February 1901

1 February 1901 • Friday

Feb. 2 <1> Friday— Stayed home all day and sewed studied wrote letters etc. In the evening went to Wallaces. Stayed till 10 o’clock. Bro Buchanan [Alexander Buchanan Jr.] went with us.

2 February 1901 • Saturday

Sat 3rrd. [2nd] Went to “53” and then from there went down to Dr Hunters church on Claremont street to Memorial Services for the Queen. It was a good service. Some thing after the style of the church of England. Dr Hunter compared Queen Elizabeth, Her court, and her reign [p. 63] with Queen Victorias and it was very interesting. After dinner sister [Emily] Penfold was feeling blue so I read to her “A Day of Fate” by E. P. Roe and we both enjoyed it.1 I sat up till after 12 to finish it.

3 February 1901 • Sunday

Sunday 4 [3]. Attended both meetings. Fasted all day.

4 February 1901 • Monday

Monday. 5 [4] Very stormy. I stay home and knit most of the day. Go and call on Miss Minoch for a short time. Spent the evening at “53”. Go to the train at 9:30 with the two Bros Youngs [John B. Young and Archibald W. Young] who are going to Edinburgh.

5 February 1901 • Tuesday

Tues. Stay home in the forenoon. Tract in the afternoon Bro Buchanan came up and spent the evening. We were glad he came.

6 February 1901 • Wednesday

Wed. 6. I went to “53” in the morning and did the shopping. Went tracting in the afternoon and gave out 100. In the evening we went down to Wm. Leggatts [Leggat’s] to a little social. Mr Barrie had his phonograph and they insisted on me talking in it. Most of the pieces he had were american ones.

7 February 1901 • Thursday

Thurs. 7. Went tracting, got home rather early stayed home till meeting time and wished Sister Penfold would come. At 7:35 Went to testimony meeting We had a good meeting, came home as soon as it was out.

8 February 1901 • Friday

Fri 8. Stayed home and knit in the [p. 64] forenoon. In the after noon visited Sister Hunter at 113 Kidson St and then went to Macaulay’s and visited hurried home and went to visit Mrs. Barrie (one of Bro Buchanans friends) I didn’t feel well had a bad cold and head ache.

9 February 1901 • Saturday

Sat 9. Stayed home all day. Was in bed most of the time. Bros Buchanan and [Henry B.] Thompson called in the evening.

10 February 1901 • Sunday

Sun. 10 Attended both meetings. Slept alone as Sister Penfold stayed with Sister [Mary Sanders] Frame who was ill.

11 February 1901 • Monday

Mon. 11. Went to “53” and helped with the work in the forenoon. Visited Sister Harkins in the afternoon and visited Barrie’s at night. We had a fine gospel talk.

12 February 1901 • Tuesday

Tues 11 <12>. Went tracting in the afternoon gave out 100 tracts and had one con. stayed home in the evening

13 February 1901 • Wednesday

Wed 12 <13>. Went at 12 o’clock and saw Miss Minnoch went and did some shopping called at “53” for about 10 minutes Stayed in in the afternoon expecting a visit from Jessie Crawford and at 4 o’clock when it was too late to do any thing received a note that she wasn’t coming. I made me a pretty pink collar (and it looked just like one) to my great [p. 65] surprise. I also finished my stocking. I was a week and two days on that one.

14 February 1901 • Thursday

Thurs. 14— We stayed in bed till 9:30 waiting for day light but it didn’t come so we got up. I made the fire. Out side it was as “black a Egypt” Sister Penfold went to “53” I did up the room as Miss Pooles sister was ill. Then I knit till dinner. After dinner as it was still dark we sat down and had a chat then I wrote to Bro [James L.] McMurrin and wrote my journal up again for I had neglected it for two weeks. To be honest, I don’t like this journal very well and don’t take any interest in keeping it, and yet I ought to love any thing that has been my friend so long and has known so many of my thoughts and feelings. This is valentine day. I remember a year ago to-day very well. Sister C [Eliza Chipman] and I made Valentines for the boys just for fun.

