off his influence. His health was so poor that I recommended his baptism seven times for his health. I was much moved by this young man’s wretched condition, and it afforded me a vivid picture of punishment which follows transgression & the violation of the laws of life and salvation.

13-30 July 1864 • Wednesday to Saturday

Wednesday, July 13th/64. I started early this morning for Liverpool. Through the pressure of business I have not kept my journal daily for several weeks, so that I am under the necessity of summarizing.

Bro. Thos. Taylor had appointed a conference at Manchester for Sunday, the 17th, with my approval, I hoping that Presidents D H Wells & Brigham, Jr., and Bro. Orson Pratt, would be there. Bro. Pratt and [blank] Missionaries arrived on Sunday, the 17th; but Bro’s Wells & Brigham, Jr., did not arrive. The names of the Elders were as follows: [blank] Raymond, [blank] Donovan, J. E. S. Russ and Robt. Russell, John Hubbard, Geo. B. Spencer, Hiram Folsom, Jose Anson V. Call, Geo. W. Mousley, L. D. Rudd, <R.> <Francis Plsett[?]>[,] Hy. L. Parker. I went out to Manchester and Bro. Taylor stopped to meet Bro. Pratt and escort him out. Conference had commenced when I reached there in company with Bro. Widerborg. Bro. Felt was speaking when I came in; Bro. Sears followed, and <I> spoke afterwards. In the afternoon I spoke <&> had considerable liberty. I took dinner at Bro Boardman’s and tea at Bro. Armstrong’s and while there Bro. Pratt arrived, accompanied by Bro. Taylor. In the evening he spoke to a very attentive audience who listened with pleasure to his remarks. Bro’s Pratt, Taylor, Widerborg, Romney, Sears, Reynolds and myself returned to Liverpool that night & were met by several of the Elders at the Station. I think it was the next night, Monday, the 18th, that I called a meeting of the Missionaries and Bro. Pratt & myself spoke to them & I appointed them to their several fields of labor. I would not have done this before until Presidents Wells & Young arrived had I not been led to expect that they might not be in Liverpool for a week & the elders were at expense for their board & lodging. On Tuesday, the 19th, Bro. John W. Young arrived from London and six Elders arrived on Missions: Jas. Ure, W. S. Phillips, Geo. Marsh, L. D. Rudd, Joseph Weiler & Ed. Frost. This week was spent very agreeably in the society of Bro. Orson Pratt and I enjoyed his conversation very much. He was busily employed in studying German to prepare himself for his Mission to Austria. On Sunday, July 24th/64 we held a Conference in Liverpool at which <Bro. Pratt &> the Elders who had not been appointed to their fields were present and we had an excellent time. On Monday, the 25th July, I telegraphed to the owners of the Steamship Brittania, on which I had learned by letter from New York, the brethren had embarked to know when they expected her as I had learned she was coming to Glasgow and Bro’s. Pratt, J. W Young & myself proposed going there to meet them, if we would be in time; but they replied that the passengers had all landed and had proceeded to their various destinations. A few minutes after 5 p.m. Bro’s. Wells & Brigham, Jr., and their wives & Abraham Hatch and Harrison Shurtleff, arrived at the Office. I was exceedingly pleased to see them , and they were equally glad to arrive and to meet us. The sisters and Bro. Wells were feeble, the former particularly, having suffered greatly from sea-sickness. That evening we had a meeting and appointed the last six missionaries which had arrived, & three more which had arrived to-day – Wm Wheeler, Seth [blank] Pym and [blank] – to their fields of labor. Bro’s Wells, Brigham Jr., Pratt & myself spoke to them and gave them such counsel as the Spirit dictated.

The week was spent by me in giving the brethren an insight into the business, in writing editorials and correspondence.

31 July 1864 • Sunday

On Sunday, August 2 <July 31st>/64 we attended a Conference at Birmingham, which was held in the Odd-Fellows Hall and was attended by a large concourse of people. The attendance of the Elders was quite large, a number having come from other Conferences & Districts to be present. We all spoke & enjoyed ourselves. Bro’s. Wells & wife and Bro. Pratt & myself stopped at Bro. Nappers. We took tea at Sister Crump’s and supper at Sister Boddington’s

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