Matthew S. McBride wrote the historical introductions to the series and the individual journals and annotated the journal transcripts. Kent F. Richards transcribed the journals; Brooke Jurges, McKinsey Kemeny, Hannah Lenning, and Mary Frances Rich verified the transcription. Catherine Reese Newton led editorial efforts for this publication, including serving as editorial project manager. Hannah Lenning, Brooke Jurges, and R. Eric Smith made important editorial contributions. Lisa Olsen Tait and David Golding provided valuable comments on the introductions. Alison Kitchen Gainer was reference editor for the journals, historical introductions, chronology, and biographical directory. Leslie Sherman Edgington, Kaytee Johnson, and Petra Javadi-Evans assisted with reference editing. John Martineau, Laura Sumsion Rawlins, and Brooke Jurges collaborated on the maps. Christopher Blake Clark, Kaytee Johnson, and Jon Thorup developed the project pages on the Church Historian’s Press website, with Benjamin H. Wood coordinating their efforts. Nick Serr contributed graphic design. Kaytee Johnson secured permissions. Audrey Spainhower Dunshee facilitated access to the journals and related items in the Church History Catalog. Debra Xavier Abercrombie coordinated publicity efforts.  

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