September 1899

1 September 1899 • Friday

Fri 1st. Went tracting had some conversations went to a street meeting in the evening Bro [John S.] Smith took up most of the time. After meeting the boys bought some candy and we went into the conference house and ate it. Bro Smith is a lively don’t care sort of a fellow but he makes lots of fun.

2 September 1899 • Saturday

Sat 2nd. Sept went to the Baths in the evening took quite a severe cold, came home and after a flea hunt retired.1 I come out of my “retirement” about 3 times every night to continue my flea hunts. Talk about Stanley in the wilds of Africa hunting lions etc [p. 45] he will never know what “diligent hunting” is till he hunts fleas.

3 September 1899 • Sunday

Mon Sun went to Sunday school and both meetings and to “53” after the last one.

4 September 1899 • Monday

Mon. 4. went tracting with first tracts my cold was so bad that I could not go to meeting Sister C [Eliza Chipman] went and when she came home she made me some hot lemonade.

5 September 1899 • Tuesday

Tues. <(5)> stay home with my “cold”. In the evening went to “53” Mr and Mrs Peterson and Elder Jensen were there they were on their way home to “Deseret” [Utah]. We sang songs and then came home.

6 September 1899 • Wednesday

Wed “6”. To day we are fasting that God will let his spirit be with us to guide us aright. Bro [David C.] Eccles is going to speak on the Book of Mormon2 an awful subject to speak on to our enemies. Bro Will Meldrum from the German Mission is here I had quite a talk to him. I can not go to meeting on account of my cold. The others all go there is a large party of saints who go with them. I read “Rays of living light” and sketches from “Saints and Sinners”.3 The meeting turned out fine [p. 46] Thanks to the Lord for answering our prayers and we all felt “thankful”. We had supper at 53 and came home—“and to bed”.

7 September 1899 • Thursday

Thurs. 7. Went to see “Furnessia” off for America. Bros [Thomas] Gilchrist, Ohldam [Ernest P. Oldham] from “Paradise” [Utah] Meldrum Jensen Nelsen and others sailed for home. Bro Allen [Thomas L. Allen Jr.] & I stood together and watched them off. We saw the dear old stars and Stripes, the emblem of our country, Bravery purety and truth waving from the high mast. The ship is ready to start yes there is the whistle, we see another boat load of our friends depart, we watched them as long as we could distinguish forms and faces—then turned a way with a sigh. “We have met, we have parted, No more in the annels of earth is recorded”. On our way home the boys bought a melon— We ate our share of it and then went to call on the Misses Scott. Came home and went to testimony meeting. Most all of the testimonies were acknowledgements of Gods blessing on the past Wednesday. [p. 47]

8 September 1899 • Friday

Fri. Went tracting with first tracts in the morning. Studied in the afternoon and in the evening held a meeting on Douglas Street where we met fiery opposition.

9 September 1899 • Saturday

Sat 9. Went to a concert in St Andrews Hall in the afternoon and in the evening went to the Theatre to see the “Bell[e] of New York” I did not like it very well. The costumes were fine. The admission was 1/64

10 September 1899 • Sunday

Sunday 10. Went to Sunday school and meeting. We both spoke and so did Bro Nisbett [William B. Nisbet]. Went with Bro [William W.] Hamilton to dinner. Bro Leggett spoke at night We talked to Miss [Effie] Lindsay on the way home. Went to 53 for a little while. Came home.

11 September 1899 • Monday

Monday 11 Went tracting wrote some letters and in the evening went to Relief Society. Sister C and I spoke.

12 September 1899 • Tuesday

Tues. 12. Went tracting did not go to conference house all day. In the evening miss Lindsay called just as we were going to the baths. Then Bro [John B.] Young came to see what was the matter with us. Bro Young and I had a long talk about Canada beaux, etc. I wrote another letter. I have had [p. 48] the letter fever this week.

13 September 1899 • Wednesday

Wed. Went tracting and went to Street meeting on the New City road Bro Wickins [James H. Wickens], Eccles, Sister C. and I spoke. Sister Wallace said her brother thought I was very innocent and child like and yet was very womanly. Bro Eccles referred me to a little piece in the paper about me5 and Nora and Aunt Susa [Young Gates] said I looked like a Princess at Lady Aberdens [Aberdeen’s].6 “Hurrah for my side”

14 September 1899 • Thursday

Thurs. <14> Today I have made a handkerchief talked a little, sung a little, and written a little. We received a sweet letter from Bro [David O.] McKay posted at New York. It has stormed some but now is very bright and beautiful. Tonight I am going to testimony meeting at “53” Bro Eccles called for a minute he has gone to Ayr to the races. We wanted to go “an invitation is a fine thing”. Yesterday morning we went to the baths. I am still in my wrapper with my golden hair hanging down my back and it is 3.45. For shame!! Went to meeting. [p. 49]

15 September 1899 • Friday

Fri 15. Stormed all day. I received a paper and a box of apples from Rose Rooke. Sister C went off in the afternoon to sew her dress and I stayed home to study. About 3 oclock Bro Young came over and I sewed handkerchieves and we talked he stayed to tea, after tea we sang songs till 10. Retired after the usual flea hunt.