15 February 1901 • Friday

Fri 15. I had a bad cold so stayed at home till evening when I went to the Congregational Church on Gibson St to speak to the Band of Hope. Bro Buchanan and Sister Penfold went with me. I was frightened and worried all the way out there for fear I couldn’t speak to suit them. After it was over they all [p. 66] came up and talked to me and treated me just lovely and I was asked to come back again on the 22nd. of March. I felt quite happy after it was all over.

16 February 1901 • Saturday

Sat. 16. Went to “53” in the morning then went for a short walk. Bought some nuts came home and sat on the floor and cracked them. Spent the after noon reading and kniting. In the evening we visited Macaulays, got home about 11 oclock.

17 February 1901 • Sunday

Sunday 17. Attended both meetings. I spoke in the evening, came back and stayed at “53” for a few minutes, came home and went to bed.

18 February 1901 • Monday

Monday 18. I tract in the after noon gave out 106 and had 6 cons, was invited into one house. Bro Buchanan came up to help Sister Penfold carry the things and spent the evening with us.

19 February 1901 • Tuesday

Tues. 19. Spent the morning reading and kniting. Polly Crawford and Miss Minnoch came and had dinner with us. I tracted in the after noon gave out 110 and had 3 cons. Came home on Great Western Road. The evening was simply lovely and I enjoyed the walk splendidly In the evening about 7:30 we went to Mrs Andersons had a long gospel talk with them and played [p. 67] some games, arrived at No 10 at 10:30

20 February 1901 • Wednesday

Wed 20. The morning was as dark as night and we stayed home. We intended to tract in the afternoon but I felt that we ought not in such bad weather so we went to See Sister Anderson. We had never been there before, and if we had suddenly been transplanted in Greenland we couldn’t have struck a harder frost. She scolded us for all she was worth for a long time but she gradually thawed out until when we left she was feeling in a “normal condition”. I didn’t exactly enjoy it <(the scolding)> but Its all in a life time I guess. In the evening we went to visit Sister Reid and spent an “hour or so” very pleasantly. We took our kniting so of course we felt comfortable.

21 February 1901 • Thursday

Thurs 21st.: Stayed at home in the morning. I cooked dinner, and read some. Went tracting in the afternoon gave out 110 tracts and had four good conversations, then went and called on Jessie Crawford and talked gospel with her for more than an hour. I left her the journal and the Era to read. She was expecting me and had been out and got all of her messages in early although [p. 68] I hadn’t told her that I was coming. I attended testimony meeting in the evening.

22 February 1901 • Friday

Fri 22. Went to “53” in the morning because I thought it was my duty to go and not because I wanted to for I would much rather stay at home We spent the morning in talking and kniting. Had dinner with them and then I had a talk with Bro. Thompson, when it was concluded it was too late to tract so Sister Penfold and I decided to go and see the Infant Incubators. I had often heard and read of them and was much interested in an apparatus that could save the lifes of babies for its a shame for them to die if it is in our power to save them. Accordingly after changing our minds 4 times we started out. We didn’t want the Brothers to know we were going as some of them had been and they acted as though there was some thing about it that wasn’t quite right to mention. When we “arrove” we were ushered into a little side room and there in some thing like a little cupboard with glass doors were two babies as big and healthy as half of the children that are born, lying on their wee beds as comfortable as you please. One of them was [p. 69] taking its milk just like other babies (out of incubators) take it. I could garrantee to bring either of those “wanes” up my self with out that apparatus at all. We could help but laugh for we had expected to see something so mysterious and wonderful. If I had have known I would have spent my 2d. for chocolates and gone to see sister Hamiltons [Janet Leggat Hamilton’s] baby for we can see it for nothing.2 They take the incubator babies out every two hours and wash and dress them, the only advantages that I can see to the “machines” is that they can keep them at an even temparture all the time. We came home and washed our head. In the evening I went to “53” for the mail but it didn’t come.

23 February 1901 • Saturday

Sat 23rd. Went out in town in the morning came home and cooked dinner and finished my stockings. Went with Bros [William] Cameron and [David] Frame to call on Mrs Sinclair. She talked so fast and so fast that when I came home I was tired so after an orange and some biscuits went to sleep and slept till Sister Penfold called me to go to Sister Murrays. We had a visit with them and got home at about 10 oclock. As we were hungry [p. 70] we went out to the shops and got some supper. Went to bed about 11.

24 February 1901 • Sunday

Sunday 24: Didnt get up very early, so I wasn’t bathed and dressed till after 11. At 12 went to “53.” and stayed till meeting time. I was called on to speak in the afternoon and it was great surprise to me for I spoke last Sunday eve. At night Bros Thompson Frame Sister Penfold and I went to Govan to meeting I spoke first for about a half an hour. We had tea at “53” on our way home, arrived here at No 10 at about 10:10 which is later that usual on Sunday nights for getting in. We soon went to bed and I slept very well was awakened this morning,

25 February 1901 • Monday

Monday 25, by the post man’s ring and went to the door, there was a letter for me from Edna, it had the news in about our folks so I felt almost as satisfied as if it was right from home. I did up the room, this morning after breakfast and then wrote some. Went to “53” for the mail. Received a letter from Aunt Rose, then went to the shops. Came home and helped with the dinner In the after noon went tracting, gave out 110 and had two conversations Visited Mrs Caldwell and had [p. 71] a long talk with her, gave her a book. Came home and was so tired I could hardly move so I arranged my self in my dressing sacque and sat down for a rest.3 Went to bed early.

26 February 1901 • Tuesday

Tues. 26. Stayed at home in the forenoon, went tracting in the afternoon gave out 110 tracts and had three conversations. Was invited into a prayer meeting where there were some Church ladies and I had a long talk on Mormonism with them. Then we all had prayer and they prayed for me in a lovely way. On my way home I received a letter from Bro McMurrin telling me to come to Liverpool the next day to go on the continent. It almost took my breath away to think of leaving so soon. I ran to 53 with the letter and then went home and began my preparations Bros Buchanan and [James K.] Miller came up and spent the evening with us. I didn’t sleep very well.

27 February 1901 • Wednesday

Wed. 27. Went to the shops and bought some little things that I needed. Went to “53” for dinner and then Bros Thompson & Buchanan Sisters Frame Penfold and McDonald accompanied me to the station I felt sorry to part with them, and I also felt that perhaps they didn’t love me as much as I loved [p. 72] them but I hope I have never done any thing to make them have a bad opinion of me. When the train started I cried (from force of habit, because I always cry when I am starting out on some thing new and strange, but I was thankful of course for the opportunity of seeing part of the world. There were two very nice ladies in the carriage one going out to The Cape [Cape Town, South Africa] and the other to Australia. The ride came to an end at last and I was pleased to see Bro Lyman at the stat[i]on we came to “42” and then went to meeting in the hall. Stayed at Mrs. Seatons all night

28 February 1901 • Thursday

Thurs. 28. Stayed at 42 till 12:30 then took the train for London. At St Pancreas [Pancras] Station we were met by Clara [Holbrook] and Sister Sargeant [Alice Sargent]. We only had two hours in London, had to change from St Pancreas to Liverpool St Station.4 Had supper at a restraunt across from the station and then took the train for Harwich arrived there at 10 oclock and went on the boat. I was tired so went to bed and did not wake till to arrived at the Hook of Holland where a good many of the passengers were leaving the boat, went back to sleep and slept till 7 [p. 73] we landed at Rotterdam at 8 o’clock on Friday morning5

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