16 September 1899 • Saturday

Sat Went to hear the Dreyfes [Dreyfus] case at St Andrews Hall our seats were poor and we did not enjoy it much. Came home before it was out. Had supper at “53” and then Went out to Wallaces. Had quite a pleasant evening. and on our way home we walked through the slums arrived home at 12 awfully tired and sleepy.

17 September 1899 • Sunday

Sun. Fasted. Studied some. Went to conference house and was pleased to find Bro Eccles and Bro Nisbett [William P. Nisbet] home, because we were afraid there would only be three of us to afternoon meeting. Went to Sunday School and meeting. Had supper at 53 and after supper we had a box of candy. They hid it from me and when I thought it was all gone they brought it out. Went to night meeting came back to “53” and [p. 50] sang a few songs and then came home. <Had a talk to Sister C about Bro McKay.>

18 September 1899 • Monday

Monday 18. Went tracting in a fierce rain storm had four pretty good conversations was out till about 6 oclock. Came home and went to a street meeting. Studied a little not half as much as I ought to. Gave out 50 third tracts.

19 September 1899 • Tuesday

Tues. Sept7 19. Went to 53 in morning. Saw all Bro Eccles pictures. Came home to dinner and in the after noon Sister C Bro Eccles and I went to visit Mrs Donaldson out at Yoker. We had quite a good time and when we came home the sky looked like a Utah sky and the moon was lovely. Bro’s Nisbitt and [Thomas M.] McMaster came in the evening and we had songs recitations and etc. Arrived home at about 10 oclock.

20 September 1899 • Wednesday

Wed 20. Went to “53” in the morning and all said bible verses. Went tracting in the afternoon and gave out 50 tracts. Came home and started to write to Bro McKay. Miss Lindsay came and interrupted me then Sister C came home. After tea we went to the New City Road to meeting. It was quite cold. One of our opponents wasn’t there [p. 51] We were thankful for it. Came to “53” for a few minutes and then went to bed.

21 September 1899 • Thursday

Thurs 21. We stayed home in the forenoon and as we were invited to Miss Lindsays aunts, and her cousin a beautiful singer was going to be there, and her uncle was staying home, and as it was an “all around” gala day in their family, we primped and curled our hair and put on our best Sunday go to meeting clothes and started, not with out some surmises as to what kind of people they would be, and how they would treat us, and thinking it strange that some one whom we had never seen would be so nice as to invite us and make such a “spread” all on account of Eliza, Janette [Lang] and Josephine. Well we went to the address given, Sister C8 knocked and we were told that Miss L didn’t live there at all. We looked at the address a gain but it was correct. So we all three walked down the stairs again and out into the street It looked so funny and seemed so funny that we were all laughing “to beat time” Not content to give the matter up however we started for “Park St” where [p. 52] Effie had said she would meet us. Instead of going towards that street, we went directly opposite and after going about 15 minutes we turned and asked some one and finding that it was the other way, we retraced our foot steps and found the street but no Effie.9 We were just about to start home when the sight of a girl in a green cape made sister Lang exclaim “There she is” and with one accord we all rushed to her. She looked very much alarmed and would not speak a word although we repeatedly asked her what was the matter etc at last she said come with me to Grandma’s and she’ll tell you all, so we followed her, and then when her grandma came we found out to our dismay that Effie was crazy. We were horrified and for a minute could scarcely speak one word but gradually recovered our selves and her grandma told us all about her. And to think how she had deceived us all!! How many stories she had told us and how many there were that sounded so true and how she stuck to them all even in the minutest points [p. 53] and never contradicted her self once. She seems far brighter than the majority of people. The way we met her was at a street meeting and the next night she came with Sister Lang to Thursday night meeting. Well after saying all we could to comfort the mother and grand mother we came home and each felt as though we had had one of the saddest and funniest times that ever befel the lot of “three girls.” So it is our smiles are very closely related to our tears.” And there is shade between the rays of sunshine. We went right to “53” and Bro [James K.] Miller was there alone he asked us to stay to supper so we did. and then he told us Bro Young had received word of his father’s death. We felt very bad. After supper Sister C went and played the organ and I went and talked to Bro Young and then to the boys bedroom and had a cry. I received a letter from Hannah [Booth]. At 8 meeting started and lasted till half past 9 and after bidding the boys good night we came home. The morning before this Bro Young got a letter from Bro Smith sending a kiss to each of us girls. We never [p. 54] got it. I put this down against Bro Young???

22 September 1899 • Friday

Fri 22. Went to “53” and I washed my hair while Sister C mended socks. I sewed some on my handkerchief. Came home to dinner and stayed in all afternoon and evening I studied some.

23 September 1899 • Saturday

23. In after noon went to conference house Bro Young came for us to go but before we had been there long some of the other boys came. In the evening Bro <?> & Sister Wallace came up and we told stories till 9 oclock when we came home.

24 September 1899 • Sunday

Sun. 24. Went to Sunday school and laughed so much at sister C. because she went away up when the rest of the singers went away down, that I was ashamed of my self. When Bro Eccles got up to pray he had a flea in his hand that he had been keeping to “kill” Went to “53” to dinner to afternoon and evening meetings. I spoke in the evening.

25 September 1899 • Monday

Mon 25. To day is the Autumn holiday and is [p. 55] mail day. The latter is by far the most important. We were over to “53” by 8.30 and I found three letters awaiting me, one from Aunt Rose, one from Malcolm McKinnon and the other from Bro [James L.] McMurrin. After reading them Bro’s Eccles Smith and Young Sister C & I went to see the parade of Barnums & Baileys circus and after that we came home and cooked an american dinner for the boys The bill of fare is as follows








(beef steak

(potatoes carrots & gravey


(Josie & Eliza

(Eccles, Nisbet, Miller and Young.

The meal was very successful with the exception that the soup curdled, the steak burned, the carrots weren’t salted, the gravey was too thick and the pudding too thin. After this meal had ended, it took us till four oclock to get the work done up as most everything in the kitchen was dirty, after that was done I started to sew but it was moved by Bro Young seconded by Bro Eccles and thirded by sister C. that I make some candy and as the majority rules I immediately did so, and it proved to be very [p. 56] good. Since that day the name “American Dinner” causes the boys to turn pale. Even the stars & stripes has not been able to rouse their patriotism I hope we will not be so inhuman as to cook one more “American Dinner” and cause the boys to look down on their “native land[”] for ever. In the evening we played guessing games and had a good time. Came home at 10 oclock feeling like we had had fun but had not done our “missionary studying.”

26 September 1899 • Tuesday

Tuesday went tracting and saw Mrs Lumsden. Had a good talk with her and she invited me back to bring the views of Salt Lake City. Gave out 50 tracts.

27 September 1899 • Wednesday

Wed 27 Went tracting and gave out 50 tracts and in the evening Sister C. and I went to call on the Misses Crawfords. I had made their acquaintance while tracting. We were treated just lovely and had a regular jolly girls party. There are just 4 girls of them and they remind me of little women. In fact, I think I enjoyed myself as well as I have since I came to Glasgow. [p. 57] One of the girls sings very nicely. They brought us to Sauc[h]iehall street where we caught the car arriving home very tired but very happy. If they prove to be as good friends as they appear they will be “friends in need and friends indeed”. We took the Salt Lake views with us10 and talked “Utah” its religion and people for a long time.

28 September 1899 • Thursday

On Thurs. we intended to go to Greenock to see the City of Rome off11 and went to the conference house all ready to go. Sister [Isabella] Hamilton however was off on her holiday and urged us to go with her for a sail to Rothesay Bay. We went with the elders down to the Clyde where they got the boat for Greenock and after telling them good bye we came to the Central Station but found that we could not get a train till 2.15 and that would be too late, so we went to the restraunt and had some dinner and then went to the “circus12 It was just like all other “circuses”. The animals did some pretty good tricks. The giant was 7 ft 11 in. tall and the little man 23 in. One of the jokes [p. 58] was. What is the difference between a good sewing machine and a kiss. One sews seam[s] good, and the other seems so good. We came home about five oclock and had “tea” and then went to “53” to meeting. After meeting we stayed and talked to Bro Smith and Eccles and then came home.

A steamboat, with smoke blowing from its stacks, at a pier.

Princes Pier in Greenock, Scotland, between 1890 and 1900. (Courtesy of Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, LC-DIG-ppmsc-07601.)

29 September 1899 • Friday

Fri. stayed home and studied in the morning, went tracting in the afternoon and gave out 50 tracts came home to “53” and Bro E and I tried to work out sq root, but neither of us could do it I stayed till sister C came for me and told me that we had company and then I came home Sister Wallace and her sister were here and after tea we talked and I fixed a petticoat out of my “washer woman” skirt, as Sister C calls it.

30 September 1899 • Saturday

This morning Sat13 30 we arose at the early hour of 9.30, ate breakfast in our night gowns and then got ready and went to “53” Sis C. practiced hymns and I sewed. I feel awfully restless to day and can hardly content my self It is very stormy gloomy and dull. The wind [p. 59] dashes the rain against the windows and blows the smoke out in to the room. The old wagons rattle through the street below and the sound echoes among the buildings and then dies away. At the window opposite a child is looking out on the dreary prospect. I would like to have a good cry. but that is an impossibility as long as sister C is here. She has just asked when I am going to begin “my irrigation spree” I did not begin it at all. In the evening we went to Wallace’s and had quite a pleasant time. We talked schools and James showed me a principal in sq root that I had forgotten. About 9 oclock Bro’s Eccles Smith and Young came. We had songs and “recitation” I preformed the last named feat.

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